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More Odd Events At The Nursing Home


As I have told in other postings, I have worked at the same place for close to 20 years. I have seen and heard many strange things over time. I want to write a short description of some of them.

One that happens the most often is the little boy that is seen around the home from time to time by both residents and staff. When one or more of our residents is in their last stage of life, the little boy shows up. He is seen by many of the residents and they talk about him. They will say, "he is right there", "he is talking to me" or "he is showing me something". Staff have also seen him.

I caught only a fleeting glimpse of him last Summer just before July 4th. He is small, with light skin, but not pale, he is a tow head and moves very fast. I have never seen his face, though some residents have. A few of them say he has black eyes. Most residents say he is friendly and a cute little boy. He has been showing up for years, at least all of the years I have worked there.

Seen less often is the little girl. Residents say she has red hair. When she is seen she is always either sitting on the floor playing with something or picking something up from the floor. Fewer residents and staff have seen the girl than the boy. I have never seen the girl.

One odd thing about the little girl, a great aunt by marriage spent her last days as a resident. She was never know for telling tales or stories. In fact, she always kept to herself. One day she told several CNAs, a nurse, and myself, "See the little girl playing on the floor?" In her last days she hardly answered simple staff questions, let alone ask them.

The yellow mist seen most often by those on midnight shift, just a formless mist that would float near the ceiling along the halls. I did see the mist one day in the lobby. It was gone so fast, but several fellow employees also saw it. They asked, "Did you see it?" I said yes. We just stood watching for a short time. When it did not return, we went back to work.

One of the strangest things ever. In about 1996 we had a resident who had outlived her entire family. She and her husband never had any children. Bess was 105 years old when she passed away. Now Miss Bess was a diehard Republican and had been involved with the party her whole life. On the night Miss Bess was leaving this world, I worked an extra 4 hours. I was sitting in our break room. Our break room has glass so you can see out into the back hall. It was around 8:30 pm. The area of the home the break room is in has offices, rehab, beauty shop, laundry, and activity room back there, but no resident rooms. Visitors don't come that late in the evening as most residents are in bed around that time. I saw a movement out the door and looked out a figure that looked like former president Nixon walked by the door, waved, and went down the hall towards Miss Bess's room on the next hall. My first thought was a member of her party came to escort her home. My second thought, "Girl, you are crazy." Getting back from break and finding out Miss Bess had passed while I was on break makes me wonder maybe I am not so crazy after all

Thank you for reading. I wanted to share these events with all of you. I just thought it would be better to put them together in one post since they are so short by themselves.

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valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-03-21)
I don't see why Bess' escort could not have been Nixon. From the experiences you have opted to share with us, I suspect that you are sensitive to spirits.
There's been scores of reports of people seeing someone visiting with/going to see a person at the time of death, only to learn no such person was there at the time. There's just as many reports of people stating a passed loved one being in the room with them just prior to passing. Working in a home, I'm sure you're familiar with the scenarios. In this case, you just happened to recognize the escort. 😊
Arwen1957 (7 stories) (47 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-21)
I know it sounds funny but Bess was so dedicate to her party had having no family I think Her party was her family... I hope it means when it is my time to go my family comes for me. Bess never mentioned any family in all the years she lived there. She was always ready to talk about politics It was so strange but I never got a bad feeling when I saw him. And me of all people to see him I worked on his rival George McGovern's campaign. Maybe that is why I saw him to let me know Bess was going where people she cared about are at
lynrinth (guest)
10 years ago (2014-03-21)
Wow! President Nixon walked by your breakroom, and came to see Bess. I hope if I live that long, The ghost of Johnny Depp comes to see me! 😆

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