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Something, Someone Pt,1


This happened when I was at the age of 15. I do not live in this house any more. My room was in the basement with a walk-in closet that attached to the laundry room, so there was two entries to it. During this time of my life, I was like most typical teenagers, just learning about boys, dealing with pressure of "fitting in", and I had started trying Ecstasy. So in other words, I was not happy and was emotionally affected easily. Everything was "end-of-the-world" attitude.

I remember always hearing many stories about sleep paralysis from elders and friends. Every story I heard was scary and they all said they see spirits during the attacks. I myself, had never experienced it before this particular incident. To be honest, one week prior to this I had taken E. I mention this because I believe drugs can affect one to run into things because it can cause one to be emotionally upset and imbalanced, thus possibly leading to opening a portal or giving bad energies to latch on.

So I was laying there trying to to fall asleep one night. I was in a normal mood this night, I was not in any way upset or scared or anything. Just a usual night. After about half an hour of laying there I started to feel nervous and felt like something was with me and standing in between my door and closet. I couldn't see it but my eyes were fixed on that spot (I slept with a night light then so I can see around my room). I was laying on my back but my eyes were still on that spot. It felt like I closed my eyes for a second before it started, and I couldn't move. I didn't even fall asleep yet. I think this thing knew I was terrified, because I was thinking in my head right away "Oh no. I'm getting that thing, the thing people talk about!" I opened my eyes and remembering seeing the left half of the room, (right is a wall), but above me was a black mass. I closed my eyes immediately.

The next thing that happened surprises me to this day. I tried to fight it for a couple of seconds, and out of nowhere I thought to myself "ah f it! I'm going to back to sleep"- and just like that it went away! Maybe because I have heard so much about it, I was expecting the worst, like an ugly thing with a face. I do not know where on earth the courage came from and why I wasn't peeing my pants instead. Another possibility is because I thought I was dreaming, and I used to lucid dream a lot. So maybe I thought "enough of this dream, NEXT!" Now I know nothing fights off evil energies better than NOT fearing it. Also I do not take E any more. I do not suggest it either. It is a chemical mixed with a bunch of poison that can really screw one's mind up.

Thanks for reading!

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notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-01)
teenytiny - thanks for your time. Yes the E-phase was just that, a short teenage phase and luckily I stopped. Sounds like you have quite the experience in sleep paralysis, I on the other hand do not. I think if I got it now I would be more scared lol because I know more of it. However, if I do get it, I will try your strategy of shifting the dream, or at least try. 😁
TeenyTiny (10 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-01)
Glad to hear your sleep paralysis incident ended well. I applaud your bravery and practicality. I got a good laugh from your reaction to the "attack". Your solution was so simple that it's genius. Why fight to try and wake up when you can go back to dreamland and dream merry little thoughts.
I too suffer from the occasional sleep paralysis. It took me a few years to learn how to deal with it. Nowadays when it happens I either sleep with the light on or I watch a happy movie online to ease my nerves.
I really hate those dreams where it feels like I woke up but then realize I am still sleeping. During those types of dreams I find it hard to "wake up". It kind of feels like I am stuck or weighed down by an invisible force. It used to bother me a lot. Nowadays when those dreams occur I realize it and I shift the dream to where I play a more empowered role. Or I try to wake up for real. It usually takes me a few times of false starts to really awaken.
Sorry for that last part. Just throwing it out there to see if you have had that experience too. It's good to hear you don't mess with E anymore.

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