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My Friend Is Possessed


I'm Odessa. I'm 22 from New Hampshire. This experience happened about a month ago, which I label the most scariest and bizarre encounter of my life, and I don't exactly feel comfortable with sharing this experience with others since there are those out there who are close-minded to these types of things. This is why i'm using this site as place to share my experience. I was always open to the belief of spirits, but the ideas of demons and possession always seemed a bit far-fetched to me. That seemed like the kind of thing you only see in the movies. Well, after this one long night, I look at things from a whole new perspective.

Under a year ago I became friends with Robyn and Dan. They're a nice couple. A bit shy and an awkward at times but whenever I need someone to talk to or a place to go; they're there for me. They had recently took in a new roommate whom they have known for years, Cody. Cody wasn't getting along with his family, so they took him in. When I had slept over, I slept in the same room as him. He sleeps on the floor on a giant mattress, and I sleep on the futon which is almost next to it, but there's a table between us. Robyn and Dan sleep in their own room which is out by the kitchen.

The first two nights I slept over, I woke up during the night to hear Cody "sleep whispering". It was the eeriest thing. Most of it sounded gibberish or almost like a whole other language. I didn't think much of it other than it was just strange sounding sleep talk. Although, I had never exactly experienced anyone sound like that before. The second time I experienced it, the next morning I did mention it to him that he makes a lot of sounds in his sleep, and he just said "Oh really?", and brushed it off.

The third night I spent there was the LAST night spent with him. This time, a friend of mine was over, Kat. Robyn and Dan decided to go to bed early. Kat, Cody, and I stayed up for a little bit and then all decided to crash on that giant mattress that he usually sleeps on. I slept on my side facing away from them. Kat was sleeping in the middle. Throughout the night I kept hearing the strangest noises. It was occasionally throat clearing sounds, slight grunts, and slight movement. It took me a second to realize, it was Cody's "sleep talk" that was going on, again. Before I had realized that, I thought that maybe both Kat and Cody were awake "messing around" next to me. (Which would have been really awkward). Slightly unsure, I braved myself and rolled over to see Kat sleeping. I poked her and she woke up, and we started discussing the noises coming from Cody next to us. I started giggling in relief when I mentioned that I had thought they were potentially "messing around". I realized the more I talked and giggled, the louder the noises were getting from Cody. The "sleep whispering" started up again. Now, finding the whole aspect of sleep talkers amusing, we came up with the idea of trying to talk to him to see if he would talk back to us in is sleeping state. Biggest mistake ever.

This is where it all goes downhill. So, Kat and I were trying to come up with things to say or ask. At first, she started asking him random questions, silly things like "Hey Cody, did you run out of hot dogs?". Each time, he twitched a little bit and whispered a little more gibberish sounds. He was reacting to her voice. It started to sound creepy, but still full of innocent laughs of finding it amusing, I said "Wow. He sounds like a demon. Kat, you should ask him if he's a demon". The second I ended that sentence, the room went cold instantly. I can't even begin to explain the dark heavy cold feeling that filled the room. Cody sat straight up out of bed, his eyes rolled back up into his head and he started gagging and then snarling. Kat and I, in such a stunned state, ran straight into the bathroom and locked the door. The fear inside me, didn't even sink in yet.

I wasn't exactly scared yet, just shocked and confused. I kept asking "What just happened?". Cody's 'sleep whispering' started to turn into actual 'sleep talking'. The bathroom is across the room, so I couldn't hear everything that was being said or all of the noises coming from him. But the voice I did hear, didn't even sound like his; but it was clearly coming from him. It was very deep. It was like there were two different voices talking back and forth in gibberish/another language with occasionally english. I kept hearing him say "They are still in there."

Kat was really upset, and started to shake and cry. I was still in my own personal state of shock and denial. It crossed my mind; could this be a joke? But there was such a cold heavy dark feeling. Unfortunately, I knew it wasn't but I wanted it to be.

Finally, it went quiet. We probably waited in silence for probably a total of 15 minutes, while I worked up the courage to open the door and check on him. Kat whispered that maybe he went back to sleep since it had been quiet for a while. I had an awful feeling in my stomach but I put my hand on the door knob, and whipped the door open extremely fast. There he was, just sitting straight up on the mattress like he was waiting for me, looking me dead straight in the eyes in the most evil demonic grin. Even though it was dark, it was almost like he had a ghastly glow. He was the only thing that stood out in the room, looking right at me.

Instant panic, I slammed the door and locked it again. Now, the fear finally sunk inside of me. I started to get teary eyed a little bit. I started to pray inside of my head. I was praying for this all to pass over and to be kept safe. He began talking again started off with those gibberish noises, while kind of making a clicking sort of sound, and then the deeper voice came out and said "Open the door."

Then we hear Cody's normal voice again, and it sounded like he's crying and whimpering. He starts to plead for Kat to open the door. Over and over again, he kept saying "Kat, please. Open the door. Kat, please." Kat looked at me, and she asked if she should say something back. I told her no. I said we need to just keep waiting this out.

We were in there for such a long time, must have been about 45 minutes that had passed. Throughout the whole time, I could hear Cody talking that gibberish talk from across the room as usual, but then THE BATHROOM DOOR STARTED TO VIBRATE. This is when I had enough, I knew there were two windows open in the apartment, and Dan and Robyn were just a couple rooms away. I decided to scream and bang my fists on the door in hopes to get someone's attention.

When I did that, instantly the dark cold feeling went away, and then I heard Cody say, "What the f*ck?". Apparently when I did that, it somehow snapped him out of his possession. I knew it was safe, but I was still hesitant to come out. We talked back and forth to him a little bit through the door. Then I finally opened the door and went and sat down to talk to him. He said his throat felt dry and that he didn't remember anything that happened. He said he could remember feeling his body move around though.

I described detail by detail everything that happened to which he then opened up about how he has a "spirit" named John attached to him. He said John has been with him for about 7 years now. He described a couple times where his ex-girlfriend, who he dated for about year, would be afraid to sleep next to him because she'd hear him having conversations with this 'John' in his sleep. He also explained how his mother is aware of the situation and that his grandfather used to have a spirit attached to him as well. But he assured us that John would never want to harm anyone.

I spoke up in disagreement. I told him what I felt was evil, and that I felt like it wanted to either harm or scare us badly. He seemed to start to get annoyed with me, like it offended him that I was hinting that 'John' is actually a demon. But, talking it out made everything seem a lot better. I was able to throw out a couple laughs too. I was also just relieved that everything was over. Or, so I thought.

I started to apologize though, well, it wasn't a direct apology. But I explained that neither of us meant to offend him or John in any sort of way, and that if we had known about this before then we probably wouldn't have tried to joke around when he was sleeping. The second after I ended my my little apology, THE ROOM WENT COLD AGAIN. Keep in mind, it was a really warm night. Even though there are two tiny windows open, it was a quiet warm night. I looked down at my legs in shock of the coldness with that awful feeling again, and the second I look back up, I see Cody's eyes roll back again as he falls back onto the bed. Kat and I ran for the door to leave the apartment. I didn't look back, but Kat said she looked back as he watch us leave with that huge demonic grin on his face again.

Kat and I were wandering the streets of town, not knowing what to do. It must have been a little after 5am at the time, and we eventually made our way over to Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee. We sat at the table and talked about what we should do. I suggested that since there is a church right up the hill, that we should try to talk to a priest. I just wanted some assurance, or advice, or even a prayer or anything that would help this situation become better.

She looked up a number on her phone and tried to call it, due to bad service we couldn't understand what was being said on the other end of the phone. So, we decided to walk up to the church. We sat on a bench for a little bit, and the priest, who lives right next to the church came out and invited us inside of his home. We sat on his couch and explained everything we experienced. I felt so relieved though as I explained everything to him, because my biggest fear was to explain something and get looked at like I'm some kind of nutcase.

He listened in belief and explained how a family friend of his had a similar problem, but didn't get into too much detail. I told him my fear is that whatever is inside him, might try to latch on to us or haunt us. And he assured us that it's Cody's own demon, and that it's his problem, not ours. He also explained that the situation becomes worse when the person doesn't recognize it as a problem. He said Cody probably views the demon as if it's his 'friend'. I completely agreed with that statement because Cody seemed to get offended when I referred to it as a demon instead of a spirit. The priest also told us that it feeds on fears and that we just need to keep our faith and strength, and we'll be okay.

We left his house feeling a little bit better. Kat was a bit more hesitant but I tried to work up her confidence to head back to the apartment. I told her we were going to carry on a normal conversation right as we walk through that door as if everything is fine, which is exactly what we did. I opened the door to the apartment and Cody was up and awake playing video games. We awkwardly sat down and we were all just quiet. We didn't really know what to say and neither did he.

I got on my laptop and Kat got on hers and we were sending messages back and forth quietly. In her message she told me not to tell Robyn and Dan about the situation when they wake up because if they hear about it, they'll probably kick Cody out, and he will be homeless. I debated, but agreed not to anyway. She decided to get up and go outside for a smoke. Cody stopped playing his video game, and went into his bag and got some clothes and went into the bathroom take a shower.

I was still using my laptop messaging people on Facebook. I could hear Cody making noises while in the shower. It was just slight coughing and that clearing of the throat noise again, and I started to get a weird feeling. It wasn't as bad and cold as before, but I had a gut feeling that I should just go step outside with Kat. So, I did. We were outside for about 15 more minutes and then headed back inside and Cody was out and back to playing video games.

Kat goes into the bathroom to use it, and she comes out, sits down, and messages me from her laptop again. She told me in the message that Cody's pocketknife is just randomly sitting in the sink. That instantly put a sickly awful feeling in my stomach. She turns to Cody and asks if she can step outside and talk to him. He agrees, and they head outside.

While they were still outside, Robyn wakes up and comes out of her room. After the whole pocketknife thing (which I later learned he had no memory of), I completely changed my mind about being quiet about everything. I immediately told Robyn about the whole thing. To which, she then went and talked to Dan, and then they stepped outside with Kat and Cody. Both Robyn and Dan were disturbed by it all, and agreed that they don't want Cody living with them anymore. They suggested for him to sleep at Cassie's house for now until everything gets sorted out. Cassie lives right up the road at an apartment of her own, and she is also an acquaintance of ours.

Kat and I decided to spend an another night at Robyn and Dan's. Around 11:30pm at night, Cassie starts sending frantic texts about Cody's behavior. Apparently Cody was sitting on her couch talking to her and he fell back like he went to sleep but when he sat back up his eyes rolled back. But then he snapped out of it and carried on a normal conversation with her. She was really freaked out about it, and we had her come over to talk to us about everything.

Out of fear of going back to her own apartment, she decided to sleep over with us. We were all up a good part of the night talking about what to do, we decided that its best to try to contact Cody's family, or mother, since she's the one that's supposedly most aware of it all. The next morning I went home and later heard they did take care of the situation and contacted Cody's mother. So, he is now living back home.

Now flash forward, after all of this, I had cut off all ties and contact with Cody. Even though I did value the friendship and memories made with him in the past, I just decided it was best to not to talk him anymore because of everything bad that had happened. I still kept a friendship with everyone else of course. But sadly, Kat found it hard to do so and continued to keep up a friendship with him up until he broke into her own apartment one night. Unsure he what caused him to do so or if he was possessed, she called the police and is currently working on getting a restraining order on him. And, this is where my story ends.

I have to say, though, this was the most traumatizing experience I had ever been through. I'm thankful that I'm not haunted my nightmares or anything like that. All of this is such an eyeopener to what kinds of things are really out there. The few people I've shared this with have been close-minded with an occasional person who understands and believes. But, I've been told by others maybe he was on drugs, or maybe he has some sort of schizophrenia or personality disorder.

In some ways, I could see why some people would think that. But I know what I saw and I know what I felt. From the noise and voice changes, dark feelings, and temperature change, it was something much more... Paranormal, and out of this world.

I am curious to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience or has heard of a similar experience. Even opinions would be interesting to hear. Another thing I found odd was how no one heard my screams or banging when Kat and I locked ourselves in the bathroom. Like I had mentioned, two windows are open, they live in an apartment building surrounded by other apartments. Dan and Robyn were just a couple rooms away and supposedly they are light sleepers. How did no one hear me?

I got chills when Dan later explained to me how in the horror movies he's seen that demons can supposedly block out sound so no one else can hear you. I have no clue how true that is, but I definitely wouldn't doubt it. But I wonder, does Cody really not think 'John' is a demon? I don't think regular spirits can possess people, only demons can. I wonder if this is all a ticking time bomb, and it's only a matter of time until I see his name listed in a police report for harming someone. So many thoughts, so many questions.

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Alaviya (2 stories) (15 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-18)
Sounds really freaky I can't imagine what you went through but I've always heard you should not get scared but what I also know is that they reveal themselves to people who they know they can freak I think it enjoyed just scaring you'll for fun it got pleasure out of your fear
DrPickle (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-02)
If you're actually concerned that he might harm someone, you should report it to the proper authorities. I believe they can commit someone for a period of psychological observation if that person is deemed a legitimate danger to themselves or others. At the very least, if this problem is paranormal in nature you could safely rule out any medical/mental conditions.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-01)
I think the combo crazy / posessed has it. Wow I've never read anything like that before. But it does sound like a lot of things. When a person has petit mall sieziers they just stand or sit like you describe, with their eys rolled back, and talking funny. But yeah, if the guy is depressed it also opens him up to some bad energy. Poor guy, gosh we all need to keep each other in the light, don't we? We can do that because we all really are brothers and sisters to the Firstborn of all creation. That's in Colossians, for people who like to research a lot.
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-01)
Hi dessydreamscape, Cody needs help. I agree with Rook. Every one is trying to avoid and passing him on, even his family. Rook, my friend, you have hit the nail on the head. Dessydreamscape, please take the responsibility and try to help him out. I know you had experienced very weird things alongwith your friend. But I don't think Cody is possessed by a demon. Instead of passing him on to others, please do try to help him.

Regards and respects to you.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-30)
I wish to point out something... The O/P and her friend spoke to this individual as he slept... What if their friend WAS speaking to a spirit in his sleep... Something that had been happening for a long time? Couple this with the OPEN MIND of a sleeping individual... Toss in a few questions to 'the spirit' who used the 'open mind' to enter and speak through their friend and you have a case of possession on your hands.

Dessy...I do not mean to blame you... You were scared and asking questions was one of the ways to determine if there really was a spirit involved or not. Now this spirit...'John' to use the name you did... May NOT be demonic in any way... But perhaps it's mischievous and just enjoyed SCARING you and your friend... Then later this other individual you mention...

A demonic Possession goes through so many more stages than this... There is a very good reason different religious have certain 'qualifications' before considering someone is possessed by a spirit... Much less by a True Demon...

It sounds like this individual needs help... But EVERYONE is scared and just passing him along... Turning it into 'somebody else's problem'...He needs to confront it... He needs people who will help support him when he does this... He needs true friendship to help him get through this.

So do not be afraid... Ask questions...RESEARCH...and reach out and offer this individual help...It's the right thing to do... If you want private advice there are many on this site who have their e-mail posted on their profiles... (I am one of them) Please write with any questions you may have... We will do our best to help you.


BadJuuJuu (guest)
10 years ago (2014-06-30)
Dessydreamscape, just wanted to point out that asking if Jesus is someone's lord and saviour is not a foolproof way to guage demonic possession. Not even close. There are atheists, agnostics, not to mention people who follow religions that have nothing to do with Jesus. Ask anyone from any of those groups if Jesus is their lord and saviour, expect a "no." It doesn't mean they're possessed, it only means that they don't follow Jesus.
Now, I want to point out that I'm not attempting to start a religious flame war. No interest in that at all, it isn't happening. I'm simply stating that not everyone is Christian, and a negative response to asking if Jesus is their saviour means nothing.
Honestly, reading this I leaned more towards this guy needing medical or psychological help than a priest. Physical and mental disorders (and drug addiction) are a lot more common than demons. Hopefully Kat getting police involved will lead to Cody getting the help he needs.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-30)
hi, dessydreamscape fabulous and scariest story I've ever read... Thanks to god that he couldn't harm you...
I've seen people when they possessed... There voice suddenly changes... So I can agree with you that it's not a any kind of disease.

I am wonder... Who is this 'JOHN' and why he possessed him for 7 such a long years... Amazing
Jake141 (3 stories) (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-30)
Hi dessydreamscape,
I have no personal experience with possession or demon activity, but I have done LOADS of research into it.
Amp21190 is right, they cannot hear the holy word of christ without reacting. However, some exorcists believe that some are able to say it themselves, as a way of trickery.
When confronted with a suspected possessed person, always ask;
'Is christ your lord and savior who died for your sins?'
If it truly is a demon, it will react to the name of Christ. BUT, it may say something along the lines of 'Of course, he is like a brother to me.' They ARE demons, nothing is as powerful as God, nothing is as an equal, or a brother to christ, and anything to say that they are, are heretics or demonic.

Just a word of warning and some advice.

- Jake
Nectarvore (1 stories) (226 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-30)
Full on. That's intense, ay. I wonder if its a combination of variables. The guy most definitely sounds mentally ill. By the way, sleep talking and response? Like, response from the sleeper? Isn't usually that coherent, from what I know. Neither is te duration of the sleepers responsiveness. After a few minutes, they mumble... Then wake or ignore you as they fall into REM sleep. Seriously it sounds like this guy has some kind of psychosis... I wonder if he was even sleeping at all. Mental illness is an energetic vulnerability that opens a person to possession, poltergeist activity and renders a persons sensitivity to energetic attack. I wonder if something dark latched onto this guy because of his, his (sounds like...?) chemical imbalance... Chances are what this guy said is true. There was a spirit, he was coherent to it. But what kind of nutcase courts a situation like that? Someone who's nuts to begin with. Really. Anyone in their sound mind would banish the thing. The only spirits its really safe to communicate with are ones spirit guides and higher astral and angelic beings... In my opinion. Hmmm..., so. Was the guy crazy before he was possessed or was he possessed and it sent him luna? A serpent and egg question if ever there was one. Sounds like a cry for attention that got out of control and maybe became real at some point.
Amp21190 (3 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-28)
wow, that was one of the scariest stories I have read on here and that's saying something! I haven't had any experience with possession like happenings myself, but I know some people who has. My brother for instance. His girlfriend (on and off) has portrayed some weird behaviors. For instance one day when they were arguing she went under the kitchen table and clung onto it underneath it like spiderman and was like hissing at him or something like that, then she ran outside and started licking, and yes LICKING, the side of the garage mumbling a weird sentence over and over. Just very creepy. I don't think she even remembered doing it

By the way while I was reading this I was nursing my child who's just beginning to talk and as soon as I read about your friend sitting up and gargling, my son sat up and just stared at me and said "mommy?" and just looked at me and then all of the sudden just kissed me and lied back down, it creeped me out haha.

Anyway, just stay clear and be really careful and if you ever see that guy just like say a prayer and say Jesus out loud if you can (because demons cannot stand the name Jesus spoken out loud)

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