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The Man And The Kid?


I'm looking into advice to help with our problem we are having. I know there is a ghost in our home. We just moved in last December. I have grown up around ghosts my whole life and I can feel when

There is a presence in a home and I know for sure something is here.

I guess to start out I'll tell you what has been going on. We have three kids and thought for a while that it could potentially be them. But we were wrong. Every night something walks up and down our hallway and periodically stops at our bedroom door and you can hear something just standing there. My husband did not believe in ghosts his whole life. Now he does.

I work at night. I come home every night to our bedroom door closed due to the fact he says he can't take the walking in the hallway any more. On a few occasions he has woken up yelling "Who is there?!" Also, in the middle of the night our clock in the kitchen fell off the wall out of nowhere. This was on the wall pretty good. Also our shelves in the tub that have been on good, one fell off then I went to pick it up and put it away. A few seconds after I walked away the other one fell.

My youngest is 8 months and on a few occasions I would put her down for a nap with out her blanket (usually after she falls asleep I'll go in and cover her). Well, a few times I would go into the room and she would be covered from the neck down to her toes completely.

I have seen shadows. My two year old talks about someone named "Michael" when he barely talks and never meet anyone by that name. He cries at night sometimes for an hour pointing towards his door, saying he is scared.

One night he was talking about "Michael" and I asked him where he was. He said, "Behind you." He will go into the other living room and just run out screaming saying he is scared and will refuse to go back in there. I'll watch him walk over to the door to the living room and peak around the corner and start screaming again and run away. Then he will do this a few times like he is looking for someone. Then eventually he will say "all gone" and go play again.

I would be in the kitchen cooking and my son would be in the shower and sometimes he gets out and runs around. On a few occasions I heard running stomping loudly through the house as if it was him. I would go and check to make sure he got back into the tub and he would already be there and never got out. Same with my husband. A few time he will be in shower I would think he was done and hear him in the kitchen. I'll start talking to him he, wouldn't respond so I'll go into kitchen and realize that he is still in the shower.

I have two bathrooms in my house, one we use and the second one I will not go into. I have this feeling of being watched, sort of like a heavy feeling when I walk into that bathroom or look into it as well. I keep the door shut all the time. I have had a guest at my house who said the same thing. She mentioned that bathroom made her feel the same way and believes something happened in the bathroom. I have always felt this way since we moved in.

My oldest has constant nightmares and rather sleep in the couch then in his bedroom.

When I cook in my kitchen I'll just get this cold, cold air around me when it's 90 degrees out and I was just hot in the other room, makes the hair on my body stand up. A different feeling of cold.

We have both seen shadows pass from one room to the next. The shadow is shorter then me. We believe it is the ghost of a child but not sure. It plays like our children do. We will put our kids to bed and hear jumping off the bed, then running around and we will go to put them back into bed and when we get there they would already be sleeping.

I'm not sure what is going here but it's creepy and I don't like that whatever it is, is affecting my kids separately. I know it's not just me, my husband has had a few encounters with strange things happening/noises and he didn't believe. What can I do about this?

It doesn't bother us, we ignore it but I don't want it bothering my kids.

Thank you

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elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-06)
I would check the history of your house, first and foremost, and try to figure out why they may still be there.

If they are not causing problems, I would talk to your kids about what is happening in the house. Let them tell you what they think of it, see if they are truly scared or just confused. And make sure the Michael figure is not just an imaginary friend. Maybe install a nightlight in the oldest's room.

check the electric fields and wiring in the "heavy" parts of the house to make sure this experience is not being made worse by hallucinations and electrical interference caused by high electric fields. Feelings of heaviness are often associated with fields coming off of bad wiring, too much wiring, ect. The fields interfere with the signals in your brain. Rule that out with a meter or an electrician before you do anything.

If your kids want them gone, I would do a cleansing of the house, whichever one happens to be in your faith. Try to do it as peacefully and respectfully as possible if these are old owners of the house.

I don't think communication is really necessary in this case.
Aggers (2 stories) (30 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-06)
Sorry to disagree with you sushantkar, but Angel please don't do a Ouija board.
Don't even communicate with it, it will think you want it to stay. Doing a ouija board will strengthen the activity, as you transmit your energy through the board, to the spirit for it to communicate with you.
The board can also invite other spirits in, hence why it isn't a good idea.

Maybe get a medium in and see what the spirit wants?
sushantkar (16 stories) (532 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-05)
Hello Angel160621! Have you thought about or have you done cleansing or blessing your residence?
It may sound "weird" but sometimes calling spirit through Planchet helps knowing, understanding and solving problems. If you have faith in it although I am not a professional and there are experienced people present here as compared to me who can come up with or suggest you even brilliant ideas to resolve your problem.
Although, it was my opinion as I have seen the benefit of planchet before.


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