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My Encounters At The Myrtles Plantation


This is the true story about my visit to The Myrtles. Some of you may have heard of it in the Ghost Diaries books and those are what had inspired me to go to The Myrtles. These books are in fact true and available on kindle fire and nook.

Ok so I was 15 when I first went to The Myrtles I am 17 now and hypersensitive to spirits.

Now most of you wouldn't believe me if I told you but The Myrtles can actually be very dangerous. My first encounter was as soon as we pulled up the drive. I had started to become very uncomfortable and timid. As my family and I walked up to the door something heavy fell on my chest and I found it hard to step inside.

It looked exactly like the book had said. I saw the staircase, the back veranda I even stayed in THE PEACH ROOM! It was just my cousins, my aunt, and I staying there so we easily fitted in the one bed together. We stayed for about a week or two and I will say I loved every minute of it! So here I am at one of the most paranormal houses ever and a ready to record data take pictures and much more. I first went to see Chloe the young slave mistress to one of the house's old owner's she did appear to me but not to my relatives and I thought that was amazing. I even got a EVP of her saying hello and nice to meet you. It was a bit fuzzy but I still heard it. I had asked her if I could take some pictures and she let me! I have it to this day still. The next thing I got to see was the stairwell spirit. I forgot his name but I won't forget his face. He seemed a bit pleased to see me so interested in him and his history. He even stood next to me for a picture I know because I felt him, then later saw him in the photos. I also met the little girls and talked and played with them they seemed to enjoy my company as well. I also got some weird looks from the other tenants at the time but I didn't mind.

We spent a long time talking and sitting on the back veranda. We saw an apparition sitting in one of the chairs and asked if we could join it and it agreed. We sat there talking but I couldn't stop from wondering about the spirit sitting in the other rocking chair. I was smart enough to have my pad and pencil along with my evp recorder and camera. (I alway carry those.) I started by asking if it was ok to ask some questions and it agreed. I got a few responses and I even sketched the figure I saw as well as I could then asked if we could take some pictures, but it had disappeared I was a bit disappointed, but my sketch was pretty good.

One night while we were in The Peach Room I slept in the middle of my family and my little cousin slept on the other side of me then it was my other cousin who was a month older than me on the outside and my Aunt on the outside as well. What I saw was pretty weird a about 2:45 I woke up to see my cousin's blanket kept moving even though we are all soundless sleepers and don't move, but his did whether it was him or not. It scared me to be truthful. I actually grabbed my phone and recorded it, the blanket would tuck then untuck him and I was totally confused. I saw a shadow leave the room I fell asleep at about 2:56 but my phone was still on and I caught more than I wanted to on film. I saw more shadows, the blanket tucking and untucking and even the bathroom light turned on and off by itself. I was very frightened but also intrigued I started taking more videos and more and more activity would occur I even saw a white mist ingulf our entire bedroom it didn't know I was asleep because I had my eyes closed enough to make it look like I was asleep. The fog had moved over all of us first my cousins then my aunt then me. I heard my name several times throughout the night and only twice was it my little cousin who had to pee and wanted me to stay awake with her. It was the last day that scared me the most. I was helping pack the car when I heard something like scratching wood or something being wrote on and when I was about to pack my investigation supplies I saw that on my notepad it had M P on it in really old hand written cursive. I had taken those initials as Myrtle Plantation. I will be returning to the plantation on May 20, 2014 and I will update my story.

If you don't believe my story find some of my pics on google images! P.S I understand most of the people on here are skeptic but as a reminder any negative comments will be ignored.

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SherlockHolmes221b (6 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-09)
Have you considered making a return visit? If so, exercise caution-one never knows what mischief may be afoot when the supernatural is involved.

Rachel806 (1 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-06),d.b2U&psig=AFQjCNGJYK9P1FL3C9bW_74rD4-Pi8V32A&ust=1412705891375121

My aunt posted this on a website
And sorry but this the best picture she got it's in the top corner you see something

By the way I only learned about Chloe from the woman who was leading the first tour so I just put what she had told me on here along with the fact I did see something in that mirror
greeneyeswolf1972 (guest)
10 years ago (2014-05-16)
Oh I do believe few things I know some things not real like no chole and could read the book about it but some say the people in 1800 have boy and girl.
greeneyeswolf1972 (guest)
10 years ago (2014-05-16)
Oh I believe you I been there plus I live in louisiana all my life and born too and I was there in mytla Plantion on may 2008 its was my get well gift from my mother cause I was in hospital with blood clot so later I went thre and enjoy and feel the walker pull back when not touch it. Oh yeah I did take alots of pictures too.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3144 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-01)
Rachel806: I really WANT to believe your story, the problem is I CAN NOT find your pictures in Google. 😢
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-29)
Hi, Rachel excellent encounter. I have read more about Myrtles Plantation on net. It's very interesting. I've
Tried to find your pictures on google image but I did't find any.

It's very grateful to you if you provide link here.

tedbear (3 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-28)
It sounds like you had an interesting experience, and yes I believe that anything paranormal is possible. We stayed at a B&B in PA who received a quill written letter on old paper thanking them for a lovely stay. It was signed by people who they discovered owned the property over a century ago.
You seem to be a sensitive and might benefit from a visit to Lillydale, a spiritualist community south of Buffalo New York. I purchased a consultation with Willa White who helped my wife to understand and control her psychic abilities. We also stayed at Myrtles and had interesting experiences as well. Thanks for writing, it was a great read.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-28)
I agree with bbj and ladyglow. Sounds like a very eventful week for you and your family. Definitely would love to see those photos! Could you please supply us with links?
lady-glow (16 stories) (3144 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-27)
Wow, you sure met some very friendly and nice ghosts at that place! 😊
Like the previous posters I would LOOOOVE to see those pictures and would appreciate if you could provide a link. 😉

BTW, I think your opinion about most of the people here being skeptics is wrong, you can be sure that the majority of the members of YGS are here because we have experienced some sort of unexplained event; of course there are, too, some wannabe writers, teenagers with overactive imagination, self-proclaimed ghost experts and some people that probably had nothing else to do and decided to submit some work of fiction... Leaving us the task of separating the wheat from the chaff.
valkricry (48 stories) (3256 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-04-27)
I admit I tried to find the pics on google images, but I came away with nothing. Did you upload them under a different name? Posting us a link to them would sure be useful.
Janellexx89 (5 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-27)
Hi Rachel806, I liked your story and I believe you saw an experienced what you say but I wish you would have added the pictures. Maybe you could add the pictures to the story or when you update put them in. I'd really love to see them! 😊
BadJuuJuu (guest)
10 years ago (2014-04-27)
The burden of proof is on you, Rachel806. If you wish to offer photos as proof, it's up to YOU to provide links.
Many of the ghosts of The Myrtles are either outright fabrications or misidentifications. Chloe, for instance, never existed. No record of a slave by the name of Chloe, or anything similar to Chloe, has been found in relation to the Woodruffs, who supposedly owned her. Its possible a slave ghost roams the grounds, but whoever she is, her name wasn't Chloe.
The "girls" and their mother that the nonexistent Chloe supposedly poisoned? No. They were never poisoned, by the fictional Chloe or anyone else. According to historical record, the mother, Sarah Matilda, died from yellow fever in 1823. In the year "Chloe" supposedly murdered Sarah Matilda and her "daughters," the Woodruff family had one daughter and one son. Sarah Matilda was pregnant with a second daughter, Octavia. Had she been poisoned, Octavia would never have been born, and Octavia lived a long, full life. Its all a matter of public historical record.
Are there ghosts at the Myrtles? I believe there are, but not the ones pop culture has led us to believe.
The Haunting of America by Troy Taylor has an excellent chapter on The Myrtles. Well worth reading, and historically accurate.

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