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The Church Cemetery


For the longest time whenever I and my best friend John would go out anywhere for extended periods of time we would have some kind of odd random occurrence. Two examples of this would be 1. While we were out for a walk a pickup truck went flying past us doing about 45 mph missing it's left front wheel and 2. We were shopping at a Salvation Army thrift store when a dead guy was found in the bathroom.

However, since we've come to expect and often anticipate something weird happening whenever we go out, the occurrences have pretty much stopped.

This story is about one such occurrence during a random road trip we decided to take up to Hendersonville NC late one night around 12:30 am. We had no real destination in mind, just driving. The trip was about an hour and a half one way for us, but we didn't care, we just wanted to drive and talk.

Once we decided we had driven far enough we turned around to head back. John said he knew a shortcut and turned off onto a side road. About 15 minutes down that road we turned onto what John thought was the right road only to wind up in a semi-circular drive that ran through a cemetery in front of a fairly large church. We stopped in the drive to figure out where we had made the wrong turn and also debated getting out and exploring the cemetery. Neither one of us have a problem with cemeteries at night, in fact my house is less than a quarter mile from one and we've walked through it at all hours of the night without a problem, however this one seemed rather creepy for some reason so we decided not to explore and just continue on home. We pulled out of the other side of the drive and back on to the side road.

Here's where it gets weird: we had turned right into the semi-circle drive, after deciding we weren't going to explore we followed out the drive to the other side and turned right again back onto the side road away from the entrance we came in only to come over a small hill right back into the semi-circle drive again. Maybe it was a different part of the cemetery, but it certainly looked the same. It was almost 3am by that time and we were both a more than a little creeped out by then. We finally decided to go back out the way we came in and back to the main highway, which we somehow managed without a third trip through the cemetery and made it home not long after.

Now a little info on my friend John: he is one of the biggest skeptics about anything paranormal I have ever met. He tells me every time the topic comes up that a ghost would have to walk directly in front of him in order for him to believe and even then he said he would still be doubtful, but something about that cemetery must've scared him. The reason I say this is because even to this day, almost 15 years later, whenever I suggest maybe going back up there and checking it out again, he adamantly refuses and never really gives a good reason as to why.

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