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My story goes back as a child, but I will make this as short as possible.

Since I was 7 or 8 I saw things I could not explain. My first experience was seeing a pure white light in my hallway and what looked like a tall bald skinny man in the middle of it. The skinny man paused and was looking straight into the wall in front of him. He did not turn to look at me, after his pause, he walked into the wall and vanished. My mother said I was dreaming, but I know what I saw. Since that day, I keep seeing what people call shadow people, sometimes confusing them with family members when they walk by me, then realizing no one is there.

The house was darker at night, so dark I couldn't see in front of me. So for years I saw and heard noises and of course it was only me in the house that experienced these phenomenons. I was never scared, but nervous when they occurred.

During high school I had a physical experience. I Came home from football practice and was about to jump in the shower when all of a sudden I felt a burning sensation on my side, I looked where the pain was coming from and two large scratches appeared, I was more confused than scared... I just shined it off and took my shower...

When I moved out I did not have experiences of sounds or shadow people. Then Due to some personal issues, I had to move back to my parents' home. Every night I felt someone was looking at me, and always turning my head to see who it might be. And of course nothing was there. After a few months living back home, I would notice scabs from my neck to my shoulder on both arms. I kept telling myself I must not scratch myself at night. So every month or so I will notice new scabs, and finally realized the angle the scratches were I could not have done them. The scratches were two perfect lines every time. But that eventually stopped, and never received any scratches again.

One day my wife noticed a face on the ceiling of our bedroom. The face was a bearded man looking very angry, you could see like 4 fingers that made the drawing of the face, and the face was in the paint... The next day it was gone... That was indeed strange one... I also heard tapping over my bed when I was alone... But I just ignored it and went to bed...

I never wanted to show any type fear just in case it wanted to feed off it. My mother died suddenly from an aneurysm, I took it very hard, and cried for months. But it all changed when she visited me in a dream wearing the same cloths she died in. Knowing she passed, I asked her if she was ok, she told me yes and a man helped her to come see me. All of a sudden a wormhole appeared behind her with a shadowy figure telling her they needed to go, she told me good bye. I woke up feeling a ton of brick was lifted from me. The house seemed different after that, it wasn't pitch black at night anymore and I saw no more shadows or heard no more noises, it felt weird and good.

I feel my mother is now protecting me and my family from whatever it was in my home. But now I hear my name being called out about twice a month. The voice sounds like my mother and repeats my name until I wake up. The voice gets louder when I don't open my eyes, I hear shouting.

I found online that many people have experienced their name being called, but what changed for me was one night I heard was "my name" and a response saying yes its "my name" I woke up kind of freaked out but not afraid. The calling of my name does not scare me, but I want to know why... What is the reason? My name is still being called out to me... Happened again last night... The reason I'm writing this today.

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