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Jolted Awake Twice


I had several paranormal experiences when I was a kid but I am not confident that those are real. This is the first surreal experience I ever had.

I was 18 and was selected as one of the participants to join the national service for 3 months. I was sent to UUM, SINTOK. The first month we were required to stay in a camp of 10 people which consists of 5 bunk beds in one camp. There were over 300 participants in the same batch as mine and hundreds of camps. The camp I was staying was located next to one of the bathrooms/toilets (the entrance of the bathroom is just 6-9 feet away from the entrance of our camp and both entrances are facing each other). There was nothing really special in the first 2 weeks. I had chosen to sleep on the top bunk of the bed.

I don't remember which day precisely but it was on the 3rd week of staying there and I had gotten used to the place. I was usually the first one to go to bed among my camp mates. That night, I got jolted awake in the middle of the night. This is the first time I woke up in the middle of the night since I joined NS. I looked around. Everyone was already sleeping. So I just closed my eyes and planned to continue my sleep. My body was facing upwards. About 10 seconds after I closed my eyes, I felt another jolt above me. I tried to open my eyes but failed this time. I can't move my body either. I started to panic. I knew something was wrong. Nevertheless I still tried forcing my eyes open and when they finally opened, I saw something really black in front of me. It was actually a person with his/her hair covering her face, facing me and laying above me. My mind went blank as I couldn't believe my eyes. Unknowingly I started reciting my prayers inside my heart. I have no idea how long it lasted but it felt like forever. I was finally able to sit up. I realised that I had tears in my eyes. 'The thing' was gone. I wanted to wake my best friend up but this would require me to climb down the bunk bed which I didn't dare to. I didn't even dare to move to be honest. Finally I gave up the idea and lay down with my back facing upwards and eventually slept. I told my best friends about it the next day but they refused to believe me. Those few days for a week after that, I shared a bed with my best friend.

Another incident occurred to my friend (B) after that. She saw another friend of ours (PY) in the bathroom (opposite our camp) scrubbing clothes. B greeted PY but was ignored. B then entered our camp and saw PY chatting with me. B sensed something was wrong and asked PY if she was in the bathroom before this and PY denied it. B didn't say a thing about it until several days later.

The final week of our stay in the camp, a few of our NATIONAL SERVICE (NS) mates were sent home due to hysteria. I do not know the exact stories but I was told that some of them got possessed.

It was the last day when our Malay camp mates told us that the bathroom opposite our camp is haunted. They explained that they didn't dare to say anything before this for fear that we would be frightened. They told us that they had experienced the same thing as us. Seeing someone mysterious inside the bathroom and weird noises sometimes. Deep down, I was actually grateful that I was not informed about the incidents before this. We were transferred to the university's (UUM) dorm after that day. There was another incident occurring in the dorm but I merely heard of it and did not actually experience it. After this incident, there were several years where I wouldn't sleep with my front facing upwards.

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feefoo222 (1 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-24)
Welcome to YGS. Its surely a creepy experience.
1) Did you make out any details of the black thing above you?
Like eyes or nose...
2) Before you slept, did you noticed something unusual?


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