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My Childhood Homes Part 3


After we moved out of the house you guys have read about we moved into a home that was built in the 1800's in which I live in now. It has 5 bedrooms including my room that is a finished walk in attic. We moved in August of 2011 and it wasn't until June 2012 I started having experiences. I was sleeping in my bed which is located next to one of the 2 tiny doors in my room. The door began to rattle as if someone was shaking it figuring it was my cat I leaned over the bed to smack her but to my horror nothing was there and it still rattled. Well in the morning I went upstairs to get my clothes for school and realized my shirt was in my room so I went upstairs to get it and I brought my sister with me and the stupid door began to rattle again.

About a month later my friend was over and we were just playing minecraft on our phones and her phone kept disconnecting because it was already messed up and wouldn't charge unless it was one certain charger. So I told her she could play on my sister's Ipod we went downstairs to get it. She laid her phone flat on my dresser. When we came back up stairs it was against my bed (which is about 10 away from my dresser so there is no way it could have fell.) The camera was on so we checked the video. It showed the door slamming over and over then closing when we came up stairs.

Another time is when my mom lost her keys and she said to at least help her find her phone. Just 2 seconds before I laid my phone on the counter and I said I would call it. When I went to go get my phone it wasn't there we searched all over the house. Finally we found them in front of the tiny door stacked on top of each other and the keys were right beside them.

This story is my sister's. She was laying in her top bunk watching T.V. When she dropped her pillow. She looked at it and a cat like hand came out from under the bottom bunk and grabbed it and pulled it under the bed. She was scared but continued to drop stuff on purpose and the cat like hand kept grabbing the stuff and pulling it under the bed. She finally yelled for my mom and dad they looked under the bed and blankets and stuffed animals and the pillow where laying under the bed. This is another one of her stories. She was getting dressed in her room when she looked at her top bunk. She described it as a blue electric man just laying on her bed. We also have this feeling of being watched in her room. One time my friend hid under her bed while playing hide and seek she said she couldn't stay under the bed for long because she felt as if someone was staring at her when no one was there.

Occasionally you can hear someone walking upstairs while sitting in the living room when no one else is home. One night it was just me and my mom home and we were sitting in the living room and of course the footsteps could be heard but we never pay attention to them as they go on 24/7 but that night something just went *CRASH* like someone fell. I ran upstairs and checked and nothing had fallen I looked in every single room but still nothing had fell.

One night I was watching Vine on my phone and I had my headphones on and couldn't even hear someone screaming at me. (I know this because my mom stood right next to me during that day and screamed my name 6 times and I didn't hear her.) Well my steps creak really loud when you walk up them. Over my headphones (that was how loud it was) I heard heavy foot steps, like a 200 pound man stomping up my steps but it came from behind my tv. These foot steps lasted for 15 seconds then I called for my mom and dad. They checked behind my tv which is on a dresser and nothing was there.

We were at Giovanni's the pizza place one night and my youngest sister Brooklyn started talking about a ghost in her room. She said the night after Halloween in 2011 I was asleep on her bottom bunk (Layla also has a bunk bed and she has the room where you feel like your being watched.) She said I was totally asleep when a lady in a grey dress that covered her feet came out of her closet. She described her as having no hair with blood all over her and a giant piece of her skull gone. She said she turned off her T.V. Shut her door and went back into the closet. This happened again the next night (this is how she knew this wasn't a dream.) Except this night the lady turned to her and spoke "Don't worry I am a nice woman." Brooklyn being very smart and listening to what our Mom had said before she said to the lady "Go away your dead!" She said the lady just went into the closet and never came back.

My sister Carmen says in 2011 and my mom remembers also that she wouldn't let my mom shut my door to my room (When it is open it blocks the hallway) because she would say "No mommy, there is people in the hallway and I can't see them if her door is open." That is just some of the stories there are others but I couldn't put them all in one story. I need to know if maybe the lady is gray was murdered or if that is how she is now in the grave. Do you guys know what could be causing the cat like hand and the door rattling? More to come.

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Perfecttime687 (6 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-21)
That's the thing elanoraemily we couldn't hear the door slamming which was really weird. And the footsteps were not coming from anywhere but from behind the tv which I had forgot to mention is infront of a closet
lady-glow (16 stories) (3142 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-20)
Well, some people have skeletons in the closet, some others have bloody ladies missing part of their face. 😲
You sure have lived in houses where strange things happen.
elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-20)
Question- wouldn't you have heard the door slamming over and over?

And why would you look behind a TV for footsteps?

The door rattling could very easily be wind shaking the house or the door itself. Old houses do very strange things. The cat like thing could have been your cat. My cats do very, very weird things.

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