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My Ghosts Over Time


My first ever experience with a ghost was when I was at the age of 6/7years old. I shared a room with my sister with a large mirror opposite our beds and with wooden old floor.

My sister stayed at a friend's one night and I was in bed as normal. I remember feeling uncomfortable so I turned on to my other side and looking into the dressing table mirror and saw a middle aged lady standing in the mirror. I remember exactly what she looks like with blonde short hair and dungarees. I was hiding under my covers all night and she was there every time I got the guts to look. She didn't speak or move. All she did was just watch me sleep, well, hide all night.

My next experience was when I moved to a different house. I turned my TV on and was on a adult channel. I was not watching it and asked all my family and nobody had been in my room. A few days later I was watching one of my channels and the TV started changing channels again to the adult station and then wrestling. After a few minutes it went back to my channel I was watching.

I was watching a horror film once with my sister, friend and my dog in our bedroom. My dog started growling at the corner of the room and she started shaking and her eyes were going strange. My dog never growls and gets scared but I had never seen her go mad at the dark corner of the room before. My sister had said she felt cold in that corner and saw a dark shadow when she has been lying in her bed.

When I was at my previous job, I was in the large top floor stock room and I sneezed and heard a lady say, "Bless you." I responded, realising there was nobody there.

At the same place I was up on top floor again and heard a lady call my name. I called after to see what was wrong and nobody responded and I asked other people if it was them and all said it was not.

I have recently been hearing a man's voice and in one week I had two very strange dreams.

My first dream was when I was looking out my bedroom window and felt someone or something standing behind me and turned round and it was the figure of the grim reaper and he went for my neck and I woke myself up.

The second dream was when I dreamt a man broke in my bedroom window and somehow got my mum on his side and they started cooking together. I walked into the kitchen and he put a knife to the back of my mouth and I woke up gagging and sweating.

This month I heard a guy again. Me and my boyfriend were watching the Formula One and they was talking about Lewis Hamilton. I then heard the voice loudly say, "F*ck Lewey." I then started complaining to my boyfriend, thinking he said it. And he was scared to tell me he hadn't heard or said anything.

Two days ago I had just got out the shower and sat down on the bed for a while to dry. The corridor was dark outside the room. I then heard something move or maybe I felt someone watching me outside the door. I carried on getting changed and then I heard a man say 'Paige' whispering my name a number of times. I responded saying, "What are you doing?" At this point I thought it was my boyfriend trying to scare me. I walked out the room straight after and looked in all the rooms and nobody was there. And it was not my boyfriend as he was downstairs on his laptop.

My boyfriend is very scared with anything to do with ghosts and horror films so I know he would not try and scare me but I have done a good job of scaring him.

Those are my stories so far and I'm sure plenty more ghosts will pop up soon.

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sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-04)
Hi Paige1993, it could be a guardian and revajane has made some good points. Cleansing I don't think it is necessary now. Because whatever you felt was not harmful to you in anyway. The two dreams you had, perhaps are just nightmares and I don't think you can attach anything paranormal to them. Still keep a diary of events and it will help.

Keep us posted of the developments.

Regards and respects to you.

Revajane (1 stories) (71 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-02)
It sounds like you have a protector and something else. Have you checked any family photos to see if the woman you saw in the mirror is in them. She may be a relation to you. It sounds like you have something there that is also trying to get your attention.
One thing you can do is a cleanse. You can go to Rook's page to find the directions on how to do one. Just remember it takes 3 days and may have to be repeated after a few months.
Another suggestion is could you see if you can talk to it? Sometimes acknowledging a good spirit will be beneficial but a bad one needs to be commanded to go away.
Rachness (guest)
8 years ago (2014-07-01)
Haha, "F*ck Lewey!". Good job, ghost! Your experiences sound very creepy. Hopefully things will cease considering how your boyfriend gets really scared of it all.

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