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Another Girl Who Liked My Boyfriend


Before I begin, a bit of information about me and my boyfriend. I used to live with my family until last year (2014) December, that was when I started living with my boyfriend. These series of events happened to my boyfriend, and he told me about it. I've decided to share with everyone that are open minded and not skeptical. The story goes like this.

My boyfriend lived in a rented room in an apartment. Just to be clear, this happened before I moved in (around May to October). In that apartment, there are other people who lived there as well (the apartment owner did not live with them). The apartment at that time was filled with stuff and useless junk, it was so crowded and looked like no one lived there. I guess it's normal because there were over 10 people living in that apartment, including the living room, which was occupied by a couple.

So back to the main story, my boyfriend rented a small room, more like a storage room which can only fit a cupboard, a small table and a mattress. Several months had passed, fewer tenants lived in the apartment. Those who stayed were my boyfriend, a couple and a girl (the couple's cousin). Since there was more freedom and space around, my boyfriend often invites his friend, Arthur, to that apartment.

One morning, Arthur went to the apartment hoping that my boyfriend was there. Since the apartment was on the ground floor, passersby can see inside the apartment if the window was wide open. So, the door was locked, he then went to the window (which was opened) to looked for any signs of people inside and shouted for my boyfriend to open the door. After few minutes of silence, he looked closely at the corner of the living room (no light) and saw a girl. Thinking that it was the couple's cousin, he asked where is my boyfriend. The girl did not answer him, after few times of asking, and still no answer. He returned home and came by at night, told my boyfriend everything. My boyfriend said that there was no one in the apartment that morning. To confirm that, he asked everyone in that apartment, and YES, no one was there that morning after all.

Somewhere around October, my boyfriend started to experience this sleep paralysis or maybe much more than that. He kept having nightmares about a banshee coming after him. There were few times this 'couldn't move' happened to him in different places. He had it many times in his room in the apartment, one time in his parents' place, and one time in a hotel. The worst experience would be the one in hotel when he was just laying down on bed trying to get some sleep. He could feel many pinches on his back as if he was lying down on a thousand of needles. I don't know what happened later on, but he managed to get some sleep but woke up around 4 AM feeling worried and somehow threatened. Not a minute later, hands with long nails started showing up on the left and right side of his bed, grabbing him. He described it as 'someone who hugged you from behind but only there was no body behind, just long arms'. Then there was a soft female voice saying, "I like you." Instantly after that, with just a blink of an eye, no hands no nothing, just gone.

He went back to his parents' house, told his mother everything, and they perform a pray over. His mother has this gift where she could heal sicknesses and able to identify the cause of it. After the pray over, his mother confirmed that there's a girl who liked him and followed him around. Her mom asked the girl to go away and do not bother her son any longer, then she asked her son (my boyfriend) to spread blessed salt all over the apartment including each corner of his room. He did what he was told and since then, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Oh! I forgot to mention the time where Arthur went to the apartment and heard a conversation sounded like my boyfriend's voice talking to a girl (he really heard a girl's voice). But when he peeked through my boyfriend's window, he saw no one else besides my boyfriend. He was lying down on his bed, eyes closed but his mouth was moving as if he was talking. He called out for him but he did not answer. Afraid that he would wake other tenants, he tried calling his mobile phone but my boyfriend did not budge, so he knocked on his door as hard as possible (because it was freaking him out), only then did my boyfriend woke up. When he asked him 'who was he (my boyfriend) talking to', my boyfriend said that he was sleeping and do not recall talking to someone, even on the phone. F.Y.I, the phone was on the table.

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Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-03-24)
john-marston - if you do have a ghost experience that you need help with, as your comment I deleted indicated, please submit it as your own story not as a comment on someone else's. This way the comments and/or advice should be directed toward your experience only.

However, if your experience is not true, but made up for entertainment purposes, don't bother submitting it.
ashar123 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-23)
One after the other I am reading many different kinds of experiences on this site and yours is again very different. Both the story and the title are unique. I am sorry if I sounded like a critic.

Thank God! Your boyfriend is now safe. Thanks for sharing your story.

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