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Soundless Floating Orb


Salutations, and thank you for taking the time to read my story.

This happened in the mid 90's, and the location is in Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana.

I was working as a dispatcher for a Taxi service call "Z", which was situated directly across from a cricket ground.

I worked the night shift.


Being one of my first jobs, it was exciting for me to be able to be working and making my own money, as I was still a young man in my teens, and I think I was attending G.T.I also...

This incident was so strange and I have never found anything that fully explained what I saw (Ball lightening is interesting).

At this time in my life I was very much interested in electronics, and me and my brother were always tinkering with radios, stereos etc... Any electronics we could get our hands on (I remember we dismantle my dad's recorder when he was a Journalist), and we would make our own antennas... Things like that.

Even tho I was a church boy (thanks to mom) my Dad was more of the intellectual type, and I grew up reading a lot.

And subscribed to my dad's way of thinking, which is more logical reasoning...

The Incident

One night I was at work, and I was sleepy, as usual.

It was definitely after 1am (sometime after 2 is my best guess), and I was trying to stay awake, but failing.

The phone suddenly rang and startled me out of sleep, and I remember I did everything on autopilot.

Someone wanted a taxi, so I took down the info etc and hung up only to realize that I wasn't focused enough and was surprised when I later saw that I didn't make any mistakes. I looked at the paper and I had an address and phone# (I might have looked at the paper the second time I woke up).

I went right back to sleep, and suddenly (It must have been about 5 - 10 min) I woke up fully alert and I remembered the call.

I got up to alert/inform the driver, who was also sleeping, on a bench not far from my table (All I remember was that he was a boxer, or used to box).

I got the driver up, and while he was getting up, I started walking to the front gate to open it for the driver to reverse the car.

It was at this time I noticed it was raining just a bit, nothing that you could hear, and I was a little glad as it would get rid of the sleep. I opened the gate for the car to back out, and by this time I am fully awake as I'm standing in front of the opened gate on the road watching the car drive off.

I wasn't in any hurry, and was kind of enjoying the light rain on my face (I love the rain).

As I was closing the gate and going back inside the yard from the road I suddenly noticed a bright light slowly, noiselessly, moving overhead.

I instantly froze, as my mind frantically struggled with answers as to what I was seeing...

A multitude of things ran through my mind at that instant. I had no explanation.

Disbelief, incredulous as to what I was seeing. And all the while I'm staring at this light transfixed, and it was still moving.

I finally turned away and wiped my eyes with my wet hands to see if I was still sleepy or something, and looked back up and boom!

There it was bright as day!

The size of a basketball, with a even glow all around.

When I first noticed it, it was about 10ft above a lamp pole, moving from the road towards the left side of the house.

Thinking back now, it seems to me that I should have noticed it when I was walking to open the gate, where I would have had a better vantage point. It was almost over me (12ft away, overhead) when I first noticed it.

The motion was more like a sideways decline... It was more going at an angle rather than descending, very slowly.

I started to follow, to see where it was going, and after a few seconds I give up because I was trying to maneuver through lots of parked cars on that side of the yard.

It was going to disappear from my view, so I quickly ran to the gate to go around the right side of the house where I would see it clearly.

But as I got out on the road and around the right side of the house I saw nothing... There was an empty lot behind the taxi service with thick overgrown bush and trees... Still there I think...

I ran back to the parked cars to see if I could still see it and nothing... And I never saw it or anything else similar again.

I looked and followed this glow/ball of light for about 1 to 2 minutes.

The light seemed artificial...

Not a flair, plane, drone, parachute, and completely soundless. Ball lightening seems to be the best culprit, except that all ball lightening effects fail to come close to what I experienced that night.

Also the direction of movement seemed to be intelligent, as it never waiver or veered off course...

I welcome all questions and suggestions, and who knows, there might be some simple explanations that removes all mystery:)

Looking back now, I have even more questions... Thank you...

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mrzcena (1 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-08)
Hi Akin,

I believe it was an ole'higue. My neighbour was an ole higue and often time I used to see the fireballs when I was a child.
ladydarke (113 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-19)

I saw an orb just like you describe years ago. My sister witnessed it too. We were looking out the window after dark when we saw what looked like a motorcycle headlight go flashing down a lane way with some old trailers on our property. There was one man staying there who helped my dad with work, and who owned a motorcycle, so we thought it was him at first - except there was no sound. Motorcycles are loud. It was going too fast not to be motorized, so we agreed it couldn't be a bicycle light and didn't know what else it could have been. We ran out to investigate, ran down the trailer row, saw and heard nothing, so looked around a bit and were standing behind the old barn when we saw a glowing, basketball sized globe of light come swooping over the top of the barn - still going quickly, like maybe 10 km in speed, the same as the light going up the lane. It descended from the height of the barn roof, passed over our heads, and flew away towards our house. We ran after it, but couldn't keep up, so I hollered, "Wait, come back!" And it did. It stopped, swung back around, came back to us, and hovered over our heads. Not knowing what else to do, I said, "Take us to your leader!" In response, it went flashing away even faster than before, off over the field behind our house and away into the distance and was gone.

Because it responded to me, I am certain this orb had intelligent direction. I agree that the only possible thing that could come close is ball lightning, but it wasn't it. There was no ozone smell, no static in the air, no electric crackle, no sound at all. It was also a stable light source; uniform shape, uniform brightness. Also ball lightning doesn't respond to verbal directives.

I don't know what it was either. I wish I'd had something better to say than take us to your leader. My sister is in denial and now says this was a firefly, and gets nonplussed when I ask how many fireflies she's seen the size of her head. Anyway, solidarity! I'm at least one other person who's seen what you've seen, even if I can't tell you what it was.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-19)
Hi Akin

Orbs have been known to be associated with ghosts and ghostly activity, I remember once a friend of mine sent me a video of the place he was visiting during his vacation and it was at night and in front of him this orb comes moving past, stops in front of him, does a U-turn and goes away, it's hard to explain the size of it but it wasn't small, but big enough to notice and it wasn't moving slowly but not very fast either, and had a light green tinge, strangely enough, during making the video he hadn't noticed it but when I told him to watch the video for the orb he could see it very clearly.

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