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The Tall Man


It all started when I was little and moved into a small house with my mom and my sister. We were about 5 at the time. My mom claimed she has seen our grandma in the kitchen and I never took notice or interest in it.

So me and my sister had just started school and started being alone in our house. Things started to not feel right as we would stay there longer and longer. I never liked that creepy feeling of being watched.

On the weekend of June 1st was when it all started. My room was at the end of the hallway across from my mom's room. I was playing alone in my room and my sister was in the living room with my mom and step dad. I could hear them laughing and talking and watching tv. Well, all of the sudden I felt cold and I looked staight in front of me and there was this tall man. I would go running to my mom and tell her there's a man in my room. She would walk to my room to check it out and minutes later come back and say there's no one there. I was terrified.

She asked me to describe the man and I said he was tall in a nice shirt and nice tan pants and he had dark hair that was all I could say about this man. He occurred three or more times. After about the fourth time he stopped showing up. Mom would ask me random questions if he showed up or if I have seen him and surprisingly no.

After that expericence I have never forgot what he looks like. Or the feeling I got when he would show up in my room. The weirdest thing was that he would only show up in my room and I never knew why.

I still wonder to this day who he is and what he wanted. Also why he only visited me. I haven't seen him since I moved away. I still pass the house and get strange feelings like not bad feeling just feeling I'm being watched.

I have experienced some paranormal stuff when I was younger. Now that I'm getting older I don't really get those experiences. This story is the main one I have ever experienced as a child. I could never figure out why no one but me could ever see him or why he was just in my room, no one else's room or any other room. He didn't seem bad or harmful he just stand there watching me play and of cource being little I ran.

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Opila (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-02)
Maybe that was once his room, maybe he was walking in the halls and happened to see you in there so he decided to watch you play.

At least he did not harm you at all.
Story tells me, he probably died there years ago.
macsamillion_94 (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-30)
It's possible that he could have lived there previously, and it may have been his room. He clearly wasn't hostile, so it's also possible that he just wanted to make sure you were taking care of his home and his room. I'm no professional or anything, but that's just my two cent.

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