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I am now 13 years old. My parents decided to get divorced in 2010, and from then I have lived in 3 rental homes and I am now in a purchased home settled for a long time. I am an only child and 15 Church Close in Mountnessing, UK, which was the family home for us three.

Anyway ever since I can remember that house was heavy with paranormal activity. It started from when I can remember around 8 or 9, so just before the divorce. It started with light things like when I was naughty and sitting on my staircase sitting sideways because I always felt like I was being watched. It was so powerful I could feel it as soon as I sat down. I would always sit there and cry and say sorry just to get away.

My dad came home one morning. As he works nights, I was at my nan's and mum had left for work. He came to the kitchen to see the kettle turned on and boiling and the toaster was turned on but with nothing in it. This was around 9 am, my mum would have left at 8:30ish so the kettle wouldn't have been boiling since then.

But then it really got scary. One night I remember so clearly a black figure walking down the long sip of my room towards the foot of my bed. Then it felt like 'it' jumped onto my legs and the bed was dipped, like it fell onto my bed. I was so scared to call my mum, I would go to scream but it was almost like I couldn't.

Ever since this event still to this day I keep the light on at night. And since about a year ago, even though in a different house, I would start of sleeping in my mum's bed until she would take me to my bed.

Back to the other house. Since that event I would lay in my mum's bed first, and I would wake up at 10:06 every night, as seen on the green illuminated alarm clock, and the bed would violently shake. It was not side to side though it was up and down it was WEIRD.

Now the day before we were meant to move out due to the divorce my mum was sitting in the loft, very secure, to get the last boxes out. She said that something grabbed her leg and literally pulled her out the loft hatch, giving her a sprained wrist. She knew it was time to leave then. She left the boxes got, in the car and told the removal man to meet us there.

I will post more stories about all my other houses since this. My mum's hairdresser is a very spiritual person and she did this thing with her hands over my head and she said that I was a portal or something that allows spirits to pass. I thought this was a load of rubbish and I didn't believe her at all until one night I was laying in bed and would find faces I've never seen before slide past my closed eyes. More on this soon.

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Jam91191 (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 months ago (2022-07-17)
Sorry for the years late reply it had a very large garden. An l shape lounge. The stairs were just to the left or the front door, and branched out left and right at the top of the stairs. This house was haunted and the people who bought from us now rent the house and have tried to sell many times! It was semidetached. If you want pictures messa he me privately. It also had steps up to the front door. And a crazy paved driveway
Goggzy (guest)
7 years ago (2015-10-11)
Do you know about any of the reciorss on this house as I have been looking at them. Also do you know if there ever was a investigation done in this house as I have evidence my team did at a house in this street but no one remembers what the house number was (as it was 3 different houses/buildings we don't take house numbers and was done in early 2000s before I joined the team).

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