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My Only Subtle Paranormal Encounter


Back in 2001/2002 I lived on an old army base in WW2 era housing. I was a military wife with a daughter 3 years old and a one year old boy. I had many little experiences but it took me years after living there to put the pieces together.

It started when I was on a long distance call with my father. I was cooking dinner in the kitchen with my son in his high hair in the dining room. The dining room was on one side of the kitchen and the foyer or front entry was on the other side of the kitchen. When you entered the house into the foyer the kitchen was to your left, the living room straight ahead, and the stairs that led up to the 3 bedrooms was on the right. I'm making a point of the location of the foyer because it seems to be where all the activity was coming from. Back to my phone call. We were talking your everyday how are things conversation while I cooked dinner. While I was cooking the door that separates the foyer and kitchen started moving back and forth a few inches in both directions. It was very precise and it did this for several moments. There were no breezes flowing, this had never happened before and the movement was very abrupt, not a gentle swaying motion. My Dad was very nonchalant, someone is trying to say hi, no big deal. So ok, no problem. I believe in life beyond death, I have no deep fear just fascination in the things that can't be explained.

Before this happened while I was on the phone with Dad I hear what I think is my husband calling me from upstairs. It sounded muffled but I didn't think anything of it. I called to him, no answer. I called again, no answer. I put my Dad on hold and run upstairs to see what he wants. He is passed out recovering from a migraine. I wake him and ask if he called me and he was out of it. I just thought it was the neighbors, I really didn't think about it, it was so insignificant.

Flash forward a few months. My husband was on an early schedule that had him out the door around 4 a.m. For physical training. I was sleeping and it's about 5 in the morning. I hear what I think is my husband calling. The same muffled sound from the foyer area except this time I'm upstairs. I call out to him no answer. I call out again, no answer. I get up and walk to the stairs to see what he wants. No one is there. I look out the window to see if his car is parked outside. No car, he isn't back from his training. I was a bit spooked by that but soon forgot about it.

So I move away and years later I start remembering those instances and another thing that happened with my baby boy. He used to wake up in the middle of the night crying. I would get him and take him downstairs to comfort him and he would stare at the foyer and wave and say hi repeatedly. I didn't think too much about it.

It took me years to put it all together. My neighbor's housing unit was attached to mine also had experiences that centered in the foyer area. Our floor plans were mirror images of each other and our foyer area were side by side. She actually saw a man go upstairs and she followed him but he went around a corner and was gone. Her daughter who was the same age as my boy would lock herself in her room and play with her friend. My friend would also call me frequently to ask if my son had been crying. This was often late at night when he had been asleep for some time. It drove her crazy. She would think it was her daughter and check her room and then call me. Other neighbors claim to have their own bizarre experiences but some seemed to be a little out there. Is there anyone out there who has experienced anything similar? I am 38 and this is the only experience I can say that has truly been paranormal.

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elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-10)
I understand the thinking someone is calling you.

I had an upset friend staying over and I could swear she called out that she needed me.

I ran into the room and she was softly crying, but she had not called.

I think this is what you did with your husband, that you had an intuitive feeling that you needed to check on him.
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-04)
Hello Jodiegatz37, welcome to YGS. You said the neighbours had their own share of experiences. Could you elaborate? And are the experiences similar to yours? If you had made some investigation about the history of the place/houses, perhaps it could have given more clues and may be a clearer picture. If you had, then please post it. If your neighbour had seen a man going up, then did you ask her to describe him?

Your feeling about your husband calling from upstairs might be your intuition about his well-being. And it was quite good because by the time you went up, he passed out due to migraine.

I feel that the housing unit had a lot of energies attached to it but with very little information, I feel it is quite difficult to comment further.

Thanks for sharing.

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.


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