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The Little Old Church In The Bush


So, you all have read my strange encounters of the supernatural. Some you don't believe (The 4th Floor and Agna) so be it but the story I want to relate to you happened not too long ago. The story I'm about to tell happened during the Lockdown of '21. Though I wasn't meant to go no more than 5km from where I live, I thought eff that and jumped in my old '78 Holden Kingswood, threw in my swag, esky (filled with beer, of course) and borrowed my best friend's little Jack Russell for company. The weather wasn't hot, in fact it was raining but I was bored so eff this, threw the dog in, beer and food in esky, swag and off I went. I love the bush. Read some of my earlier stories and you'll see that most of my supernatural experiences seem to happen in the forest. It was the last thing really on my mind. The dog was stoked, I was stoked.

Yea I stopped here and there, either to take photos of the landscape or of old abandoned farmhouses that dotted the landscape, or let Dog out so he can have a shiat or a wee. It was getting on near dark and needed somewhere to camp for the night. I found a dirt road and decided to follow it, see where it ends and maybe set up camp. Well, bugger me, that road went on forever, over small causeways, through small patches of forest until I reached near the end of the road where Dog and I discovered an old church.

I was surprised by this as it was about the last thing I expected. I had no idea what religion the church was, all it was this little old church out in the middle of nowhere. Something about it bothered me, what I don't recall (early onset of dementia? My friend teases me on that) I got out and with Dog (not his real name, by the way) we both explored it. It was, of course, run down, oddly smelt of burnt wood but yet couldn't see any burnt wood. Don't think it'd seen Mass for one hell of a long time as windows were broken, some of wood was rotted, and the roof was rusting.

Dog and I found a way in through the old vestry... Now, like Cher once sang, if only I can turn back timeeeee...well, I would've just then and reverse back and drive the hell away from that place but I wasn't to know. The church still had pews and the pulpit where the vicar or priest gets up and does his "magic trick" as he spits brimstone and fire (LOL). Even found a tattered bible, which I left as it was already eaten by mice and rats. Dog was getting nervous about something. He kept pushing himself into me as if saying "can we get the eff out here?" so I took the hint and left. But I took one looked around and suddenly felt unseen eyes watching me. That creeped me so I quickly hurried out with Dog pushing his way before me as if saying "dogs and children first, mate."

Camp was set up, food was ready, beer to be drunk, Dog was a bit nervous about something but he enjoyed his Chicken Necks and was munching on a bone. I was rolling myself a spliff (hey I am out in the middle of nowhere so why not?) when we both heard what sounded like singing, children singing but out of key coming from the old church. I have no idea what the song was but it was weird. Dog started growling as the singing got louder. There was even an organ playing but yet there was none in the church. I looked at the beer I was drinking and was tempted to tip it out. Then... It all went quiet.

The rain eased off ages ago so I sat there in my canopy of a tarp over the car and tent attached, it was silent then... They started to sing again. I thought I heard a panicking voice of a man. I should've went and explored but NO BLOODY WAY was I leaving the campsite. This time the singing stopped and didn't return. I didn't sleep that night.

The next morning dawned grey and wet. I already had the Kingswood packed when Dog needed to do his morning pee and crap. So I followed him on a bit of a walk when we came to a graveyard with old headstones leaning over. Most headstones were dated back to the 1920s and it hadn't seen a burial since then. I walked through and noticed that each headstone was deliciated to a child. Another thing about the headstones that each child died the exact same day. Then I started to hear singing again. I was out of there, so was Dog.

I found out a bit later that a church back in the 1920s was destroyed by bushfire. Inside the church a Sunday school was happening. No one survived...Here's the catch. Went back there about three weeks back, there was no sign of the church. The grave yard was still there but most of headstones were worn away, hard to read. It was the same road that Dog and I took. I'm still bemused.

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The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-29)
Hello AussieRedDog, thanks for sharing an interesting account. I have to agree with RCRuskin on this one, it seems like a timeslip of some kind but one that seems to me that was supernaturally directed. By that I mean rather than a random timeslip, you were taken back to a time after the incident at the church to see what had happened after the fact and see the graves when they were newer, again to direct you to what had happened. The singing seems to confirm it. It's as if the souls of those children wanted someone to 'witness' their presence, know they had existed. In a place like that, where grief and suffering and tragedy had taken place, coupled with the highly spiritual aspect of a church and all that goes with it, it seems the perfect place for something like what you experienced to take place.

When you there the first time, you mentioned you could smell burnt wood but didn't see any. Did you see any other indications that a fire had taken place there? When you returned you said the church was gone, was there any indication it ever existed, any remains of a foundation for instance? What about the graveyard, even though the headstones were worn down, you're sure it's the same one from before?

I don't doubt your story, so I hope you don't misread the questioning, and I find the experience fascinating, I would just like to know more. You could have been transported back to the actual incident, or even a time before, when the church was still in use, yet something took you back to that era in time, that's what's got my interest!
goblinkwain (1 stories) (15 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-26)
cool story! Didn't understand quite all the aussie slang but I loved reading your account 😁
Rachel9997 (4 stories) (27 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-25)
Hi AussieRedDog,

I've believed for a while that supernatural events can overlap with space-time disruptions. That's what this sounds like. The church disappearing and the headstones fading indicates some sort of rapid passage of time to me. I have no developed explanation as to how this would happen in that particular spot, but I definitely think you encountered some sort of space-time anomaly along with a ghostly encounter.

Really interesting story!
AussieRedDog (25 stories) (82 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-24)
Lady Glow, thanks for the input but I'm only going by what I witnessed and read... Maybe the year was misinformed but what I can say that I saw and entered a church, heard singing and even smelt burnt wood. Those bushfires you mentioned were in Victoria. I don't live anywhere near Victoria, I'm more closer to the QLD border than anywhere else. I did some research while in the Historical Society and came across a few old newspaper articles dating back to the 20's and that was how I came across the little old church bushfire story. I've witnessed the big bushfires up here in 2019/2020 so the area I was in was touched by the fires (maybe that what happened to bush church, burnt down during the fires, didn't think of that) thanks for your input, hope what I wrote sort of explains
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-24)
"I found out a bit later that a church back in the 1920s was destroyed by bushfire. Inside the church a Sunday school was happening. No one survived..."

Could you be more specific about the source of this information?

A quick google search has led me to the following article in Wikipedia:


Which "is a list of specific seasons of bushfires in Australia including some significant bushfire events from each season. Events are listed if they cause fatalities, destroy houses, or burn more than 100, 000 hectares (250,000 acres) of land."

Although the lists dates back to the 1800's, there's no mention of any children dying in a church during the 1925-26 Victorian bushfire season, the reported closest date to 1920.

"A series of major bushfires occurred between 26 January and 10 March 1926... A total of 60 people were killed...

On 14 February, later referred to as Black Sunday... In the Warburton area, 31 deaths were recorded including 14 at Wooley's Mill in Gilderoy, 6 at Big Pats Creek and 2 at Powelltown.[2] Other affected settlements included Noojee, Erica and Kinglake, where St Mary's Church and Thompson's Hotel were amongst the buildings destroyed.[3][4]"

Do you think this tragedy happened at St Mary's Church? Although the article seems to suggest that the church burnt down but doesn't mention if there were any deaths.

I'll appreciate your feedback.

It's always interesting to know the facts backing up a paranormal experience... And I don't believe everything I read in Wikipedia and in the internet.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (817 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-23)
Sounds like a bit of a time slip. You were there, but it wasn't 2021...

And, eh. In my opinion the "shelter in place" thing is: don't have unnecessary contacts with others. Going out into the bush where there's not another living soul for miles/kilometres, that's something different.

So far as I know, dead souls don't catch viruses.
Rajine (14 stories) (775 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-23)
Hi AussieRedDog

This definitely is one of the saddest and creepiest ghostly incidents that I have had the pleasure of reading, just feel sorry for those children and whoever was in the church that day, when you say that when you went back and saw that the old church wasn't there anymore, do you mean that it might have been demolished or perhaps it wasn't there to begin with? And what was the condition of the headstones the first time you was at that place?

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