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Blows On The Door


This is one of my first experience with paranormal activities, though I'm not really sure if this experience can be called 'paranormal'. Well, I'm just not sure. Can someone give me a head's up on this situation?

As I've written in my previous story, "The Room Upstairs", my family and I moved to our new home in 2009. This happened to me after two years of moving in - 2011. Let me give you a brief description of my house. It is a two story building. My sister's room and mine are on the top floor. Below us is our parents' room. The staircase connecting the first and the second floor leads to a small living room (it's just empty) and then there are two doors leading to my and my sister's room.

One Saturday night my sister chose to sleep downstairs with her friend in our parents' room (our parents were out for a vacation). Her friend is pretty close to me, so I had a little chat with her before I headed for my room. I bolted all the bolts (4 of them) of the door (it's a big one) of the small room. There is no way in or out of the 2nd floor except that door. So I went on with my usual night chores: smoking, eating and watching a soccer match.

All was going well when there was a message from an unknown number at around 3am. All there was to it was this, "Do not delete this message". Stupid spams, I thought and so I deleted it. And as soon as I did so, there were loud blows on my door. My heart skipped a beat. Well, at least I thought so, and the blows were loud. Very loud. I headed out to my door and tried to sneak a peak from under the door (I usually can see if anyone's outside my door). I couldn't see anyone. It cannot be possible right? Because I bolted the door and made sure no one was present on the floor except me.

After that, a very strange thing happened. I couldn't move. I lost the control over my body. I could see things. Hear things. Feel the breeze of the fan above. But I could not move and the next thing that happened was this. I slowly sat down in front of my door and kept staring at the spacing between the door and the floor. I could see shadows. NO! I wasn't hallucinating. I was fully aware of my actions, believe me. And I was there sitting like that in the same position, not able to move a single muscle, until the first beam of sunlight entered my room. So, when I regained my muscle control, I opened my door only to find nothing. I looked at the bolts, it was still there.

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zom (3 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-18)
Hey... Thanks for reading. No... My sister and her friend haven't heard anything. And yes... The door I bolted is on my floor... You enter from it and you will find a small living room which has another two doors. One is for my room and the other's, my sister's
DOA-Spirit (13 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-16)

Great story, one thing not metioned is whether your sister or her friend heard anything? Being on the floor below.

Also just to clarify the door with the bolts was a door onto your floor right? Not your bedroom door, i.e the one that got knocked on?

I try to paint a picture in my head when I read these stories.


DOA Spirit

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