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Lifelong Troubles


I'm Samantha, I'm twenty three and I believe I've been followed all my life. My mother told me of an incident which occurred while she was pregnant with me. This led me to believe all that has happened throughout my life has not merely been random coincidences.

She told me that she fell asleep at my grandmother's house and left the doors and windows open as they had family over. She said she awoke to a draft that she thought was coming from the open windows and saw a dark mass, almost a shadow of what, to her, looked like a big dog at the foot of the bed. She said she knew she couldn't run or get away so she closed her eyes and began praying. (She and most of my family are very religious.) She said she felt a heaviness on her tummy and began crying, fearing the worst for me. It then bear down on her, then released her. She said out of fear she stayed lying there for maybe three minutes, then quickly went to her mother, who ended the little get together. They prayed and cried for some hours until they fell asleep together.

There has been a lot of small oddities that happened to and with me all my life, such as hearing people I know calling me when they were not present, hearing my doorknob turn when no one was at home, a constant feeling of being watched which intensifies at a particular place.

The first big occurrence was when my mother and I moved in with my dad after fourteen years of living with my mothers aunt. Typically I went to bed around two am. I woke up then realised I was unable to move any part of my body and I couldn't speak. I immediately began to panic, which got me nowhere but more scared. My physical panic was subsiding as I started to cry with confusion, thinking I was going to die. I lay there for maybe a minute then I heard my name whispered, quietly, close to me. I cried harder then felt a chill run over me then a burning on my left leg. Immediately after the burning sensation I realised my crying was rocking my body, that I could move. I ran out my room straight to my parents' in tears, wailing. When I calmed down and told my mother what happened she said that I was too old to be scared by nightmares and that I simply scratched myself, then she sent me back to bed. I didn't sleep properly for weeks. I'd stay awake as much as I could then doze off out of exhaustion. School was hell because I was always tired. Eventually I got over it (somewhat), but I still can't sleep in a completely dark room.

I've always gotten nightmares, as old as I am. They're usually of people I know but with horrific faces or mutilated in some form. I'd know it's people I'm familiar with because of their clothes. They would say things that would make me cry or scare me in my dreams but I could never remember what it would be.

There's a lot more to tell but I think this is a lot to read and a lot for me to share for now. I welcome any thoughts or opinions, ideas or suggestions.

Love and peace to you all.


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curious_sami (1 stories) (14 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-10)
[at] ifihadyoux Well I no longer live at my fathers residence, and my grandmother no longer lives at her previous residence. My fathers house is now occupied by his brothers' family and they have also claimed to feel uneasy quite often. In the past year or year and some months I have not experienced any odd occurances personally. My mother on the other hand has. She has never been physically touched or experienced anything she would consider abnormal, until recently. She claimed on two occations to have felt a presence atop her whilst in bed and waited it out as she was at home with her mother but didn't want to alarm her. She claimed to finding bruise spots on her arms and thighs after both incidents, I've seen the bruises on her on many occations as they appear at unusually timed intervals.
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-22)
I'm not sure if I could completely knock it off as sleep paralyses. It doesn't necessarily explain the scratching on her leg or the burning she felt.
I do agree about the night terrors however, and think you should talk to a professional about them. I'm not sure how they treat them but I know they can.
As for everything else I am unable to think of anything. I know if there is a lot of electromagnetic field energy, most commonly in the ceiling or basement, that can also cause hallutinations so maybe you could check up on that in your home?
Keep us updated!
BadJuuJuu (guest)
10 years ago (2014-09-21)
Hakujou, story submissions should be open in the morning. If you want to submit your experiences, please do so properly. You're unlikely to get feedback by posting on someone else's story, not to mention it's considered impolite. That's why I've deleted your comment. If you want to share your experiences, please submit them as a story. If it meets our submission guidelines, we'll be happy to publish it.
elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-09-17)
This sounds a lot like sleep paralysis to me.

It's not necessarily a paranormal event, despite how much it feels like one. The brain paralyses the body during periods of sleep- it protects you and the lack of this paralysis is why some people sleep walk. Sleep paralysis occurs when the body awakes but the brain is still stuck in a dream state, which is why you cannot move. While this is occurring, the dreaming mind will cause hallucinations- the most prevalent of which are dark shadows created from a darker room. It will take what it's seeing and twist it to try to make sense of it from the state it is in.

It sounds like you are also experiencing some form of night terrors.
I would suggest undergoing a sleep study. There could be a chemical imbalance in your brain that is causing this and it could very well be remedied.

That does not explain the doorknob turning, but I would advise you to undergo a sleep study and see if you can do anything to help the big problem here.

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