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This story takes place in the late summer/early fall of 2005. In January of 2005, my husband and I purchased a new home which was built in 1870. One evening, my husband and I were sitting in the living room watching tv right next to the living room, is our dining room. All of a sudden, we saw a huge flash of bright blue light come from the dining room.

A couple of later it happened again, a bright blue flash of light. I got up to investigate, and stood in the entrance to the dining room. At the time, we temporarily had a small tv in the dining room as well, this had been turned off all day, but I noticed it was on when I approached the dining room. As I was scanning the room, my eyes were drawn to something I had never seen before. About 5 feet in front of me, towards the ceiling, there was a glowing blue ball of light. It was a little bit smaller than a basket ball, and was perfectly round. It just "stood" there not moving, yet I can only describe it as having a lot of energy. This whole time, my boyfriend was just in the next room and it never occurred to me to tell him to come and take a look. It's not that I was frozen, it's just that I was completely surprised and in awe of what I was looking at. I felt as though it was also observing me.

On the other side of the dining room is my kitchen. The blue "orb" stayed in that spot for probably 45 seconds. It then "shot" down into my kitchen. It moved very quickly, in a matter of a second it was on the farthest side of my kitchen on the floor. As it shot down, it was still blue, but did not do it as a ball. It shot as a smaller "beam" of blue light. When it reached the kitchen, it started "moving around..." It was around 3-4 feet high, and maybe 2-3 feet wide, and was just a mass of moving blue light. I have a difficult time explaining that part. At that point, I realized I needed to tell my husband what I was seeing. I walked back into the room he was in and told him what I had seen. When we got back to the kitchen, whatever it was, was gone.

About 2 months later, I was upstairs alone in our bedroom. I witnessed the huge blue flash of light out in the hallway. I went immediately down stairs. I wasn't scared of it the first time it happened, but I didn't want to witness it while alone.

Since these two experiences, I haven't encountered the blue light or orb again, and wonder if I ever will. Another time, I was alone in our living room with my stepson. I believe it was the spring following the above experiences. It was around noon, and the sun was out bright. Suddenly the room went completely pitch black for a couple of seconds. There are windows surrounding the room, and the sun was shining through all of them, but the room fell completely black. My stepson asked what had just happened and I told him it was nothing, but it was very unusual and I usually have an explanation for things.

We have experienced other unusual things in this house since day one. Maybe I'll post them on here some other time.

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Michelle198527 (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-02)
I don't know if anyone reads these stories on this forum anymore but I too have experienced seeing a bluish white light. About 5 months ago my niece passes away and I went to spend the night with my parents house. I woke up around 5 am to feed my baby. I then laid her down and then got back into bed. I tossed and turned for about 10 minutes and all of a sudden the whole bedroom lite up in a bluish white color. It lasted about 3 seconds. I thought I was seeing things but then it happened again. I panicked and ran into the living room until my mom woke up to tell her what I had seen. She then told me after her father passed away many years ago, she too has seen her bedroom light up in a bluish white light. We both know it wasn't lightning and the house is way out in the country so there's no lights or cars driving by. Maybe spirits from loved ones who have passed? Could be...
bilbil17 (1 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-14)
Hi! I have a really good reason for liking this story, as I had a very similar experience some years ago. I wrote about it here. It's called "Forever at Camp". If you read it, let me know what you think.

I honestly didn't know there were so many stories like this here until tonight. It's amazing. What's out there... This IS real!

Pentacle5 (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-15)
I was going to suggest ball lightning, but I haven't heard of ball lightning shoot like a beam.
jasontravisott (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2008-09-01)
I have had experiences like the ones described here. I should start by saying that as a child, I was surrounded by a lot of weird paranormal activity, but eventually things settled down, so it's been a long time since much happened in that way. But my wife and I bought this house we are in now 4 years ago. In these last 4 years, I have seen three BRIGHT blue "flashes" of light that all came from the master bathroom to the left side of the bed-room. It was super dark late at night, and I just happened to be awake at the moment, and opened my eyes at the right time to see it. It was super bright and bathed the whole room in blue light for just an instant. I could see the source if the light, it was just a tiny pin-hole as if a single photon exploded at random. It was about 6 inches up from the floor and in the doorway of the bathroom. My wife has seen one or two as well. I had kind of forgotten about it, but yesterday in the afternoon, my wife and I both saw it again at the same time but this time in the bright light of afternoon sunlight coming in through the closed blinds of out bedroom. It was in a different spot this time, it was in the middle of the room, in front of the window, but even then, it was so bright that it stood out against the sunlight coming in through the closed blinds. I thought that I was the only one seeing it, but then she asked me if I had seen it, and of course I said yes. Well then about an hour later, she saw another one in the kitchen. So this has now gotten to the point that it has prompted me to get online and try to find more info on the phenomena. I am curious. Another thing, similar and maybe related, I sleep with my cell phone on the night stand beside the bed, it is used as an alarm. But one night, after the first sighting, the light on the screen came on. No phone call, no message, no sound came from it. It just lit up for like 30 seconds. My wife & I were still awake, laying there talking about things like this, spirit visitations, ghosts etc. So then the phone lit up and freaked us out! I jumped up and was looking at it trying to see if there was some message on it or not, and it was just white light, a blank screen.
Anyway that's what I know.
krisinsd (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-02-01)
a few years ago I was ay one of my best friends house, his parents are antique dealers and there are many older dolls, a in the house. Lots of the ones who look creepy with missing arms, eyes, etc... One day we were coming down the stairs in the dark and I made a off the wall comment, and said looks like the ghost in you house are jumping off the wall, I just said thinking it seems like there were some fuzzy shadows moving, then right after I said that this blue orb appears hovering in front of us for about 3 seconds then vanishes. If it ball lighting kind of weird it appeared a few seconds after I mentions ghost. Anyway just thought id share that.
krisvegas723 [at]
McKnee (4 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2008-01-07)
Hi :)

This sounds very similar to what I saw in my story "the light show". I don't know what they are either but they definately seem to have a mind of their own.

Take care,

whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2007-12-25)
Thanks for the detail you gave for the light. I have heard of these types of things happening, but this is the first story I can remember reading of it occurring inside a building. It is nice to know that these things do not limit themselves to wide open spaces. You sound like you may have more to tell. I would like to read more. Thank you for sharing this story.
Raschuk (1 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-24)
Wow...I thought I was alone. Tonight, at about 7 Pm I was looking through a window at my back porch, and saw it light up all blue for a second or two. I was dazed. I thought it was lightning at first, but it was quiet, and no rain. Quite creepy.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-29)
Sounds like there is 'something'[ in your home. Interesting. You spoke of other occurances, I am curiouis as to what kind. Do you hear things? See ohter occurances not easily expalined by logic?

Keep us posted.

God Bless!
Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-29)
Hi you wrote "boyfriend" in one part of the story and "husband" in the next. Just wondering if this is a mistake? You must be tired if this is not a mistake 😜! Too much cleaning to do...
I appriciated all the details about the light, especially that you felt it was watching you and that it had it's own energy and lots of it. You are not alone in seeing this type of thing! And hope that you take pictures, cameras can occassionally catch orbs.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-29)
I would have at first thought this to be ball lightning, but if it moved as if it had a purpose then it obviously wasn't. Yes ball lightning does happen indoors at times as it is not limited to where it can occur. I have read reports of spirits manifesting themselves as orbs and moving about a home as if searching for something or someone. What other types of activity are you experiencing? Please do keep us informed.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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