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So for a while I had two cats, one was orange and fluffy (Gus) and another which had a tiger pattern (Elmo). Gus was an outdoor cat and spent most of his time outdoors. Elmo hardly ever did anything, he would sleep on my bed all day long.

About 4-6 times a week I'd see a cat, but not the whole thing, just the tail and back legs. I would stand in the kitchen and I'd feel something brush up against my legs and I'd turn and just barely catch a glimpse of the cat. I'd go and locate both my cats afterwards.

I never felt scared of this cat nor was I worried but rather curious. For a while I thought I was just seeing things. I'd see this ghost cat walk around corners and it would often hang around me. One of my brothers also had said something about seeing a black cat but my mother disregarded our stories.

One night while I was home alone Gus was sleeping on a shelf by the stairs and Elmo was sleeping in a rocking chair. I noticed something cat like walk into my kitchen. I did a quick double take and looked at my cats. While my attention was focused on Elmo, items were knocked off a shelf in the kitchen and onto the floor. I quickly got up to investigate and saw something dash around the corner out of the kitchen. At that time I thought I was just tired and seeing things but I started to second guess myself and was legitimately convinced there was a third cat. At night my mom brings the cats into her room and closes the door and both sleep on her bed.

One night, a friend was sleeping over and in the morning he had said that a cat was brushing up against him and was playing with his shoelaces and when we told my mom she said we were crazy and both cats were in her room all night.

Eventually Elmo died and a few months later we got a new cat. Small and black just like the ghost cat. I'll go down stairs at night and I notice that my cat (Isis) acts very strange. He plays with nothing, almost as if he's playfully wrestling the air. He will also run as if he's chasing something and he meows at absolutely nothing. Perhaps he's made friends with the ghost cat? To this day I will still catch a glimpse of the ghost cat though he seems to have disappeared since we got the other cat.

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dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
7 years ago (2014-10-01)
First I am sorry of loss of Elmo the cat. I love cats and other animals ghosts story. Second I enjoy read your story of cat, your new kitty Isis which by the way is cleopatra's time and I love that name, she can see Elmo or the other cat before Elmo passed.

mellybarr (4 stories) (46 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-29)
Very nicely written story Tyler.

I have had the same experiences in my life of and on, but more connected to me rather than any particular dwelling.

I experienced the same thing where I would see the silhouette of the black cat rounding the corner and feeling it rub against my legs. Often it would be a simple sense that there was a cat in the room by my feet and sometimes as I would stand in front of the full length mirror applying my makeup I would hear it make a sound against the mirror. The kind of sound a cat makes when it rams head first before following through with a side swipe. Since I have a cat of my own I thought it was him and I would look down... Nothing.

I always thought it was my Shesha who died years ago.

Have you lost a cat that was close to you before this started? It also might be attached to the house.


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