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My story starts when I was young, probably about four or five years old. My grandmother was taking me to a local chili restaurant that is very popular where I live. I remember walking in and sitting down at a booth. My grandmother sat across from me, and to the left of her sat another woman with black hair, a heavier set body, and a floral dress. My grandma didn't seem to notice her. I was eating my chili when the woman said, "Chew with your mouth closed!" I never thought much of this event until I told my grandma about it years later. She asked me to describe the woman, and after I did, she showed me a picture of the same woman sitting on the porch with my grandma. I found out it was my great grandma, who died when I was one!

This is the first of my many encounters with spirits. My grandmother's house is known to be haunted by a rather friendly ghost. One day, I was playing a video game, with my back to the rest of the room. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. My shoulder instantly turned cold, and it felt like electricity was going down my shoulder. Needless to say, I was very frightened, but I think it was the ghost's way of saying it indeed was there. (Around this time, I had just been told that the house was haunted, and I had my doubts until that happened.) Perhaps the weirdest phenomenon\'s that has ever happened to me was on New Years Eve of 2012.

My stepfather used to be a security guard at Union Terminal, a popular museum and a historic site in Cincinnati. The building served as a train station, mall, and now a museum. The old ticket booths and phone booths are still there, and there is an active rail yard behind the museum. Because my stepfather was a security guard, we had special access to the tunnel system that is above the main museum. The museum is known to be haunted, and I decided to take my camera phone up with me. (The phone was not a smart phone, so there's no way I could've photo shopped anything.) I snapped two pictures during our trip through the tunnels. The first one depicts my brother and sister walking down a hallway. Both kids had their arms crossed, and my sister had a stuffed animal in her arms. Their backs were to me when I took the picture. To their right was a window that overlooked a conference room. After taking the picture, I noticed in the window there was a figure of a boy. I thought it was my brother, but I looked closer and saw that the boy was facing the opposite way as my brother, and both his arms were down. Behind my brothers head was another apparition of what appeared to be a soldier leaning to one side. You could see his hat, and a gun connected to a strap. He looked about Civil War era. 30 minutes later, I took another picture. Again, the soldier appeared. I can't explain these pictures. I've had a lot more things happen to me, but those are the ones that have stayed in my mind for a long time

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Micsoccer14 (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-19)
I'll definitely do that, I just have to get the photos off of my old phone. It could take a day or two, given that my semester starts tomorrow.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
8 years ago (2014-08-19)
The best way to share your pictures would be to upload them to a photo sharing site, like photobucket. From there just copy/paste a link to your pics in the comments here.
Hope to see the pictures soon, they sound fascinating. And I think it's cute your great grandmother popped in to give you a lesson in manners. 😆
Micsoccer14 (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-19)
I do have the photos, and I will try to attach them to this somehow. I don't think they are tricks of the lighting
VermontVampyre (2 stories) (64 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-19)
Wow! Do you still have the photos? Can you share them with us if so? Could the soldier and boy have been tricks of the lighting or whatnot?

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