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An Encounter With Nature Spirits Or Shadow People


I am fascinated by the supernatural. To be honest, I am considering that my sixth sense will be more sensitive. Sixth sense, or having a third eye as popularly known in my country, is able to see things beyond what our normal eyes can perceive. I got friends who got one. I know one who got hers just because a kid, who is gifted, prayed while holding her forehead that she will see things from beyond.

I guess I want to end this curiosity or once and for all experience what this gifted people can see or communicate with. Another friend of mine told me of another dimension where beings has only one eye in the middle of their foreheads. These beings also has children and they live in a place like our own.

I am searching within myself though if I am serious about this or the responsibilities that will be laid on me by beings unseen if ever I embraced having this gift. I will rather decide this myself. I do not like to be influenced by someone else. I might also decide to know, while I'm still alive, about witchcraft which is very taboo in my country. Maybe I will meet an actual witch and learn things, that will be very interesting.

What made me so fascinated by things beyond is because no one, not even science can explain certain things. If only I am brave enough to go back to that haunted apartment and I can properly communicate with entities over there, I will. My sixth sense is somewhat sensitive. While I still exist, even if it is frightening, I will note every paranormal stuff that can happen to me and that drive to know more might just get the better of me.

My friend has this encounter with nature spirits or shadow people. I will relate mine later. I think what she experienced is more frightening than mine. She is fond of having a smoke and I always accompany her to a nearby small store near my own apartment.

Once when we are out late at night she claimed beside the parked car in front of the gate of my apartment, she saw a shadow standing there. I guess we stayed awhile and it got deeper into the night. When we decided to return to my apartment there was this body of water beside a small resort. At day you can see it was covered by hyacinths and lilies. She was mumbling about "red eyes" and "they are coming out of the water". I let her walk in front of me, totally curious and concerned about her behavior.

When we are safe inside my apartment she told me if I felt small feet walking with us on our way to my apartment but, of course, I was clueless or I guess I am not that sensitive enough. She claimed there were these small red eyed beings who arose from the pond and hiked with us. She said they might be nature spirits but I have no idea what they are.

My own experience is the same scenario. We both came out so she can buy her cigarette and it was late at night. I remember it was drizzling. There were cement benches in front of the store. I was seated in front of her while about ten feet away from me were two small papaya trees.

While I vented out about how I feel my roommate is dishonest with me, I saw this shadow as it seemed to take a step to the right in between the small trees. Surprised, I went quiet and stared at the blackness. My common sense told me it will be very odd for someone to stand there or hide and it was even drizzling. If it was a person, his form will be seen as he took a step but that shadow seemed to dissipate as he made that move. As I turned my back, distraught, facing away from my seated friend I told her about it.

What she told me only frightened me more. She said as we walked towards the store she already saw that tall shadow just standing between the trees.

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bloodshoteyez (3 stories) (31 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-04)
That is interesting info Ivycloud, though for now I don't think I will want to REALLY communicate with these type of beings. If I will encounter one once again, (though I am considering rook's suggestion the thing I saw might be a physical manifestation of my emotions, I need to research about this thing further or ask him, either way) I guess I will not hesitate sharing it here, depends actually...

Miracle... Its ok, but I hope Ivycloud will post her own story... Still learning about these beings myself if they are evil or not... Good day to both
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
8 years ago (2015-07-04)
Ivycloud - if you haven't already, please submit your children's experiences as a story. We try to keep conversations aimed at the original poster's story and not derail it with conversations from someone else. Submitting your own will/should have our members directing their comments/thoughts to you and what you are asking.

The Submissions Page is closed until at least Monday, but do consider submitting your own story.
ivycloud2299 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-04)
I am interested in trying to understand shadow people as 3 of my kids see them and an older brother. My first born who is now 27 saw them but I was afraid to question him back then. Now my 15 year old son sees them at home at night and he even hears whispering. Due to issues of anxiety he has been in therapy for a couple of months. He told his therapist about what keeps him up at night and distracts him. He disclosed he has seen them since kindergarten. He was then sent for a psych evaluation which came back he wasn't psychotic. My 13 year old daughter see's her shadow girl during the day mostly at school. This shadow girl as she believes it is even waves to her. Once she looks away and then back to where the figure was its gone.

I am worried as I read that shadow people are not particularly a positive thing. My motherly instinct was to tell my younger kids shadow people are not good nor are they bad but, they just are. Any thoughts or comments.
bloodshoteyez (3 stories) (31 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-21)
hi Rook,

Concerning on keeping a journal, I will think about it. I know it will not be the last I will experience something unexplainable (though if only possible I wish not to experience anything beyond normal anymore)

It's very interesting to know a Wiccan but barely I know about people who is a practicing witch or warlock such as you. I will send a friendly note, I guess in one of your story some basic facts I want to know. I know gifts are not meant for entertainment, it is a huge responsibility.

I will decide too if I will want to share more paranormal experiences I want it to be as recent as possible and I will think if it is for this site or the sister site.

Good day to you:)
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-16)

Welcome to YGS. Apologies as a quick purusal of your experience made it seem it was more suited for YGS's sister site I can see now, upon reading your entire experience in detail, that your experience with a shodow person has awoken with-in you a curiosity concerning the paranoraml (or perhaps it has always been present). While curiosity can be healthy one must still be careful.

It does not take the study and pratice of withccraft to see and communicate with the 'spirit realm'. Depending on ones culture being able to do so is either accepted or not. For instance here in the United States it is NOT the normal and the Culture in the U.S. 'teaches' the majority of individuals to close their 3rd eye (as you described it) as they grow older. In other countries it's different... Some embrace this ability and others are even more harsh at 'shutting it down' when people begin to speak concerning these things.

You stated...

"I will note every paranormal stuff that can happen to me and that drive to know more might just get the better of me."

I say this... Only if you let it. A Journal is a great thing to keep... It can help us 'weed out' true paranormal experiences from things that have a natural explination because we are able to analize the details and check on what may have 'caused' something to happen and 7-8 out of 10 times a natural explination can be found. As for the rest... Well that's were research begins.

The shadow you saw... Your friend, being sensitive and 'in tune' with that fact, may have seen it before you... To me it sounds as if you may have seen a physical manifestation of your 'EMOTIONS' concerning your dishonest roommate (just a guess on my part... But it fits the details you have provided).

You have also mentioned, well this...

"I might also decide to know, while I'm still alive, about witchcraft which is very taboo in my country. Maybe I will meet an actual witch and learn things, that will be very interesting."

So at this point let me introduce myself...Hello, I call myself Rook Dygin here at YGS, I have been a member sense Oct 06 2008. I was a solo pratictioning Wiccan (Witch) for 11 years before RETURNING to an Orginizzed Christian Church. Please ask any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them... This way you do not need to seek out any witches in your country.

So, again I say, Well met and Welcome to YGS.


bloodshoteyez (3 stories) (31 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-16)
hi Bibliothecarius

No, I do not view as rudeness the lack of comments on a story. I guess I am sharing my very curious nature of people who have third eye but still I am reluctant to have this gift.

I will think about it if I want to post this on the sister site. Anyways my sole purpose of narrating this is to share this experience. Somehow I am not expecting an invitation to... Such kind of group.

I had heard of group of witches or warlocks from where I am, but still it is a decision I am still thinking very deeply if I want to pursue. I do not want to be influenced by anyone regarding this. Also perhaps I will seek the help of a friend with a third eye if ever I will want to communicate with beings from beyond.

Thank you for commenting, good day to you.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1087 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-07)
Greetings Bloodshot;
Your story was posted on the site almost two weeks ago, yet no-one has commented on it. I've only just read it, because I've been away from technology for a few days, grading my students' essays. It may seem to you as though everyone is being a little rude by not discussing your narrative; no one should be subjected to rudeness, nor to the discourtesy of being ignored. It is my suspicion that your opening paragraphs about the Third Eye, etc., have led to a general conclusion that these events (most of which you didn't witness directly) would be better posted to YGS's sister-website,, which you can find using the link "Psychics & Mediums" at the top of this page. The comments on that site my prove to be far more helpful than a baffled silence on this forum.
Best of luck,

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