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My Child Hood Homes Part 2


I have told my story. It's time to tell my family's. These stories will be organized from oldest to youngest. All take place in the same place... My childhood home.

This story takes place in 1957. My grandfather (he owns the home now) is 6. He shares the room I slept in with his 2 brothers. His younger brother John wakes him up saying, "Look at the bottom of the bed." My grandfather described it as a dark shadow staring at them. They woke up their eldest brother Fred, it scarred him so bad he passed out. Their mother's sewing needles would come up in mid-air and fly at them. Cups and plates would fly out of the cabinets. The shadow person would stare at them every night. They moved out in 1960.

This story takes place in 1974. My mom's biological mother had her first child (my uncle) and had given him away to her nephew (my grandfather). She had her dining room set up where my grandfather slept as a child. She invited the church over for dinner one night. Something started touching her knee but she was standing far away from all the people. She then heard a man whisper in her ear, "Protect me." She told the church what happened and they spread holy water on the doorframe and prayed it out but it came back. She moved out in 1975.

This one takes place in 1993. My mom's mom decided after giving away 2 children she would keep my mother. They moved back into the house and my mom shared the room with her grandmother. She says she often saw the shadow figure stand in the middle of the room staring at her. One day her mom went to Kroger's (which is right down the hill). My mom loved candles so she always lit them. She was sitting on her bed when she thought she heard her mom say, "Cassie, come here." She went into the living room to find the shadow figure imitating her mom. It was saying, "Those candles are lovely" over and over again. Let's just say after that she didn't burn candles again. They moved out in 1996.

This story takes place in 2009. My younger sister Carmen sleeps with my mom, me and other 2 sisters. Carmen wakes up and says, "Mommy those grey people are digging again." I rose up to see 2 grey men with shovels digging at air. Another grey man is yelling at them, three minutes pass by and they disappear.

Six months later I am asleep with Carmen and she says to me, "Haley, tell the skeleton to go away." I turn over to see a skeleton dressed in overalls laying next to me. He disappears with a blink of an eye. (This story happened in my parents' room as the others took place in my room.) We moved out in 2011.

I have way more stories but these are the best. What are those grey people? I need to know. More to come.

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Perfecttime687 (6 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
Thank you CrystalLeo and they still rent this house out to people. The woman who lives there now has a daughter whom I have met before and played with and she tells me about the grey people and the shadow figure as well.
CrystalLeo (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-06)
Hey Perfecttime687
Those grey people to me sounds like they are reliving passed experiences. Stuck in a loop of sorts, almost like an echo of what they once were.

I have heard of skeleton figures appearing, some people have even captured photographs of them. All these spirits don't seem to be angry or hurting you and your family in any way. The dark figure is a bit troubling however.

I Hope that all else is going well. Would love to read more of your experiences. Best wishes to you!

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