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Yucaipa: Haunted House


There wasn't much going on at first at Yucaipa, other than constantly feeling watched when its bed time and after. The first time I actually saw a ghost in that house was a little girl, I definitely saw her half way detailed I guess, enough to see her face, her face was nearly identical to mine, her hair was also parted in the middle at the time, same as me. Other times after that her form seemed more angelic, there, and after we moved from that place. After moving, we heard doors closing and opening on its own, from the corner of the eye we saw an angelic figure the size of a little girl, we saw a braid in her hair sometimes, her hairstyle was different every time. On the last year of Yucaipa, and five of our years here her hair was different, but it somehow always had a braid, I don't know when she started the braid style, but it happened sometime at our previous home.

The second entity I later on witnessed was when my father's girl was fleeing for her life, I saw my father's jacket moved a few days later, or a week later sometime. The arm of the jacket lifted up slowly, and it happened right when I looked at the opened closet. I don't know when I actually took a look inside that closet when it was closed, but when I did I saw the figure of a forty year old man, sitting in a position as if he were carving something. He was attached to my father's knife, and never came out of the closet until we moved somewhere else. The next ghost I actually didn't see, was a little kid, I felt that I wasn't alone, I was trying to figure out ways to sleep cause it felt damn near impossible, so I attempted to sleep on the floor. Then I felt two taps on the floor near me, I got up and turned on the light, and I tried to lay back down again. I felt three more taps on floor the second I laid down, the second time scared me more, before I turned the light back on I saw foot steps going across the carpet, as I heard a little boys laughter, and its hard to remember clearly but the door might've opened on its own when the boy ran off laughing.

The next ghosts I actually witnessed with my own eyes in that place, was a couple living in an abandoned truck, yes we somehow figured out how to see them from inside the house. My father mentioned something about seeing people in a mirror, I didn't know what he meant. He mentioned it was hard to see them cause we had to use our own mirror to see through a rear view mirror from inside the truck. The truck was near enough for us the see it, especially through the window, my dad pulled up the blinds when he showed me what he meant, I didn't want to just think he was crazy for it, so I decided to take a look to how he explained, I didn't think I could see that far, but I actually saw people in there, as small as the rear view mirror was. The mirror was against a column, a wall or something near the bed, and next to his entertainment center where the TV was, he said they could be seen possibly as long as the blinds were up, he didn't even know if I were capable of seeing them. The people living in the truck had pieces of flesh missing, their appearance seemed boney, like they starved, maybe it was something else, I'll never know. But seeing those spirits, as hard as they were to see, I saw them in way more detail than from when I saw that little girl, and those footsteps from the little boy going running across the carpet, it was like seeing real people in there, probably the first time I actually saw spirits looking themselves in full detail.

And last but not least, I saw a small baby girl, no older than four. I knew a little girl that age in reality, named Ashley, I thought it was her. But when I saw this little girl, it wasn't a time Ashley and her sisters were spending the night with us, Ashley wasn't under our roof, and my father said "Ashley is with her mother" then after that, he asked me "You saw the little girl? The baby that looks like Ashley?" of course I don't remember word for word, it was many years ago when we were middle class, but he's mentioned to me once or twice that he saw her to, seeing her wasn't as detailed as the couple in the truck, but I did see her in color, not the same as that couple, and not the same as the girl my age. Her skin was pale, my father described her as a porcelain doll, and that's exactly what she looked like. Her cheeks were a rosy red color, skin was pale, and her face was identical to Ashley's. I figured out she was a ghost cause I tried to pick her up or something, or I tried to pet her head, and my hand went straight through her. Her figure and color slowly faded after I figured it out.

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Kya1994 (10 stories) (174 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-29)
I have forgotten to add this to the story, so heres the missing piece.
This missing piece is about the little girl I met from Yucaipa. I had a bedroom for at least three years, maybe just two. One day I walked into my room, and a bathroom connects to my bedroom, the mirror was in my eyes point of view, it was the first thing I looked at before walking into the room. I saw the little girl, expecting it to be my step mother, cause what I saw was long strands of hair hanging off the sides where the bars were, what seemed odd to me was the small hands, and the white and pink dress she was wearing. Her hair was long and beautiful, quite natural, looking away from the mirror, nobody was on the bed. I spoke to my step mother about it and she told me she saw the same thing the other day, and she thought it was me. First time I saw that beautiful girl in full detail, and second time I have seen an entity in full color, and in a human like form.
Kya1994 (10 stories) (174 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-20)
The feet going across the carpet were small feet, so I definitely could tell it was a little kid. I assumed after that it was a little boy when I heard laughter, it didn't sound like a girl so I just assumed it was a boy.
It definitely is more serious than my other stories, I mean spirits I saw before the Yucaipa house were passing through, well the odd face was anyway, the boogey was just locked even when we left I think. I was 100% less skeptical about spirits after experiencing them in that house, it was scary but they were harmless.
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-20)
Hello Kya1994! One question: When you didn't see the ghost how you figured it out that was a ghost of a kid? Your story is quite complicated and there is no connection in the events as well.

But the most important thing is that it is not hilarious like your previous three.


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