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One Year Later


This event happened close to twenty years ago. I can check the exact date, but I don't think that's important. I had what is called a visitation dream. Like most people, when I've had a particularly dreamy night, I usually forget everything a few minutes after waking up.

My first wife and I divorced a few years previously, for reasons that I don't need to go into, but suffice to say, her personality slowly began to change as the years passed, and she became hostile, dishonest, and not nice to be with. Our family doctor described her personality as psychopathic.

She appeared in my dream with a message for me. It was a head and shoulders image with a dark background. I cannot recall any of her words, only that it was an apology. A sincere one. An apology for past behaviour and the unpleasantness she had caused during the last years of our marriage. This was certainly out of character for her. An apology from her for anything was something that I couldn't recall.

The dream made such a mark on me that I made a note of the date in my a appointment book. Something that I hadn't done before and haven't since. At the time I felt that it was a visitation dream (a term I learned of later), and that she had died suddenly, and I would probably soon get a call from our son to that effect. He was living with her at the time. He did call, but it was a year later. She had just died in a traffic accident, a year to the day after the dream.

Over the years I've replayed this event in my mind, and shared it with a couple of close friends. No explanation of course, except that it's a reminder to me, if one were needed, that there is a lot going on out there that we just don't understand.

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CrimsonTopaz (1 stories) (239 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-28)
Limey, It's sad when a marriage doesn't work out, but we always have a bond with that person when kids are involved. I'm sorry for your loss. Dreams are a way for our subconscious to warn us, or help us through issues, or deal with difficult situations in our lives. This is just my opinion and it has nothing to back it up other than coincidence and reoccurrence in some cases of the very same message over and over again. You are gifted to be able to dream about forth coming events. Now you know your dreams come true, you can be prepared. I don't think it's possible to change an outcome, but nothing wrong with trying.
SOS_Paranormal (2 posts)
2 years ago (2021-10-25)
Hi, would you be happy for me to retell and publish your story anonymously to my YouTube channel and podcast?
ghostsarecool (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-10-13)
I think visitation dreams are so fascinating! My dad's had 3 in his life, and I want to share them at some point. He's also had other paranormal experiences too, and I also want to share those because they're fascinating and so cool to me!
Rajine (14 stories) (775 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-08)
Hi Limey

This is definitely a very interesting incident, and I totally agree with you when you say that there's a lot going on that we don't know about, I think your ex wife wanted to make amends and apologize in order to move on.
Limey (3 stories) (33 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-08)
Hi Lost Voyage, and thanks for your thoughts. The main thing for me is, there's so much crazy stuff that we don't understand, and there's really no point in trying to. We have to just accept these events for what they are... Unexplainable goings-on. One day somebody might say "Well Limey, this is how it works...". Until then, I'll just sit back and enjoy the show.

I have one more story that I've been meaning to post. Just as vivid as this one and just about as unforgettable (as Nat King Cole once said).
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-08)
Hello Limey, good to hear from you. I believe that people can visit with one another in dreams while still alive. It is often said we astral journey/astral travel out of our bodies while we sleep. I've had visitations in dreams that were bizarre and validated in some form or another from people still alive, in fact I have more of those types of dreams than I do people who are deceased. I've also read of people having dreams of loved ones during emotional distress (as thought the person is distress were reaching out to them in their dreams) I'm not sure on the significance of the date and the appearance, but from what I understand, spirit has no sense of time. That could hold true in astral projections as well. Science is beginning to uncover that time isn't as linear as we thought. You are right though, answers lead to more questions, it furthers the mystery of life for sure! Good Luck!
Limey (3 stories) (33 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-08)
Hi Lost Voyage; Yes she maybe getting her affairs in order as you suggest, but how does she connect with me in a dream? And why the year out of sinc with reality? Why exactly a year? We could thoeorize that it was simply a 'time slip', but what is that? How does it work? Just more questions.
Hi Mrs Ramsay; Yes, so many years later, and nothing is any clearer. Your story sounds very interesting. It would be helpful if you could post it.
Hi Cherubim; the brain tumour theory is one I haven't considered, and one that wasn't explored by the doctors at the time. But if that was the case it wouldn't begin to explain the events of the dream. Your own dream involving your brother also sounds intriguing. Please post it.
Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-07)
Hi Limey. Yes, there is so much we don't understand! I have a friend who said her husband started acting very hostile towards her when he used to be so kind and caring. Later they discovered he had a brain tumor. 😢 He died months later.

Maybe your wife developed some sort of mental disorder that went undiagnosed? She came back to say she's sorry, she's okay now. I also got a visitation dream from my brother who is on the other side now too. Thanks for reminding me of it, I may share that story soon.

I really enjoyed your story and am glad she apologized. ❤
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-09-05)
Agree with the above comments and so glad you wrote down that date! So many unusual things are out there all the time, but I think we have to only recognize them when they do...

My mom died in 2013 and a few months later I was going through her calendar and desk things. I was amazed to discover that the note on the calendar for the day she died said: "Not here."

She was diagnosed with cancer at a very late stage after believing it was some kind of flu throughout the month of Feb. Because she'd been sick, she wasn't making too many plans in the weeks before she died, and what are the chances she'd make THAT note, in ANY case?

Many other interesting things happened at the time, and even in the years since, but that's the one that has me wondering. Because I'll never know. Did she have a premonition? Was it written somehow after her death? Was she randomly doodling months earlier? Who knows? I also think she came to me in a dream warning me about someone after her death... And my daughter and I both had a dream relating to the execution of her estate... Same dream, same morning.

Glad you got your apology and I'll bet your kids get some comfort from that too!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-05)
Hello Limey, thanks for sharing your experience, its always good to read these types of stories that add to the mystery. It's possible that what you experienced was premonitory. Its also possible she somehow knew or sensed her time on earth was coming to an end and she was getting her affairs in order, so to speak. Emotions are powerful energies and maybe if in that moment you had the dream that she truly was sorry for what she had put you through, it could have come through to you in your dreams. Its fascinating just how connected we all are to each other for something like that to take place and science is just beginning to really explore that!

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