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Another Holiday Visit


I stopped by today to read some stories and felt compelled to share a couple small moments of significance that, were I to share with my husband, would just get laughed at. It's not that he doesn't believe me, but I think he just doesn't want "ghost guy stuff" as he calls it to gain too much of a presence in our lives (pun intended).

On July fourth this year, I was enjoying a quiet, post-cookout evening in my cozy family room. Husband and son were downstairs watching baseball or something in the basement. I should say, July 4th was always a great holiday with my parents, at their home growing up and then for years after they moved to a nearby lake. It was at a July 4th celebration that my now-husband and I sort of fell in love, out on a boat with hundreds of other boats, watching a spectacular fireworks display right after he returned from the war in Iraq. We were so grateful he'd made it home, and feeling patriotic and in love. So July 4th is special. But we did it low key this year, and were early in, in front of our two televisions.

So that night, I'm watching something un-memorable on the holiday, it's about 10 pm. The lights are on, and I reach for my 32 oz metal/cooler style glass of water on the coffee table. Taking a sip, out of the corner of my eye to my left, some kind of misty thing appears very briefly. At first I thought the water was so cold there was some kind of condensation coming off my glass or that I had breathed out into the cold water causing some cold steam (I don't know what that's even called). But at the same time, I got a little goosebumps feeling, enough that I was a little startled... So set my water down and took a couple photos with my phone that was right at hand. I was laughing to myself, thinking the moment had passed in any case and I was just being weird. Both photos looked completely normal, just the corner of the room and the corner of my messy coffee table. Then I realized I had the i-phone Live turned on, and when you hold your finger down it gives you a little video of about two seconds.

In the VIDEO, there is at least one very obvious orb shooting up from the coffee table area and there is also an EVP voice heard just before the television voice that was speaking. It sounds like a young man's voice saying, "Mom." I was looking back through my photos yesterday and discovered this, which is why I'm writing only now. I had seen the orb in July, but didn't get the EVP until just this morning. And I can't really confirm that the voice wasn't part of the tv program. So yet another reason to be uncertain...

I do seem to get holiday visits from loved ones (I've got my grandpa's face in a family photo from one Easter brunch) and I swear I got a phone call from my mom on my birthday the first year after she died. I'm not sure who this visit would be though. We do live on a property that was a farm on the road that Sherman marched to Atlanta upon during the Civil War. The nearby old farmhouse is said to be haunted with Civil War soldiers, and I believe our backyard (we're in the subdivision that used to be the farm) is sometimes "occupied" by something (my dogs often won't go out, or go out and turn tail back in to under the bed). Our pool heater also caught fire the first week it was installed, an event I'm told has NEVER happened with this pool company (but who really knows) and the pool equipment, sort of back up in the yard where I've always felt...something, is constantly breaking. Maybe we have some lingering Union soldiers or something. In any case, thought you guys might be interested. That i-phone Live thing is pretty good for "ghost guy stuff."

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MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2020-12-09)
Hi Tweed, Thanks for asking (I always enjoy your comments).

Yes, the plate in question is an antique majolica plate that I inherited from my mom when she died in 2013. She loved those plates. Now that you mention it, the event could have been Mom trying to let me know that she's around for the kitchen re-do. Since husband was in Afghanistan when we moved in here 8 years ago, Mom and I spent a good amount of time together that year decorating, furnishing, etc., something we both really love to do. And some of our budget for our kitchen re-do comes from my mom... I think she would be/is VERY excited about it as she really loved my home and felt comfortable and good here and knew 8 years ago we wanted to re-do the kitchen one day. AND... She felt the same way about my sibling's homes and my sister in law tells of things that have happened at her home also since Mom died. One occasion, she had painters do her large, two story foyer and when my sister in law came home it first smelled of paint, but as she walked through she smelled Mom's perfume so strongly she said the paint smell wasn't even discernable. Just Mom's perfume! Mom had always told me she wanted them to paint and had planned to gift them some $ for that purpose the year she died. I know in my heart she knew and was thrilled and wanted to let us know! They also got Mom's two favorite chairs (that she and her late husband had sat in to watch tv). My sister in law had them recovered to match her living room and her dogs are frequently seen sitting there by the chairs, almost as if Mom was sitting there. Once, during a phone conversation with my brother and sister in law, I could hear some exclaimation in the background. When I asked about the commotion I was told that an old birthday balloon that had been stuck on his ceiling had started to come down during our conversation. He and his kids had been watching it slowly make its way out of the family room, through the foyer and... When they started pointing it out because of the unusual way it was moving... It floated into their living room and poised itself on one of the chairs. How about that weirdness?! Long distance for me, but they were freaking out (he's in law enforcement and used to be very skeptical, but now is a believer in the spiritual things). Sorry for the length of this reply. You don't really think you have that much to "report" on this stuff, but when you start thinking of it all, it's quite a bit!
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
3 years ago (2020-11-30)
Hi MrsRamsay, that iPhone live thing is so annoying. At least someone's found a good use for it! Well things are definitely busy around yours. Does that plate mean anything special to anyone? Maybe someone was trying to send a clumsy message using its significance.
Any chance you could upload your pics and audio somewhere?

Our place gets a bit odd on New Years. I think distant firecrackers must rouse the ghosties. Did you have any fireworks around your area on the 4th of July?
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2020-11-24)
Yesterday, my dog started barking in our family room, looking up at the window to the backyard (that faces the pool pump area). She was intently barking at nothing. There were no birds, squirrels or anything. I took a few photos and videos and finally closed the shutters (that had been wide open). It was just before dusk, but bright outside.

When I listen to the videos, I hear growling, and cannot tell if it's my dog, I thought she was just barking with no growl and have hardly ever heard her growl, she's a goofball border collie. I'm going to have to listen to it some more. Something was weird though, and that was a first. We are re-modeling our kitchen right now and this comes just after (about a week ago) a plate on my fireplace mantle (that is on a plate holder, securely sitting on the mantle) fell down while we were in the room. On that day, my son and I were sitting here and he looks up at the fireplace a split second before the plate sort of gently twisted and sat itself down on the mantle. I saw him look up, then heard the plate. Something caused him to look over there (it's on the wall perpendicular to our tv wall). The small, 5 inch antique plate could not have fallen (been there 8 years) and he says it just laid itself down. I will admit, the next day I talked to the air, specifying the names of the people who used to live here (who by all accounts were awesome and loved this home) and told them our renovations will be finished soon, they had to be done since things were falling apart, and that it was all going to be beautiful and they should try and go to wherever they are supposed to be and not worry about the house, that we will take good care of it. I don't feel like the barking yesterday was necessarily connected to the plate thing.

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