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My Grandfather Stayed Here


My grandfather passed away in February 2007. Even though he was already 80 years old at that time he was in very good shape and liked to go skiing (cross-country) almost every day during winter. He passed away on one of his skiing trips without any warning. Quite soon after that it became clear to us that he was still here with us. I know this site doesn't approve stories that are not experienced first hand, but since they are related to my experiences I'm going to include two of them in my story anyway. You can decide for yourselves if you want to believe them or not, the only thing I can say for sure is true is the part I experienced myself.

Needless to say my grandmother was heartbroken after my grandfathers passing and she was even starting to get physically ill. It went on a little while until suddenly she seemed to find some kind of peace with what had happened. We were a little surprised, but glad that she was feeling better. After some time I was talking with my grandmother and she told me that it was because my grandfather had visited her. He had told her that he was fine and that he will wait for her until it's her time too. My grandmother said she had wanted to go with him right away, but he had refused and told her that it wasn't her time yet. She also told me that after that my grandfather sometimes sits by her bed in the evening until she falls asleep.

I have seen my grandfather too after he passed away. My parents own a farm that was built by my great grandfather and belonged to my grandfather too. I sometimes help my parents around the farm when I visit them and almost every time I can see my grandfather there. He doesn't really try to contact me or anything, he just seems to be working too. He does seem to be aware of what is going on though because I have witnessed him for example taking a sidestep to avoid walking into someone. Sometimes tools etc have been moved too even if I am working alone. What actually prompted me to write about my grandfather today is that once again I was working at the farm. I was giving food to the animals with a fork and I had seen my grandfather walk around a couple of times already. There were only me and my mother in the building besides the animals. I went to talk to my mother for a minute and then returned to my work, but I couldn't find the fork anywhere. I always put it in the same place so I don't have to spend time looking for it, but it wasn't there. I looked around but couldn't see it and thought I took it with me when I went to talk to my mother so I went back to look for it there. It wasn't there either and my mother said I didn't have it with me earlier. So I went back and jokingly asked one of the animals if it had seen it while I stopped to pet it shortly. I was walking back to the storage when I could see my grandfather walk out of there and smile at me. I went in and immediately could see the fork there exactly where I thought I left it and where I had already looked for it. Only explanation I can think of is that he had borrowed it and brought it back when he noticed I still needed it.

I have never asked if anyone else can see my grandfather around the farm, but I am fairly sure that at least my father can. I was once standing outside with my father when I noticed my grandfather walking from one building to another and when I looked at my father I could see his eyes following my grandfather.

There is also one neighbor who says she has seen my grandfather. The place where he passed away is close to the neighbor's house and she had been skiing there with her young daughter. It was exactly one year after my grandfather's passing and there was a candle my father had brought there earlier, but it had been blown out probably by wind (they noticed because they thought of coming back after skiing to light it again). They had stopped to drink some hot cocoa on their skiing trip when they heard someone skiing very fast close to them. At first they didn't see anyone which made them very curious because there was only one skiing track and they were right next to it and could see pretty far to both directions. The sound went past them and suddenly they could see a dark shape standing still next to the candle. They walked closer to say hello thinking maybe it was some neighbor or something, but as soon as they got close the shape disappeared. The only difference was that now the candle was burning again.

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WiniPu4 (207 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-13)
A VERY beautiful story! I must admit that I'm a bit envious that you & your family are able to see your grandfather while most of us are not able to see our loved ones after they pass. Nevertheless, I am very happy for you and glad that you decided to share your story. It is a very positive, uplifting experience & one that should be shared. Very heart-warming; thank you.
Kind Regards,
ZumZum (2 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-26)
Thank you everyone for your comments.
RitaCMW - Not strange or naive at all, I've been wondering the same thing. I have never noticed anything already done when I'm supposed to do it (at least not in a way I could say it was definitely my grandfather who did it), but there are a lot of tasks that are only done when needed so I can't say for sure. Most of the work is quite heavy though so I wonder if he would have enough energy to do them. I mean it's one thing to move tools but a whole other thing to move something heavy in a precise manner.
valkricry (47 stories) (3186 posts) mod
7 years ago (2014-11-25)
Definitely very cool about the candle. But, I love how your grandfather sits with your grandmother until she sleeps. There is something very comforting about that. Thank you for sharing.
RitaCMW (2 stories) (16 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-25)
ZumZum, it is very sweet that your grandfather sits at your grandmother's bedside and that he seems to be looking out for his family and farm. I am curious about the work he seems to do around the farm. Does work get accomplished? If he is moving and using tools, can you tell if he has accomplished something? My question may seem strange or naive, but I am really curious. Otherwise, thank you for sharing such a touching story. It is obvious your grandfather loved his wife and family very much.
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-25)
I also love these accounts ZumZum! It's great how nonchalant everyone seems to be about seeing your grandfather walking around doing what he seemed to love doing. And it's so sweet that your grandmother gets visits from him and has accepted his passing. I know that when I got a visit from my mom, I knew she was in a good place and I could stop worrying about her.

Thank you for sharing and now I'm off to read your other account.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
7 years ago (2014-11-24)
Love your story! It's such a feel good. I've heard of couples staying around to wait for each other. It's nice to hear your family member stories also. Thankyou much.

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