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Is That A Kid?


It was when I was in first year college (2009). Normally before going home, I always drop by my cousin's house so we can chit chat with my cousins (sometimes my other cousins visit also), to enjoy food while watching a movie or sing karaoke.

My cousin's kids, I treat them as my cousins since we are as of the same age and I treat my 2nd degree cousin as my uncle but I call him Kuya and her wife Ate as respect.

That day, me and my cousin Naomi (not her real name) decided to drop by our cousin Elsa's (not her real name) house for a jamming (we are into singing, LOL). When we arrived, we started to set up the karaoke and the snacks. While doing normal stuffs, choosing the next song and eating snacks while the other one is singing, I noticed someone crossed from the stairs to their restroom and he moved very quick.

The set up is their stairs to the 2nd floor is facing the wall in front of it and underneath is the television where we are enjoying the karaoke, so the staircase is behind the TV facing the opposite side. The restroom is across the base of the staircase.

When I saw someone crossing from the stairs to the restroom again and again, I already asked my cousin Elsa. I said "Elsa, I didn't know that Egor (not his real name/ Elsa's younger brother) is here." She said "Huh? No one's here, it's just us. How could you tell he is here?", I replied "I saw some dark skin, short kid like who keeps on crossing from the stairs to your restroom." Then she nervously said "Don't joke about it, Deeyan, we're alone here!" then I said "I'm not joking! I really did see someone over there!" (I pointed the area). Then in a glimpsed of time, Naomi and Elsa are hurrying to get out of the house and because of their action, I got scared too and followed them out of the house. We just stayed outside until her mom came home later that afternoon.

Her mom (my 2nd degree cousin's wife) said that even her best friend Jenny saw someone looking at her face to face while she was sleeping in their living room. She said that the base of the staircase is a portal where spirits can pass through from their world to ours.

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deyanna (10 stories) (19 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-20)

Jenny (my aunt's best friend) is known to see things that normal eyes can't see. My aunt said she has a third eye. She said to us one time that she can see a lot in that house.

As of today, they are not living in that house anymore. They transferred to another house this year. Their old house's lot was sold to the neighborhood nearby.

We did not have enough time to check the house because we already ran outside since we are pretty sure we are the only ones left in the house. There is no way also that that kid could be a reflection because it's dark at that time. Only the television is the one lighting the place (aside from the light coming from the window upstairs which gave light to the stairs area). Doors close.

My cousin Elsa also experienced once that while she is sleeping someone grabbed her feet and she screamed. His younger brother also use to see their grandpa's sister (grandma) in the 2nd floor of the house.

I hope I have answered all of your questions:) thanks for reading:)
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-13)
Any more information about Jenny would be appreciated. Is she a sensitive or did she jump to the conclusion of 'the portal at the base of the stairs' after something that may as well have been only a dream?
Did any of you girls check if the boy could have been a reflection of someone outside?
Have any of the members of that family experienced anything else that supports the theory of the portal or other kind of paranormal activity?

This event happened nine years ago, has anything else occurred ever since?
Are your cousins still living in that house?

In my opinion and based on the little information provided in your narrative, it's hard to say if what you saw was a kid, much less if there is a portal in that house. 🤔

Thanks for sharing.

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