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My family lives in a house built in 1902, it used to be a school. We also think there was a graveyard in the land our house is on. We know more places in our town that are haunted.

It all started on the first night we moved into our house, that was before I was born. Since then many things have happened. Here are some of them.

On the first night my brother and my mum were sleeping in the same bed, my brother was 3 at the time. My dad was working night shift in other words he wasn't home. Both were lying in bed awake when they heard big heavy footsteps. My brothers room was on a small hallway at the end of the hallway is a door which leads into a toilet. The footsteps seemed to stop at that door, we haven't heard them since. A year after that I was born. My first experience was as a baby, one night I was crying, my mum got up and came into the room, there was this strange black wall (I'm not sure how to describe it) My mum couldn't get through and was terribly worried. I am not sure what she did after that. When I was 8-9 I had a dream where exactly this happened, I just thought this was a strange dream. I thought this until my mum told the story to a friend, I remembered that dream. Does anyone have any idea why I dreamt about this, something that happened as a baby?

For the next few years I don't think I personally experienced anything, either that or I didn't think about it. One day my mum was putting some things away in her room when she saw a little girl next to her, she thought it was me but she was wearing a Victorian dress. Then suddenly she just disappeared. The next one was probably this one, it was night and my brother and I were in our lounge room watching TV. My mum was down our main hallway doing something. Then she heard in our spare room (joined on from the hallway) something being shook. She thought it was me. When she got in the room she saw my toy pram being shook. Again she thought it was me. My toy pram had one of those heavy extension cords on it. When my mum had a proper look she could see I clearly wasn't there. I reckon its the same girl I mentioned earlier. Next is this one, my mum was in her room folding washing when she just glanced around the room and she saw running through our hallway, a boy. He was dressed in rags and most surprisingly had no head! If our house is on a gravesite then perhaps this was a boy was hung? There is a graveyard up the street from our house and we know it used to spread down to the land next to our house, perhaps under our house too.

We have always been hearing footsteps in our house, that's normal. I can't think of any more "important" things happening through the next few years. The next thing that happened to me was when I heard someone. This happened when I was aged 8-9 I was going to enter our lounge room when I heard laughter it was a womans laughter, I could tell that. I entered the room and no one was there, the TV wasn't on either. This one happened very commonly from the age of 4-6 I reckon. When I was in bed my mother would hear someone calling "Mummy." She would come into my room and ask If I had called her. I would nearly always say no, only time I said yes would be if I did call. The most happened when I was 10.

A common thing happening when I was 10 was when I was laying in bed I would hear things fall, this didn't bother me much. Well a few nights it did, like these ones. Once I was lying in bed facing the wall (one side of my bed is against the wall) I had a chair next to my bed where I would have my book I was reading (I read before bed) I also had a fake plant in a pot. Anyways I was facing the wall when the fake plant fell. The pot broke and I had no idea what it was, it scared me alot! Next one, I have a desk at the foot of my bed, on this I have paper, pencils etc... And a high bounce ball. The high bounce ball has a light inside so it needs this little elecric metal mechanism, this makes it heavier than most. I was lying in bed (eyes open) when heard my high bounce ball bouncing. I looked on my desk and there it was bouncing, then it bounced off and rolled away. Its not like it rolled off my desk and then started bouncing, it started bouncing ON the desk. Last thing to fall, again I was in bed when I heard one thing fall... Then another... Then another. This scared me a little because it was 3 things! But what scared me most was this. After the things falling I heard someone breathing. No, it was not wind it was clearly breathing. I tried not to think about it and eventually fell to sleep. This thing falling was not at night. At the time of the occurence I was outside when I heard my mum calling for me, I ran inside and asked what was going on. She said something fell. Something big. She thought I had got squashed. We looked all around the house for something that had fallen, there was nothing. I don't know if that was connected to paranormal or not. These are ones were we have been hurt.

One night my dad was in bed when he felt his armpit being poked. That morning my mum too had a sore armpit. Another time my mum woke to find her hand swollen and bruised. A few days later same thing happened to my dad. The worst one happened to me! It was new years morning (12:04 am) When my mum heard me squealing in my bed. It was a hurt squeal (if you know what I mean) I was sitting up in bed crying. My mum didn't know what had happened to me. In the morning I noticed my eye felt swollen I looked in the mirror and it was. I had a black eye. I know people will have many natural explanations for that one. I prefer it to remain a mystery! Lets get it straight I was NOT sleepwalking. If I was I would not be sitting up in bed would I? And there is NOTHING I could have bumped my head on. I have no idea.

That's all my experiences I have had I think! Can people think of an explanation as to why I had that dream about what happened to me as a baby? Please comment!


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spiritscout (1 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-31)
Thanks for commenting nectarvore, yes the boy is pretty creepy! Thanks for all the information, I to wonder what triggered the memory.

Spiritscout. 😁
Nectarvore (1 stories) (226 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-30)
Oh my... That part about the ragged little headless boy gave me chills... That's creepy as... I think the reason you dreamed about the force field was because, on a deep cellular and biological level, our bodies (energy bodies also, because they are two sides of the same coin, the physical and the metaphysical) retain a memory of everything that has ever happened to us, beginning with our conception. Past lives, also, if your belief extends that far back. You forget consciously what you experienced before a certain age, but your body and your etheric body remember. Why you were given this memory in a dream state is a question in itself. I wonder what triggered the memory? It's possible that your house is built upon a ley line crossing... Or, yes, a burial site. Ley lines are like veins of earth energy, meridians where they intersect. Where two lines of energy meet or cross one another there is a concentration of power. All well and good if one is esoterically inclined enough to harness and direct that energy... Psychic chaos if one is not... You will know these places by how charged they feel when you meditate. The thing with Australia too, is that we have lots of sacred Indigenous sites. Being as whitey up tighty as we are culturally, lol, our colonial emancapists have probably bulldozed and built straight over the top of them. Tragically, the earth holds a memory... Her own memory... And many of these places hold a very negative vibe that will remain for years to come. You can help this process, along its path to clearing, by making a small out door alter (somewhere it won't be seen or disturbed) and burn some white sage at it, visualising peace and healing upon the land you live. Send love to the restless spirits that walk uopn it and ask that they've released from their purgatory and move in to the light. Make sure that you psychically protect yourself as you do any work on ths level. You don't want psychic piggy backers latching on to you because they're lost and you're open. Charge a talisman with protection and wear it. See circle of light around yourself. Hope this helps:)

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