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Two Spirits or One?


I was unnerved to move in with my fiance when he'd first brought up the idea, but not for typical reasoning. Before my fiance and I were engaged, I lived in my own apartment, in oakland (pittsburgh) and he lived in his grandmother's old house (penn hills, 20 minutes outside of pittsburgh). I had been there before, spent the night there before, but I really didn't care for the place. Granted it was a very nice house, big, comfortable, well preserved through the years, very richly decorated, I disliked it very much. And my distaste only grew stronger, not to sound cliche, when night time came, and all the lights went out.

I've never SEEN anything, but I get very bad feelings and hear very strange things. One night when I stayed over I heard someone walking around upstairs, when my sweetheart and I were both downstairs cuddling. There were times when I would walk through strange cold spots in the hallways or on the stairs, I always felt like someone was watching me hatefully, I would get shivers and goose bumps for absolutely no apparent reason, and at night the only time I felt safe was with mike (my fiance). There was also something I noticed, that scared me very much, in the upstairs bathroom. There was an odd kind of graining design on the back of the bathroom door, which was obviously made of natural wood. It could be a coincidence but the design looks like a pair of very menacing eyes, almost like a not fully developed face that's just very angry, it just looks evil and frightening.

One day I finally confronted mike about the house. I explained that it frightened me and told him about the graining on the door and odd things I had been noticing. He finally told me that he also believed the house was haunted. Apparently he had an experience in the same bathroom where the evil face is on the door. When he was a child, he told me, that once he was brushing his teeth and looking in the mirror, and he leaned down to spit and when he looked back into the mirror, his image was still brushing its teeth while he himself had stopped. Sounds crazy doesn't it? He's also claimed seeing strange images in mirrors throughout the house, he's very afraid of them and refuses to look at them after a certain time of day passes.

He also believed that the spirit of his grandfather was residing in the house still. His grandfather passed away years ago, and even after his death he carried on with old habits. Mike said his grandfathers favorite dog would run off of the porch and down to a spot where he used to sit and pet the dog, and would stay down there for quite some time before returning. Michael also told me that lights would turn on or off of their own accord in the garage, where his grandfather used to work. He believed his grandfathers spirit was a kind one, but we both believe there's a bad one there as well, one that we can't understand what it is or what it wants.

So imagine my surprise when mike took a nightshift job a week after I finally decided I would move in, and did move in. I know maybe I'm just being a big scaredy cat, and maybe these are all just really really well put together coincidences, but lately even worse things have been happening. Among the cold spots and strange noises, our kitchen has been acting crazy.

One night the light to the ceiling fan just exploded, and literally shattered glass everywhere. Mike was in the kitchen when it happened. Nothing hurt him thank god. So we turned off that light and figured it was just old and needed replaced. A few days later, our remote control to the kitchen television set went missing. We searched the house high and low and found nothing.

A few days after that someone had made coffee early in the morning, left the pot on, and didn't put a coffee filter in. We both didn't believe the other could have done it because we were asleep in each others arms and woke up at the same time. Mike suggested that perhaps I was sleep walking (I was notorious for it when I was young) and causing strange things to happen, or doing things without realizing it. Truth be told though, whenever I'd sleepwalk before I would just walk around and talk to people in my sleep. I'd never done anything like that before, but we still haven't ruled it out as a possibility.

Then a few days after that, michael and I had had a very bad fight outside, and I was crying and he was trying to cheer me up. I sat in the computer room, literally a footstep from the kitchen, and he was trying to reason with me, when the light (the one that had formerly exploded and was turned off) made a very loud noise as though it were exploding again and shot sparks everywhere. I kid you not it seemed like a firework had just gone off in our kitchen. The odd thing was that the electricity was turned off, we checked, and when mike finally pulled it down to check the wires, they weren't fried or singed or bare or anything, there wasn't a thing wrong with the wiring to the light. There have been more incidents, all of which seem to revolve around our kitchen.

A part of me likes to believe that perhaps michael's grandfather was angry with the way he was treating me, and displayed it through the light, another part of me believes it could have just been a very strange coincidence, the fact that most everything revolves around the kitchen baffles me since we spend a very small amount of time in that room. I think that there are two spirits in this house though, one good, one evil, and I believe that michael's grandfather may be protecting and trying to help us. What I can't understand is where something bad would come from. If the house always belonged to michael's family, then there were no former owners, and the only person in his family to have passed away there was his grandfather.

Could that spirit be both good and bad? Is it all coincidence? Why do I only notice it at night? I'm not sure, but my strange feelings have yet to subside. I hope, for my own sake, there is nothing evil in that house.

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Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-26)
Hi Scarlettwitch, among the other thoughts persented here, I would say find a good electrician to check on the wiring rule out something earthly... If it is only that it will help you anyway.
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-26)
Dear scarlettwitch,

Please consider the advice given by everyone here, as well as researching the subject yourself. You can research this site and sister sites, as well as the rest of the net, your local library, local bookstore and find paranormal groups or people with similar experiences.

A person who is dead and is now a ghost or spirit has the same personality as they had when they were dead, unless they have been advancing on the other side. Generally, if they have not crossed over they are bound and are not advancing in knowledge. Thus, a person dead or alive can be both angry and sad; run the spectrum of human emotions like all human beings do.

If you have it within yourself and have no fear you can tell the ghost that it is dead, this is the year 2007, and explain to it with great intent that they are to cross over to the other side where their loved ones who have also passed are waiting for them. Tell them to walk towards unconditional love. Radiate your love towards them. If you feel you need protection then by all means choose a protective shell of light in the color you resonate with such as purple, violet or white to cocoon your entire body inside and out. Radiate your love and minimize your fear. Believe with great intent. Call upon God/Goddess, angels, loved ones who have already crossed over like ancestors and others you strongly feel will surround you with love, support and protection.

You may wish to call in those who will bless and/or banish unwanted guests like medicine people, clergy, pagan witches, demonologists and so forth.

Please also check in with your own emotions, as they also add to what is going on in your own environment.

If things become intolerable please use your common sense and all other senses to choose to leave and to protect your own well-being.

A happy ghost, spirit or entity is only truly happy when it is truly free and is advancing in awareness. This is also true of human beings. Nobody wishes to be trapped or bound any place or any where. All wish to be free to pursue their happiness and join as one in the collective consciousness of love.

Blessings, Abby
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-25)
Hi, scarlettwitch. I think it sounds very scary around your place, something more than coincidence. Since Mike's family has always owned the house, maybe you're right about his Grandfather being one of the spirits. One thought I had was maybe it's not the house that the evil is attracted to, maybe it's the land. Who knows what could have happened on that piece of property or what events have taken place there. Maybe you should try Shane's smudging ceremony in the house and out on the property, if it can be done outside- Shane could tell you or offer some other way to cleanse the property. I hope that will help and that you and Mike will stay safe. Take care. ❤
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-25)
Again, as Shane stated, dependent upon your beleifs, placeing crosses in the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom form the sounds of your story would be a great idea. I also always think one is necessary in the bed room.
Pray, pray, pray.

God Bless!
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-25)
Well if your true love has no objections to it, why not have the home blessed or a native smudge ceremony perfromed upon the home? Depending upon what your belief system allows of course. Both have ways of releasing any trapped negative energies within the home and replacing them with positive ones. I know the native smudge ceremony works as I have used it myself. I also have directions for one in the articles section of this site. You could also try wearing a cleansed, charged, clear or smoked quartz crystal about your neck to help with any negative energies that approach you. Good luck and keep us informed.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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