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Our granddaughter Shenay often spends a weekend at our house since her mother's demise two years ago. Shenay has a history of 'seeing' or 'knowing' things, with the result that I tend to believe what she says.

One weekend night, Shenay was safely tucked up in bed and asleep, or so I thought. I had let Zeus our black Labrador indoors and given him his nightly bone before retiring to the bedroom. My husband Ray was still at his PC playing his war games, wearing his headphones. I was just about to climb into bed when I heard a soft cry - "Mom"! (She calls me Mom.) I pricked up my ears as the sound had been soft and I thought that I was hearing things. The cry came again, this time a bit louder. I hastily donned my slippers and gown and dutifully rushed to Shenay's room down the passage. I found a trembling little girl, sitting up in bed. Without switching on the light, I sat down beside her and put my arms around her shoulders. Naturally, I asked what was wrong. The answer I got surprised me.

"Mom, I can hear footsteps!" "Really?" I replied, "Where?" "Coming from the kitchen... I think", came the quivering reply. I listened intently but heard no footsteps. I asked her if she could still hear them, the answer was "Yes!" Again, I listened carefully - all I could hear was Zeus chomping away at his big bone in the lounge. I let out a peal of laughter, realizing that Zeus' rhythmical gnawing did indeed sound like footsteps. After explaining to Shenay the source of the sounds, she settled down with a giggle and went to sleep.

The following sleepover weekend we had an almost repeat performance. This time, there was a noise in her bedroom, right next to her bed. This time I switched on the light, searching for the source of the sound which so terrified my little girl. "What did it sound like?" I asked. "Like two feet in slippers stomping on my carpet, one after the other" came the reply. Puzzled, I bent down to inspect the carpet. All I could see were Shenay's slippers, neatly next to her bed, plus a clothes hanger. Thoughts whirled around in my mind for a second or two, and then I asked, "Did you forget the hanger on your bed?" "Yeees" came the drawn-out answer, in a tiny voice. At once, I knew that I had solved the mystery. The hanger had fallen off the bed, first one end landing on the carpet, then the other. I demonstrated to Shenay what had happened. After that, we both had a good laugh.

On the night of Friday 2nd May, I was called because Shenay said that it felt like someone was watching her from outside the window. This I took far more seriously. I asked if she could see anything; her answer was in the affirmative. She said it looked like a big black shadow. I opened the curtains to see if anything was causing a shadow to be cast on the curtains, but there was nothing in front of the streetlight. I closed the curtains again, making sure that there was no chink of light coming through. Shenay was still extremely uneasy, saying that she felt very scared. I switched on her night-light, which she has never used before except to get a drink of water. This still did not appease the little soul. I tried explaining away her feelings, but to no avail. Eventually, I took her hands in mine and prayed. I called on the saints to protect her and guard her while she slept. I called on the spirit of her mother too. If this did not work, I figured on lighting an incense stick of Dragons Blood for her to smudge the room, but luckily, it wasn't necessary. After the prayers, she managed to settle down and sleep peacefully.

Of course, I have no idea if what Shenay was feeling was real, or just in her imagination - but I wasn't taking any chances. If it scared her, it was real to her. Fortunately, she has had no further incidents.

We still joke about the hanger on her bed though.

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Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-02)
Val, thank you for your kind words. Taking control of fear is a big factor in our lives, especially for a child. I can only hope my guidance will prove valuable to Shen in times to come. I know I won't always be around, but that she will remember what I have taught her, in any future situations.
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-02)
Hi Trio, I agree, it can be unsettling when a child is involved and praying never hurt anyone. It tugs at my heart-strings when a child is scared, and especially Shenay, of course. I am doing my best to set her on the right path.
Good luck to you and your kids, I wish you well.
Thank you for reading and your endorsement. 😊
valkricry (49 stories) (3267 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-11-02)
Fergie, what wonderful lessons you are teaching Shen by example! She's learning to take control of her fear, look for an explanation, and the best of all, that she can talk to you about her experiences without fear of ridicule.
Trio (4 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-02)
Hi Fergie, I know how unsettling it is when a child is involved. Many times you don't know if it's their imagination or if it's truly something to be concerned about. But like you said, it was real to her so if they feel fear, naturally we respond to that. I also wanted to add that I say a prayer with my children every night before bed and I've told them if they are ever afraid, they should also pray. I just feel that kids are sensitive to these types of things and mine have shared things with me that leave me feeling uneasy. I think praying helps us all:) It sounds to me like you're doing a great job!
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-02)
Hi MandyyNicole, and thank you!

I have helped to look after Shenay since she was born, so I know her pretty well. She has slept at our house countless times and never before has she had this type of anxiety. Thanks to our friends here on YGS, I had an inkling of what to do in a situation like this. ❤
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-02)
Hello sushantkar, thank you for your concern. The reason that I called on the spirit of our deceased daughter was because we have had numerous occasions to suspect that she was still around to look out for her young child. Please see my narrative "It Isn't Always Imagination". Personally, I have never experienced bad spirits in our house, so never gave a thought that anything not too nice would be attracted by my call/prayer. I am sorry to hear what happened to your aunty.

Thank you for your comment and good wishes. 😊I wish you the same.
MandyyNicole (7 stories) (183 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-02)
*Awesome grandma alert!*

Glad she was able to rest peacefully after the prayers. 😳 ❤
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-01)
Hello Fergie! Don't you think that calling her dead mother was a bad idea. I am saying this on behalf of my own experience. My aunty had lost his husband in a war. After loss of her husband is often tell my mother that she can see him along with other dead relatives of our. She was very disturbed experiencing all this. My mother then decided that one amongst us should stay with her so that she could not harm herself in depression.
One night she started calling her dead husband by his name. After 15 minutes or so, I heard a loud sound of scream. I saw my aunt running towards the 'Pooja room' (Spiritual Room where we do meditation and spiritual worship to God);first I did not understand what had happened but when I reached to that place I saw my aunt laying on the floor unconsciously. I called my mother and meanwhile I sprinkled some water in her face.
My mother came with a doctor who after examine declared her 'OK'. After doc's departure my aunt describes what had happened to her. She said that when she was calling to her dead husband, a different spirit arrived who offensively threwed a ceramic bouquet at her.
That is why when I read calling you her dead mother, the entire incident of my aunt came to my mind.

I am very sorry for the loss of her mother and thanks for sharing all this to us.
Be safe and healthy.

With all best wishes to Shenay & your family.


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