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The Rat Part 2


I saw the "rat" I wrote about in my story The Rat. This sighting happened last week on Thursday morning just after 9:00. I was getting ice for a resident. I looked at the floor by the sink and there it was. It really didn't look like a rat to me. So many have called it a rat. It didn't look anything like I expected it to.

What I saw looked much more like the out line of a woodchuck like creature. It had a rounded body, close to the ground and no tail that I could see. It had no color. There was no texture to this creature as in hair, or scales. It was smooth just like a shadow. It was not a true to life creature either. It was more like a solid black out line of a creature. If you will a filled out shadow.

The thing made no sound. It did not move. It was just there and then gone. I was so shocked to see it. I can understand why the residents become so shook up from seeing it.

We have several residents who are close to passing at this time. The creature was not in or near any of their rooms. So I wonder was the thing there for yet another resident or did I just happen to see it as it was making it's way to those residents who are at the end stage of their life on earth?

The day after I saw this creature, my friends' from high school Mom passed away. She had been a resident there for about 4 years. She died at the hospital not the nursing home. A part of me wonders if the creature was letting me know about her passing or if it was just chance that I saw it. Her husband also a resident passed away about two years ago, but I never saw anything like the creature when that happened. I would not say I was closer to the Mom than the Dad of my friends. Yes I mean friends there are 3 of them Sharon, Karen and Mary Kay. Just wanted to clear that up a bit

I will update on any other sightings. I will also try to compare notes with some of my coworkers who have seen this creature. I am curious to see if they have seen the same creature I saw

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LemonDrop_Pop (guest)
8 years ago (2015-07-10)
Arwen,thank you for your stories. I have enjoyed them very much. Please write more of your experiences. God bless. 😁

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