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About 5 years ago, a work social outing was decided upon. A visit to Picton for a ghost tour.

I had never been on one before though a colleague had been to the same one and told me some of her grou'ps experiences. These were interesting to say the least!

Her group had the tour through the town at night. Many photos had orbs and they had some interesting experiences in the abandoned train tunnel.

Our tour started off with a walk around the town, points of interest commented on by the guide, eg the Library had books on the floor some mornings, people who had died in various old homes around the town, orbs in windows.

Of course, we were madly taking photos and looking if we had caught "orbs" in the shots. One street in and my freshly charged camera stopped working. This happened to 2 other people, a little spooky I thought?

The group consisted of about 30 people. Some had come along for a repeat tour as they were curious to see if previous experiences occurred this time round.

We were led to the tunnel where some lady had died in 1916 according to the guide, run over by the steam train.

It was muddy and some stayed outside the edge. Most entered with torches on, an abandoned tunnel with the usual graffiti on the walls. At the end some leaves showed the other end of the tunnel. It was about 10 pm.

We were directed into the middle so that we would get complete darkness when our torches were turned off. There was a small group of around 10 people in the middle huddled very close. I was at the back of this group, cuddling my friend: 1. To have a reference point as it was so dark and 2. So that I had some human contact as a I had the heebie jeebies. Another group of about 15 were scattered further down the tunnel in a half circle. None were close to me there was a big gap. This is important to remember.

I am an open person, which is why I was a little spooked and scared. I am also an educated, rational person.

So... Lights were turned off, it was silent in the tunnel- no one moved. I felt a soft butterfly touch on the back of my beanie, so soft. It wasn't a pulled hair, my hair was enclosed in the beanie. I didn't say anything at the time because it seemed a little random and I didn't feel it was paranormal.

We were looking down the tunnel into pitch black. Perception goes a little strange. In darkness, there is no point of reference. However, the repeat visitors had all ready primed us to look out for a a soft white/blue mist that they had seen "travelling" up the left wall. So I dutifully looked down where I felt the left wall was, three quarters down the tunnel. There was something there, definitely a lighter part of the wall that was moving slowly towards us. As I watched it stretched out, got a little blue then white. It got closer to us still "on the left" side. I saw sparkles of electric coloured blue, just a couple of times. At the moment I exclaimed, the mist came in front of the small group and then went back down the wall.

That is when I felt the second touch on the back of my head. That spooked me no end!

Light came back on and half of me was wondering how they managed to get the sparkle to happen, obviously not believing that what I saw was anything other than some show biz stuff.

We all came out and walked along to the town, discussing what we had seen. Most of the small group saw the mist moving up the wall. The people behind us saw nothing. My husband saw absolutely nothing, just a black space. As we walked, I hesitantly mentioned electric sparkles... My immediate group said they hadn't seen it but a man was interested because he said he saw some sparkles, the same electric blue.

I am writing this down, as I have no idea if I was hoodwinked or not. My rational mind says it was faked, but for the life of me, I don't know how!? I definitely saw it, the other explanation is that my eyes were seeing things because it was so dark... Of course I googled it, and the word "ectoplasm" kept coming up as in ghost busters!

I can't explain it, it makes me frustrated to think it was manipulation. The fact that so many people had different experiences is also strange. Someone touched me in that tunnel, very delicately. It couldn't have been anyone behind me as it would have been a clumsy effort as depth and distance perception was completely gone.

That is my ghost story.

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Jaspertheschnauzer (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-05)
I am curious. I would like to do Port Arthur in Tasmania. Not only convict building but also the grounds are supposedly very haunted. I feel that it would not be disrespectful to do it as a lot of time has passed since mass shooting. I am distrustful of commercial "ghost tours"
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-20)
Fun story. The differences in stories is interesting because people interpret what they see according to their understanding. Sooo... Sounds real to me.
Jennilou87 (6 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-20)
Great story! I kind of know what you're talking about by being touched. I had a similar experience happen to me. I love ghost tours too. Not only do you get a feel for a place, but get a real history lesson about real people!

Do you think you will ever go on another one?

Best wishes Jennilou 😊

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