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The Old Blue House On Dalhousie Street


If you have read any of my past stories you will already know that as a kid I grew up in a small town named Amherstburg. It is about 20 minutes south of Windsor Ontario (next to Detroit MI). As a kid I had many experiences with ghosts, especially as an older high school kid. Amherstburg, in my opinion, is probably one of the hottest ghost spots in Canada. (I do not have any factual proof, just my honest opinion.)

This story is shorter than the others as there is not much to it. It happened in my first year of high school (before all the crazy stuff). I was in grade 9 and I had a large History project to do. I had a partner that would become one of my good high school friends that would later go though some of the crazy stuff with me. The History project was on WW1 and was very large. It was a complete essay and information report on trench warfare and included with the study was going to be a scaled model of a trench battle.

Well, it was in the later part of our first semester and being later in the fall, the outside temperatures were too cool for our plaster to set-up. So we decided that we would work on the model all at once in one weekend inside. I would stay over at his house and get the project finished for the following Monday.

Well, he lived at a blue colonial two story house off the water on Dalhousie Street. The house was beautiful and historic. It had formal rooms, wooden staircase and high ceilings. The project went together quickly as it was quiet fun. This left us a lot of time to just hang-out. As it was the end of the 80s and alternative music was making its entrance on the big scene; most of the time we were listening to new groups that I had never heard before. I was a rock / hair band kind of guy, but I was able to appreciate most of the music.

We soon got to talking about the house (of course it was later at night) and this is when my friend decided to tell me his house was haunted. I did not buy into it at first. So he went into great detail of the events that have been happening in his house.

They had only been in the house just short of a year. After the first couple of days the house made many strange noises at night. Clucks, bumps, creeks, thunks... Those sort of noises. After several months the noises got more and more. Eventually the father started looking into the noises. He brought contractors over and they did structural assessments. Heating and cooling guys came over and looked at the duct work. Nobody found anything wrong. Soon after all the commotions the sounds went away and the family enjoyed several months of quiet living.

Then at about the 6-7th month the oddities returned but not as noises... The mother had an old buffet dish hutch in the formal dining room. It had two levels of shelves that sat on top of the cabinet area like a deep headboard. In the shelves the mother had several nick-knacks. All were mostly 2-3 inches tall. Many of them were ceramic puppies, kittens, bears, raccoons, clowns, some were salt & pepper shakers, some were candle holders, ashtrays, little cabins, bridges with old men fishing... You get the picture.

Well, she had them all organized in a particular manor and from time to time she would find one or two of them out of place. Soon it got to be more and more of them. At first my friend was catching heck over it, but then they realized it only happened in the dead of the night. Before bedtime everything was fine. In the morning things were moved. This is when they realized the house was haunted.

It kept up for a while so the father brought in a priest or holy guy (not sure) to bless the house. This is when things got worse. In the mornings they would find the all the nick-knacks on the floor all arranged in a line or in a circle or randomly scattered.

I was amazed by his story but even more amazed that they did nothing about it. They simply adopted the weird event into their lifestyle. The mother loved the house so much that she would get up early pick up the nick-knacks and put them back. Every morning!

So hearing this story I had to see it to believe it. That night we went to bed late. I had trouble sleeping as I was in a strange haunted house... (go figure) but in the morning we found all the knick-knacks on the floor as my friend said they would be. They were in a line that roughly placed them tallest to shortest. Still not convinced that this was part of an elaborate ploy to mess with the new kid... I asked to stay another night.

This night was different. Before bed we decided we would mess with the knick-knacks. We put them in various groupings (some in naughty poses) and left them on the floor to see what would happen.

That night the house thumped, creaked, groaned and banged. We hardly slept at all. I remember my friend saying it had never been so bad.

In the morning we checked in on the knick-knacks and found them all shattered into very small pieces. (So small they were hardly identifiable as to which nick-knack they formerly belonged to.)

Needless to say the parents were very upset. I went home a firm believer in ghosts and this incident was the topic of all our lunch discussions for the rest of the year. (By the way, although we were dead tired that Monday, we managed to get a 98% on the project. This was my first honour level mark I had ever received. Grade school sucked, but I came into my own in High School... Just makes this occasion more

They stayed in the house for only a few more months and then sold. They were in the house for just under 1.5 years. They moved to the other side of town and this is the house we partied at for the rest of our high school careers and is the house that the parents are still in today.

I have heard rumours over the years that other people that have owned the house have had similar problems. Supposedly the house was listed on a paranormal website... (info via a co-worker several years ago, not sure how reliable). (I thought I looked into it at the time but to be honest... I can't remember if I verified it.)

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old_dude (16 stories) (111 posts)
4 months ago (2022-02-14)
Hi Iggypop. It wasn't the price house. I did have a friend who lived in the price house for a while. He was a sinasac. Not sure if he was a foster or it was a family house? I'm not totally sure of his relationship with the house or the owners but he lived there for a while in the early 90s. The house I was at was a blue house kitty corner to the park (toddy jones) I think is the parks name. On the river side.
Iggypop2813 (1 posts)
7 months ago (2021-11-24)
Sorry, old dude... But the price house was a little further down the river or is it up river...anyways. The Price house was at the end of Laird Ave. In the cul de sac. It was pink and as far as I know remained that colour until, whenever it was torn down. It was bought by and he was probably the Price families lawyer in town, William 'Bill' Hall and Mary his wife. I don't remember how many children they had. What can add though is Bill would ever year and it's actually tomorrow American Thanksgiving, he would invite quite a few well know people from town and pay for everything and go to the Detroit Lions vs. Whoever; 50yard line seats, breakfast before and dinner after. Well one of the years I went in my uncle's place, Vincent P. Was right there next to Bill. And spent the weekend in his old summer house.
old_dude (16 stories) (111 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-14)
I don't know anything about the new owners but I am sure they know about the houses past... The Ironic thing about this house is that Vincent Price (King of American Horror) actually owned and vacationed in the house across the street. He would have been within glancing site of this house all the time. I wonder if he ever knew about the house?
NorthCoastie (4 stories) (72 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-11)
Zillow or trulia link to the house or it didn't happen:-P

Seriously though, I respect the privacy of the current owners. I lived in a very old dorm room in college and would always wake up in the morning to find change out of my change jar scattered all over the floor... Freaked my roommate and I out. Your bricabrac story reminds me of that.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-09)
Great story old_dude. I enjoyed it very much. I guess the spirits didn't like sharing 🤔
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-09)
old_dude- Loved the story. There is a lesson there for all of us. Mainly for those who are willing to test their entities. I guess one would have to really know and understand the situation before doing anything. I understand the two of you were kids and did not know.

Great story.
valkricry (47 stories) (3190 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-12-05)
Geeze, I hope none of those figurines held sentimental value... I really liked how you wrote this up.
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-05)
I always smile when I see "old_dude" next to "by"! Every one of your accounts are fascinating and once again, you have not disappointed. Thanks old_dude!

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