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Black Orchid


"Strange Goings On In Our Home" by Miracles reminds of another ghost story of mine, it included a cat sometimes. This was years ago when I was still dealing with love issues from my first love, and I think this was when we had eight people under our roof.

It was really dark (and I think before this happened there have been a few times I felt a kitty rubbed on me, but maybe at times when lights were on) so I couldn't see. Sometime after that happening a little, the kitty showed itself to me. The gender is unknown, and it looked as the shape of this kitty here. Http://

I literally saw it move, it was a shadowy looking kitty, I thought it was one of our own. I tried to pet it, but my hand went through its head, but the figure of the little guy was still there. It knew I tried to pet it, it wanted to be petted, and it rubbed against a shelf nearby. I guess it had some sort of liking to me if it wanted me to see it.

Also I had a little baby, she was my first baby when we moved here. She was an all black coated color, had a very cute innocent face. I had just began walking, and I spotted it one day while I was talking to my stepmother outside, so she was technically rescued. After she got slightly bigger, was able to run, and be happy. I wasn't paying attention one night and I blamed myself for this, she liked going through cabinets, and this was the first night my dad put down poison for insects. There was plenty out in the open inside the cabinets, and she ate them all, she died only after many hours the next day. I hated seeing her suffer so much, I wish we took her to get put down so it could end faster. Just telling this part of the story is getting me quite misty eyed, this was the worst day ever.

Sometime I talked to my stepmother a few days after her death. I was sad for her, but the sadness would've been just the same whether we put her down or not. This was when I still had a room, and was probably the day I gave her enough energy for me to see her. From the corner of my eye, I saw outlines, and the figure of an itty bitty kitten, same shape as my little Black Orchid. She bounced just the same across my bed and blankets from when she was alive.

I miss her, she's either taken a new form, or she may have moved on, or both, I haven't seen her since then. This is what she looked like then, this pic is probably the cutest. Hope it works this time, I'll delete the links if they still don't work in the next submission.


A recent ghostly animal tricked me into thinking my stepmother's dog went into the hallway, even though she was right next to her near the TV. I wasn't glancing at Beccah because all I saw was her dog in the hallway. Beccah walked into the other room and I see Doughie following her out of the hallway, even though she wasn't in there in the first place.

Sometime I had to go outside for something, then I see a small baby grey pit bull, looked adorable as hell, even acted adorable when it ran away behind the wall. I looked over there to see if we can rescue it, but it was nowhere to be seen. As far as it acted when it first saw me, I assumed this was the entity that tricked me.

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Kya1994 (10 stories) (174 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-26)
Your reading it correctly. Were a rescue for animals, and so I may have thought it was one of our own that I felt, so even in the light I could feel the cat but I couldn't see it. It may have happened twice out of the dark, this was one of my beginning submissions so there are something's I should've changed, but oh well. 😊 I saw the cat only once in the dark, but that was after my eyes were adjusted to it.

I take no offense, and I wasn't too good writing my first few submissions so I can understand if somethings here and there are confusing, or isn't described as good like most people.


lexi-loo (1 stories) (175 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-04)
sorry it may be the fact that I'm drunk (hey so what I'm scottish) you said sometimes the lights were on so you couldn't see? Am I reading that correctly... You couldn't see when the lighrs were on?
Kya1994 (10 stories) (174 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-30)
Thank you. It happened years ago, I was already over it, but I definitely cried for her when I wrote out this story the other day.

Im not sure if this kitty rubbed against me, but I have assumed it was the one that I have seen, felt about the same size to, I'm not positive but it seemed like it was the same kitty. And yes, the first link is an example of the shape of the ghost kitty that I remember witnessing. The second paragraph is about my Black Orchid. The kitty I spoke of in the first paragraph I think I have met before I even found my baby, when I was still in school. Maybe I got it wrong since it happened years ago, I either saw this ghost kitty when I was over my babies death, or I have seen it before I found her.

Lol, I didn't think about it cause this story involves ghost kitties, including my Black orchid. I should've described it more like finding a kitty better for starters, instead of saying "I had a little baby" at the beginning of the second paragraph. Oops, Ill try to remember to describe the next kitty ghost story better if I end up losing another family kitty. 😁

I don't know, animals just live in the moment, and even if they pass they may not even remember it. So you could be right that it doesn't know its dead. It just stood there with this glance on its face, until I tried to pet it. It acted really cute, when it rubbed up against the shelf it stayed glancing at me the moment it showed itself to me. And it really wanted to be petted, it seemed like it liked me, I just wished I was capable of actually petting it, so that it didn't have to pet itself against the shelf.

I don't know if I attract animal spirits, and if I do its not often. I have seen this pit bull only recently a few weeks ago. Pretty much the first animal entity I have seen after some years since my other two ghostly experience with my Black Orchid, and the ghost kitty I have seen before her, possibly a bit after when I was over my little baby.

Yes, I knew it was her. I wouldn't have thought it was her if I hadn't spoke about her after the short amount of time she passed. It was the first, and last time I have seen her when she was in the afterlife. She looked happy, and she probably wanted me to know that before she decided to move on. I wasn't able to see the color, but it didn't matter cause it was already obvious it was her, at the time and now I have no doubt it was her. The similarities were definitely identical, she was like a new born when we rescued her, only got slightly bigger when I just got her healthy. When I saw her she was the same size, she wasn't two months old, nor older than that, so being the same size, and moving the same way as from when she was alive, shes definitely her, I can't deny it.

Right! 😊 The big ones name is Doria, she liked being a mother to any baby kittens, she adopted this one when she first met her. She adopted plenty others after for the ones we've rescued, always mothering them. Even though our family babies ended up being in luck, we always give kittens to rescues, only cause we have enough. But I enjoy them as long as we can while were growing them up for the people who have reserved them.

I'm really glad you liked my story, Ill probably have more stories to submit after we move around more, we will soon sometime, within a year, maybe less or more. And no problem, Ill share more stories if I can remember forgotten stories, or if I cross more ghostly events. I'm glad your happy with this one. 😊
YLissaBearrY (1 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-30)
Haiiya, Kya. I'm sorry about the loss of your little Black Orchid. 😭 I know what it's like to lose a pet as well...It's sad; it's like a friend or family member just passed away, you know.? But anyhow, back to your story.

So, there's something I'm wondering. When you talk about the first kitty in the 2nd paragraph, would you be talking about Black Orchid, or is it a different kitty.? Also, with the first link in the 2nd paragraph; is it your cat in the picture, or is it just an example of what the kitty that was rubbing against you looks like.?

Then in the 4th paragraph, you said you had a "little baby." At first, it sounds like you're talking about an actual baby, but then you seem to describe what you named, Black Orchid. So when you say "little baby," you do mean Black Orchid, right.? -- I was just a tad confused upon reading your story, but hopefully it will make more sense soon enough.

But, it does sound like you encountered some spirits of animals. Especially with the first kitty you mentioned, and how it finally decided to show itself to you. It must've really wanted your attention if it shows itself to you, and even allows you to "try" and pet it. It is kind of sad that you couldn't actually pet it though... But it's cute how it sort of acts as if the kitty were alive. Maybe you're one of those people that attract animal spirits, because I'm certainly not one of them. I wonder if they knew they were just spirits...

In paragraph 3, you say you saw "the figure of an itty bitty kitten," and it was the same shape as Black Orchid. What about the color.? Were there any similarities between this figure and Black Orchid, other than shape and possibly the actions.? From what you're saying, it seems like what was bouncing across your bed the same as Black Orchid was, actually might be the spirit of Black Orchid; though you've probably already thought that too. Also, the picture you have of Black Orchid and the other cat is so cute.! 😳

I really liked your story, and I hope to hear about more from you in the future. Thanks for sharing.! 😊
Kya1994 (10 stories) (174 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-30)
*sigh* The double publish was an accident, if I have two links of Black Orchid, there both the same. (to those of you who are going to read it) 😁

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