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When I was 15, me, my mom, older brother and younger sister moved into a new house (the house wasn't very old) and lived there for a year before I experienced anything.

It started with a bang on my wall which made my picture fall off, but something like that you kind of don't think much of. Next my closet door slowly opened and stopped about half way, then closed back. I thought to myself, "Did that really just happen?

Slowly things got a little scarier. Next I was laying in bed (in the dark) on my side, on the edge of the bed and I see something coming towards my face from the floor. Although I'm still not sure what it was it looked like a ball. Freaked out, I jump up and turn on the light, nothing was there.

Things only happened to me at first, so I thought maybe I remind the ghost or spirit of someone?

Soon after that night I woke up randomly and after a while tried going back to sleep. As soon as I close my eyes I hear a whisper. It spoke so fast I couldn't make out what it said. After that I was terrified to go back in my room.

Well, it wasn't just in my room anymore. I went into the kitchen and got something to drink. We had an old radio next to the trash can because it no longer worked (the cord was wrapped around it, was not plugged in) and as I'm walking out I hear what sounds like a static channel. I was confused at the moment wondering what it was. It stopped about a minute later.

When I'd wake up I'd go into the living room because I felt like I was safe in there rather than my room. But, I'd hear my necklaces clashing against my mirror where I had them hanging and even something sounding like it was being drug down the hallway (we had carpet).

I decided to use an Ouija board, but will make another post about that experience.

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YouAreMySunshine (2 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-19)
I've had maybe 3 things happen soon after I left the house. But 4 years later and I really haven't had anything happen. Thank God, because it was terrifying.
Softus (1 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-18)
That's most certainly interesting. The only thing of that I can relate to is the static. The few stereos I have had in this house have also made similar sounds such as static when unplugged. It's very odd and when it happens makes the hair on my skin raise. It's very rare it happens now though.

May I ask, do you still have experiences like this? Or was it just the house? Also due to you being an adolescent it could possibly be all that activity around you would be because of that. I look forward to your response:)

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