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Before I begin, I would like to apologize for my terrible grammar, the length of this story and whatever else. Here goes...

I use to stay in a rent out basement (with my older sister who comes and goes very often, so that means I'm mostly alone) in Annandale, VA. The basement has all utilities provided and the ceiling of the basement at parts, has a low dip. The distance from the living room/bathroom/kitchen is only a few footsteps away from the bedroom I sleep in. There's a small staircase outside that leads the backyard into the basement from the back, and there's an indoor staircase that connects the basement to the home upstairs. (this detail is important for later on in my experience).

My sister stayed in the basement a month before I had decided to move into the same place with her. Shortly after I arrived, she decides to let me stay in the basement alone (to be, in her words: independent) while she stays with her little girlfriends.

Of course I was a little worried about staying down in the basement alone, but later on the day after unpacking, I got to meet the landlords who were very overly protective, but kind of friendly, nothing too terrible or tyrannical about them. So I decide that I should just suck it up and stay at the place since the basement's rent is hell of a lot cheaper compared to other places up in northern Virginia.

A month and a half has passed and things seem fine, up until one night when I came home from work at around 7pm. I was in the kitchen making some delicious 'independent' ramen noodle in a cup. The landlord (female landlord/the wife) decides to come downstairs to see what I was up to (she does this very often when she notice I'm using a utility). We stood by the sink (next to a door that leads outside) and chit chatted away, until I notice the door behind her opening. My immediate reaction was "oh! That must be my sister coming in!" the landlord looked behind her and once the door open half way, there was no one there.

Seeing how freaked I looked, as she was closing back the door, she told me, "oh...haha its just the wind," and of course that night there was no wind, it was a still, hot, summer night. I told her, "well, there's no wind at all today... But okay." With that being said she patted me on the shoulder and told me that she's going to bed and went right upstairs (indoors stairs) and as soon she went upstairs, I ran right into the bedroom, blast some youtube videos off a playlist I had, and called it a night (too scared.)

A few weeks later, it was my sister's birthday. Around this time, I was away on a trip, so I was not at the basement for half a month. (so some parts of this experience is also my sister's, she's okay with me sharing this.) On her birthday she received a big plastic helium balloon, that she likes to keep behind the bedroom door.

One day she invited her best friend over to sleep, her friend is a rational person that is usually calm (her personality). When sleeping over everything went well, except for when it was morning of that sleep over. My sister got up early to leave to go to work, and her friend woke up near 1PM. When her friend was all ready to leave the basement and was heading out to her car, before she could make it into the kitchen (to go to the outside stairs) she heard a rustling behind her. Immediately as she turned, the balloon was right behind her. Of course, she shrugged it off and thought, "hm, probably got caught onto my shirt." She took the balloon and threw it behind the door in the bedroom, and continue her way into the kitchen.

But as soon as she could even step a foot into the kitchen, she heard the noise and turned around- the balloon was right behind her...

This time it really freaked her out (especially since there's a low ceiling dip, that should've stopped the balloon from clinging onto her shirt if that were the case.)

So she grabbed the balloon, threw it behind the bedroom door and continued on towards the kitchen as quick as possible... But once more, the moment she reaches the kitchen, she heard the same rustling sound AGAIN. This time she reacted quick, she snatched the balloon, threw it behind the bedroom door, slammed the bedroom door tight and ran straight out of the basement and into her car.

Later on that evening (same day) when my sister was off work, my sister and her friend met up to have another sleep over (since I was gone still at the time.) When they were laying in bed, my sister looked over to her friend and noticed the balloon was hovering over her friend. My sister joked, "haha wow you like that balloon enough to bring it to bed? Really? Come on..."

And my sisters friend nonchalantly replied, ", it's been following me all day."

Hearing this, my sister was a little startled, so she turned on the lights, grabbed the balloon and popped it. And that was the end of that.

After this balloon incident, I came home a few days afterwards... And this was when strange things picked up quick/started happening. (at this time summer has passed/creeping into the fall and my sister went back to staying with her friend, so I'm alone again.)

It started with seeing a tiny bright/white circle speck that would appear when I'm in the restroom doing my business, or when I was lounging in the bedroom. I tried convincing myself at this time, "oh, it's just a fairy. How cute, it's following me..." (to calm myself down.)

I even tried looking around the room/doing eye exercises to see if the speck would follow along, but the speck didn't. The speck would float towards me in its own speed and distance and then just disappears or sometimes just lingers around. I will only see this speck when I'm in the basement. When I'm outside or in other buildings etc. I will not see this speck.

About 2 weeks after seeing this speck on and off, it all suddenly stopped. Around 2:30AM I was lounging in bed, watching youtube videos. Quickly I noticed a black dime shaped circle/dot shooting fast out of my pillow and INTO my shelf of clothes to my right. I jumped up the moment I saw it and immediately picked up my pillow and looked around. There was absolutely nothing.

After this occurred, I text my sister about it, she text me back (ignoring what I texted her) asking if I would like to go get coffee tomorrow with her and a friend. Of course I agreed to the little hang out. The next day when I meet up with her, I told her again about the black spot and I told her of the speck I had also been seeing. She just shrugged it off and told me, "you don't need me to sleep with you in that basement, you'll be fine you're just tired and seeing things." (of course I am well rested, but I just agreed to whatever she says.)

About a week and a half later since that incident, around 2:40AM I was yet again, lounging and watching youtube videos. I had this odd feeling that I should look up... So I just decided to perk my head up from my pillow for my own amusement, however, I saw this strange fuzzy, mist/dust thing forming in a wispy sort of way right at the foot of my bed. I squint my eyes and rubbed them, and it was still forming/misty in that spot... I quickly force courage in me to just try and reach/touch the mist, as soon as I started reaching for it, it all disappeared.

A little shaken by this, I kept telling myself it's just a cute fairy or a pretty angel or even just gnats or a crazy indoor dust storm. I lie back down and blast my youtube videos again and fell asleep with the lights on.

After this incident, things calmed down again, there were times when I would leave to work and the landlord would complain about how I left the bathroom lights on/living room lights on (When I know for sure I turned them all off- this upset me greatly) and there will be days I would sometimes see the speck.

Eventually I decided to move back down south with my parents, my job did not work out too well and I did not like staying in the basement and the landlords were too protective (they always ask me where I'm going at all times.) A month later I finally moved out of the place to head back home, while my sister decides to stay at the basement for a few days before she moves out as well.

To make things short for my sister's half of the story, the night when she decides to move out of the basement, (once I had already settled in at my parents home) she admits to me that she had a dream that night, the landlords (who are now in near 50s) use to have a 12 year old daughter that died in that home.

My sister also admits to me that before I had moved into the basement, she also has seen the same black spot that flew out of the pillow. She even admits to me that she felt watched when she passes the staircase that leads to the upstairs house. She even confessed to me that one of the days when she was home to sleep over with me, at around 1:50am she woke up to a bright orb and wisp hovering in the room, it scared her very badly and she never mention any of this to me, out of knowing I will throw a fit and refuse to stay in the basement alone.

I am glad she confessed all of this to me, it shows I'm not the only one to feel uneasy.

Thank you for reading all of this I have to share. I really would like to know what is this black circle we both seen shooting out of the pillow so fast? And if my sister's dream could have been true? The landlords are both near their 50s and refuses greatly to have a child (when we bring it up).

Thank you once again.

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Cman710 (9 stories) (91 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-28)
That was all totally and completely creepy. I'm not sure I would have lasted two minutes in that place! You're much braver than me!
bizzjoe (1 stories) (162 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-30)
What an interesting story... I think only a mental case would invent a story like this... But I do not believe you are a mental case... I believed every word... And it has only cemented my belief in the afterlife... Thanks...
sharingiscaring (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-30)
[at] elnoraemily

Thank you so much for your reply! Hmm, we are not sure, we were never given the chance to see how did their upstairs looked like. But they never had family visiting or anything, it's just a very closed off husband and wife.

As for the balloon incident, we also thought it might been the AC that runs down, but later notice that the way that it blows, it would've prevented the balloon from going out of the door. (my sister also mention that the balloon had always stayed behind that door and never has it moved from the spot)

And I love this! I really do hope that explains the white speck I kept seeing flying around. Do you know of any other reasons though for the black ball that flew out of the pillow? It happened only 1 time for me and 1 time for my sister. It shot out so fast and went into the same direction for both times.

Thank you so much, I appreciate it!
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-30)
IF their daughter did die, I don't see why they would hide it. They would also likely have pictures of her up. Most people don't pretend like they never had a child, especially since it likely would have been years ago. It is possible that people have died in the home before and it's possible there could have been children as well, especially if the house is older.

The balloon incident is weird, that is for sure. I wonder if it could have been a case of static electricity or weird basement drafts coming off all of the utilities down there. I would have given up and popped it as well. It doesn't sound like that was an attempt to scare anyone, though. It almost seems like an attempt to play, if it was a paranormal event. As creepy as it would have been at the time, it's almost cute to think about something using a balloon as a way to say: "Hello, I'm here!"

I think a lot of the spots in your vision and such could be attributed to high electric fields. Since it's a basement, much of the utilities and wires will be located in that area. This can actually interfere with how your brain interprets signals, since your brain works on it's own electric energy. If it was getting overloaded by the electric energy coming off the utilities, it could account of the feelings of being watched and strange ocular effects. This is also a reason why most people are creeped out by basements- all the electrical fields in them make people feel uneasy.

It's just a theory on what may have happened there.

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