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A Very Strange Encounter


My name is Lachlan, I would like take a quick paragraph to say how proud I am to be on this website and have people in the community to talk to about my and their paranormal encounters and thank anyone who has helped me in my previous story.

My Friend Alex, who used to live in a haunted house in Queensland, but moved to where he is now. On the way some sad things happened, his great uncle (whom he was very close with) died, and his dog which he had owned for a long time died, but that didn't seem to cause much paranormal stir.

One day though, he came to school and said that a bike almost fell on him, then over the next few days he said more and more unexplainable stuff would happen. At first I didn't believe him, but eventually I decided to stay the night down there.

That night I showed up with my friend Steven, who was a complete skeptic.

I tried to set up a camera, but it wouldn't turn on, which was strange since it was on 100% battery when I tested it upstairs but when I went to the basement it just stopped working. I also set up a laser right up the end of the basement hallway, next to my last resort of a camera, an iPad. As my friend showed the camera how the laser trick worked, he walked away, about 15 seconds later the laser was again broken my an unseen force.

Later we set up recording devices and we found some pretty wierd stuff, most of our recordings were unusually static, with random spikes of weird audio. To this day I cannot think of an explanation for this. Among the 4 hours of audio is two extremely clear voices.

I asked for a spirit to say its name, and someone answered "Peter" which is further unusual since Alex, who lived in the house knew no one of the name of Peter. Later, without us even knowing, another clear voice, yelling "Help", which we found very chilling. But what I and other people I assume will believe is the reason, is that upstairs Alex's parents were watching The Lord of the Rings, although at the time we were convinced the radio wouldn't pick it up because more audio should have been picked up.

As well my friend experienced a hard to describe event which I would consider paranormal. I will warn you now, it is filled with very bad gaming video's of which I wanted to do, just please ignore them.

My Youtube channel is called Rook_The_Ace and the video is called Ghost Hunting Win

I would love to hear what you think of this and if you think it is paranormal. For many reasons I also need help with things, I've never heard nor experienced something like a spike in paranormal activity for no reason and then just vanishing a few days later.

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valkricry (47 stories) (3186 posts) mod
7 years ago (2014-12-29)
Well, I took a look at that video. I watched it twice in fact. ( I heard a slight clang towards the end, that I assume was to be the washer/dryer's door closing, but nothing on the film bore that out. The camera focused on a pile of clothes instead of swinging back to the door. I'm sorry but as a viewer, this offered nothing by way of 'proof' of a haunting.
'Spikes' in paranormal activity are thought to be caused by a variety of reasons, ranging from household emotions, to the weather, and even a particular date. That is why journals are important, to aid in maybe discerning a pattern.
Concerning the name of Peter, you might try researching census, and house history to see if the name pairs up with anything.

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