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Traingle Shaped Neckalce That Followed Me


It all started about a year ago after my friend's dad died. I was homeless but had a job and my buddy had asked me to move in to help cover bills and everything.

Once I had my couple bags of clothes moved in, we decided to go downtown to this old insane asylum that turned into a retirement home turned into a apartment complex... I guess they didn't have enough money to keep building up, been empty for years. We went downstairs into the basement and we instantly got a feeling as if we were being followed.

Now I'm not scared of anything, honestly, but something kept feeling, every time we turned around to walk away, that it would start following us again. So immediately I turn around and start running, hoping to run into who ever was following us. I ran for a couple seconds down the hall and there was nothing. I decided to shrug it off thinking the dark was getting the best of me.

So I meet back up with buddy after a few minutes and we get to this old room where I guess they kept dead bodies back in the day. Looked like something in a funeral home. I decided to open all of the doors and they were all empty except for the last one. I had found a necklace. It was an old hemp like string with a triangle pottery at least the size of my hand on it. As we look at this necklace and as soon as I pick it up we instantly hear someone talking behind us. We turn around thinking we are busted by police, but no one ever came around the corner.

As we leave there was a constant feeling someone was following us. At this point it was so bad my buddy told me I should run back and put the necklace back in the door and come back. So I said ok, and started back down the hallway and put the necklace back.

Now, as soon as I turned around after putting the necklace back, the door slams shut. Me, thinking it's my buddy playing jokes on me, decide to kick the door and tried calling his name to open it... Nothing but silence... After a few minutes of jiggling the door handle and pushing with all of my might, the door just suddenly popped open and I walk out to see my buddy turning down the corner coming to check on me. I told him what happened and he swears it wasn't him. We leave and go home.

A few nights after that had happened, things started happening around my house. At first I just shrugged it off, but things just kept happening. We joked around at first saying that my buddy's dad was haunting us and messing with us but then it would just get worse.

At night, my dog would wake up and start growling and barking at the closet, which didn't have a door on it. Once again I shrugged it off thinking my dog's barking at my cat or a mouse or something. Next night, same thing happens again. This time my dog was asleep and I was playing Xbox one and I turned around thinking I heard my dog move, but when I turned around, my dog woke up out of sleep and started barking hysterically at my closet again. My roommate walks in my room and looks at me with this really weird face. I ask him what's up? And he just looks at the closet and points, turned around and went back into his room. I immediately jump up and walk into his room, asking him why he walked in and didn't say anything. He was in his bed, dead asleep.

At this point I'm kind of getting scared a little bit. I walk into my room, with dog still going crazy and start looking where he pointed.

As I walk toward my closet my jacket I was wearing the night we went out fell to the floor. I look back at my dog, who suddenly yelps and runs out of the room with tail tucked in her butt. I start going crazy yelling at my closet screaming, You're not welcome here! Get the F&*@ out of my closet and crawl back from whatever you came from!" just going off.

My roommate walks into my room asking what's wrong. I told him about him coming into my room and pointing at my closet and he just stares at me like I'm dumb. He didn't remember doing that, so I go pick up my jacket off the floor and the necklace that I put back into the door, falls out of my pocket. I look at my roommate and he's looking at me. He said, "I thought you put that back." Told him I did. We both just look at this necklace and the whole room gets really cold... We both immediately leave the house and stay in a hotel for the night.

The next day I go back to the building that the necklace came from but it was getting tore down.

I need help, every night my dog wakes up and continually barks like it's her job. I still have the necklace and I'm really tired of everything going on, does anyone know what to do or whatnot to do...

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Rachelvaknin (9 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-27)
HEllo Pepsi,

My name is Rachel, I work for Raw TV. We are currently working on Series 5 of Paranormal Witness. Your story sounds really interesting and I would love to speak to you regarding your experience. In case you haven't seen the series, Paranormal Witness is a drama-documentary where the story is told from the perspective of multiple eyewitnesses - in their own words. It is now one of the highest rating shows on Syfy. For more information please check out syfy's website:

If interested, please email me at: rachel.vaknin [at]


Helper12 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-22)
Tell me if the rock salt methods' as the guys below mentioned works? When your problem is fixed by the way I advise you to offer to sell or donate it to a museum, ask an archaeological expert or historian for info. If not I know two forums with many experts who know how to sterilize haunted objects. Go to:


Hope I was of help to you.
pepsi_lumps (1 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-17)
will normal rock salt do? Like the stuff to clear your sidewalk in the winter?
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-17)

Cool, thanks for the reply and looking forward to your update (s).


pepsi_lumps (1 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-17)
thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I'm going to try these out. I still have the necklace and stuff kind of stopped for a little bit, but it seems like every 2 weeks something happens in our house.
[at] ROOKDYGIN, 110% promise I put that necklace down, actually I remember just kind of throwing it back into the place where we originally found it that night.

I have been seeing this one random person in my dreams a couple times a week. Usually when I see this person I get wake up to dog barking hysterically.
Other ten that its been really small stuff, even one day when I came home the necklace (which I keep in my top drawer) was on my floor in the living room.

I'm going to try everything yal suggested, first I'm burying it. Ill post details about what happens.

Thanks everyone
NameNotTaken (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-01)
It's been about ten days since you wrote what happened, so you could have done any number of things since then. If you still have it on you, then perhaps you could try to do an EVP and see what the entity wants. As Tweed said, there's a good chance that this ghost is mentally unstable, so who knows what would pop up...

(Also, you don't really need a high-tech recorder for an EVP. Obviously better quality is, you know, better quality, but if your laptop has a good microphone then you should be fine. I do suggest that you listen with earphones, however.)

I don't know much about cleansing, but you could also try that. It seems that you could also pray over it. I theorize that whether something has been cleansed or not relies quite a lot on whether or not you believe it is.
valkricry (47 stories) (3195 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-05-30)
Rook gives some sound advise on purifying the necklace. It's what I would do. First cover it with rock salt, then bury it somewhere. Preferably as close to the site as you can. Then, I would just let it be.
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-29)
Pepsi_lumps, burn the necklace, that should probably get rid of it. 😊 I wouldn't keep it around.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-28)

Tweed as 'hit it on the head' when it comes to the house and your dogs reactions to whatever is 'visiting' you.

As far as the necklace goes there are a few things you can try... Bury it in rock salt (plain rock salt, no additives') and let is sit there for at least a week. This should help draw and negitive energy out of it. You could also bury it in the ground... Leave it for 2 weeks to a month and let Mother Nature 'clear away' any negitive energy that may be attached. You could research different cleansing rituals (candle, crystal... Combinations of the two... Or other types) and see if any of them appeal to you... Heck you could even 'donate' it to your local goodwill, but to do so without a cleansing may 'come back' on you.

Just a few ideas... Please ask any questions you may have and thanks for sharing...

Let this serve as a warning... If the building is marked 'No Trasspassing'; 'Condemed'...soon to be demolished... Take heed and do not go in... You nver know what may come home with you...

Question for the O/P...are you 100% sure you had put the necklace DOWN and LET IT GO before the door SLAMED shut? Is there any chance you still had it in your hand and 'reflexivly' closed you hand on it, then dropped it in your pocket? Just a thought.


Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-28)
Hi Pepsi, sorry to hear you were homeless. Then to have your new home inhabited by an irritated ghost, urgh.

The only thing I can suggest is a cleansing/protecting ritual here's one most of us here use (scroll down page):


Just what were you guys doing in this abandoned building? Were you there in hopes of having a ghost encounter? If so this may be a case of careful what you wish for.
I've read a few stories on here and heard a few from friends who have ventured into abandoned hospitals, asylums etc and many have been followed or watched. It all boils down to peoples' intent. It would seem if you go to such a place hoping to see ghosts, as a thrill, there's a small chance you'll get more than you thought.
The dog going ape is a concern. Animals don't always react negatively when there's a ghost around. Perhaps she's sensing the ghost's fear, anger, sadness, frustration. Or she is sensing the ghost's intent. Perhaps the ghost is giving off negative energy. Or mixed messages.

I'm leaning toward this ghost giving off mixed messages which are confusing your dog. Based on the necklace it sounds like this ghost is mentally unstable. It reminds me of some dementia sufferers who hide and lose jewellery, for some reason jewellery is a common obsession. Also common is giving things away, or buying things to give to people. For some reason giving things to people becomes another obsession for someone under great mental stress and/or illness.
So you can see what I mean by mixed messages. This ghost may not be evil or intend to harm anyone. But it can be troublesome in that you, your mate, and the ghost have very little way of communicating. Which may lead to frustration and the ghost lashing out because it doesn't know how to express itself (See mixed messages/unstable person).
The ghost, if confused, may have thought you could help him or her. Because you were down in an abandoned hospital, so you really can't blame it on that count. Or it could be something horribly negative. But it sounds like the former.

Your mate sleepwalking (what it sounds like) to point at your closet could have been a coincidence and perhaps he followed the sound of the dog in his dream. If this ghost is powerful enough to provoke a person to do this, all the more reason to do a cleansing on you and your home.

I'm sure someone will have a suggestion on what to do with the necklace. I'm unsure what to suggest so I won't for fear of giving wrong advice. I believe it depends on the ghost/situation. There's no absolute one size fits all answer. For now I would keep the necklace safe so as not to irritate whoever is leaving it.

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