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As this is my first experience I am sharing on the website - or any in that case - and I plan on sharing all of them as my time allows, I would like to preface my story with a bit of background regarding my experiences. In the past 10 years, ever since I was about 15 years old, I have had some profound paranormal experiences. These paranormal happenings never happen one after another, but instead, I will witness something and then it will be a year or so before I have another encounter. The only exception to this is that when I first began experiencing things, it was much more frequent.

On that occasion where some being or entity would make itself known to me, I find I seem to go through the same emotional stages. (Also I might add, that every experience I have had has been while I am alone) First I begin to feel uneasy, like I'm being watched. Almost always this comes on suddenly, as a complete shift in my mood. One minute I can be completely peaceful and at ease, without the slightest thought in my head that would suggest feeling otherwise. Then quite quickly, as my uneasiness grows, every fiber in my body and soul knows, without a doubt, that I am not alone. Unseen there is someone, or something that is with me. At this point I am filled with dread, and the presence will make itself known. Usually my experience will not involve anything physical. I have never been touched, nor harmed in any way, but I will experience terror unlike anything they physical world has come close to making me feel. Most times this happens as I am settling into to go to sleep. In that instance what will happen is my whole body will lock up in fear, I will not move, I will not blink, I just stare... The feeling I receive in return from the entity is usually an amusement at my fear. I have normally experienced that as the intensity grows, I will usually faint or just fall asleep, I really don't know what happens. I wake up soon after and I can feel the presence is gone, and even though it is SO vivid and real when it happens for even a week after the incident. The reality of it all soon fades and I find myself doubting that it could have happened, but in my heart and mind if I think back on it, it all comes back so clearly and real, as real as any other memory, as real as remembering my wedding, or driving to work this morning...

But how can something that strange and intense fade so quickly? And how do I go through the exact same motions every time? I find myself wrestling with so much doubt about the possibility of it all that when I'm reading OTHER'S stories (trying to find clarity and someone that might understand and relate to my experiences) I find myself saying, "That's ridiculous, there's no way that that is real". But really, how can I say such a thing with what I've seen? I think that even though these things are purposefully exposing themselves to me, there is something spiritual that is put in place by them or who knows what (the universe?) that represses the experience afterwards without any conscious effort.

Anyways, I wanted to share one story that is not quite like the rest as I have just described. This happened a year or two after everything started happening with me. I was living with my parents at the time and was around 17 years old. Our house was in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, in an unincorporated part of town near the chain o' lakes. In this area there are plenty of foxes, coyote's, raccoon, and the like as we were surrounded by forest preserves in this neighborhood. In our neighborhood, there were two streets that ran parallel to each other which extended from the main highway, moving downhill and onward toward the lake. The two streets eventually came together at the bottom of the hill in a horseshoe shape which connected them. Our house was located at the bottom of this horseshoe.

On this particular night, my car had been parked up the hill a ways. It was late, around midnight or so, and it was my turn to take the garbage cans out to the road for pick up in the morning. I had been procrastinating doing it as I was big into World of Warcraft - a popular video game - at the time, and had been busy with that for most of my day. Everyone in the house was asleep at this time as it was a school night. I decided it was time to get my lazy butt off the computer and take care of the garbage, as well as move my car back into the driveway.

I stepped outside into a dark, Fall night, leafs covering the ground and the world dimly lit by nothing but the moons lunar glow. I grabbed onto a garbage can and began rolling it down our rather long driveway (about six car lengths long). As I approached the end of the driveway, I noticed something odd looking across the street and about ten yards to my left. What I thought I was seeing was a very large dog, much larger than normal. I could see no discerning features of this dog. I was observing it from a sideways profile of it and basically what I saw was that it was darker and blacker than anything surrounding it. I could see that it had a wolfish, or wild, look to it's fur. I could not see its eyes, nose or anything specific. But the oddest thing, was that it was next to my neighbor's mailbox, and it was as tall, if not taller than that mailbox. At this realization I froze in my steps. Now let me say that I have no irrational fear of dog's, or wild animals. I have been surrounded by large dogs my entire life and love them to death and know how to handle and approach dog's that I have never met. For some reason though, this particular dog had me scared for my life.

As I stood at the end of my driveway, and my fear and anxiety began to grow, the animal or apparition began to move, which quickly became the most disturbing part about the encounter. This dog moved unlike any living animal I've ever seen. It seemed to be moving in slow motion, not just walking slow, but lurking... It took notice of me and began its slow, methodical march, stalking just behind the mailboxes at the opposite side of the street. When it moved forward it seemed to almost be floating by, and it stared at me the entire time, though I couldn't see its face. As it phased past me and further to my right, I was filled with the thought that I had to get to my car which was about 50 feet up the street to my left, and I had to shine my lights on it. I would never, NEVER, think to run an animal over but the presence of this thing felt so threatening that in my mind I had already decided that I would sprint to my car and run it over if I could.

As the beast moved further to my right I took off in a sprint towards my car, my heart was beating out of my chest and my adrenaline was like jet fuel in my veins. I was to afraid to even look over my shoulder and see if this thing had decided to give chase to me. I jumped in my car and as I shined my headlights onto the street I saw just its tail sticking out from behind nothing but the metal post of a street sign, with no body on the other side. I put my car into drive and as I moved closer to the sign that the tail protruding from, the tail seemed to move forward past the sign and disappear into nothing. I circled the street and several times and drove through the neighborhood to try and locate it but I could not find it.

I had little sleep that night. I called my girlfriend scared out of my mind asking her to help me rationalize what just happened. She seemed disturbed by what I was telling her and asked me if I ever heard of the black dog omen. I had no idea what she was talking about and she said she thought it was supposed to be a messenger of death. This freaked me out and I was afraid for mine and my family and loved one's lives, and I kid you not that less than a week later my neighbor committed suicide and so did someone about five houses down from us that same week.

Sorry for the long story, I've never shared these before with anyone except for close friends and my wife (she was my girlfriend that I mentioned). I would appreciate anyone's comments to anything that I've mentioned in this post as I would love to find someone trustworthy to relate to and learn from others experiences. I will be posting more of my experiences whenever possible.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1082 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-29)
Greetings, Answerz.

While many of Tweed's speculations and Rook's researches echo my own trains of thought, I'd like to return to ms_st0308's first comment and build upon it, if I may.

Like Tweed, I separated the dog phenomenon from the other experiences. Ms_st0308's comment begins with, "You mentioned having this sudden and unexplained feeling of fear and terror. And although you don't experience anything physical such as touches or seeing something when you have these feelings, it sounds as if you just have this overwhelming sense that something or someone is there with you." My reaction was to ask you about past mental/psychological traumas. While you do have -as you noted in responses to later comments- an annual physical & psych eval, have you sought out a private therapist to discuss the "hauntings" from the standpoint of repressed anxieties/events? Now, I'm only suggesting a *conversation,* so you'd look for a psychologist, not a psychiatrist who'd be licensed to prescribe medication. Your reaction to the fear state suggests to me that you've had some PRACTICE in ACTIVELY repressing memories of a horrible nature. NO, (before anyone heads into "conspiracy theory" la-la land) I am not suggesting anything appalling, nightmarish, or abusive happened to you, but I'm suggesting that it may be how your brain dealt with an issue you were too young to handle. For example, I know that my last sight of my maternal grandmother was in the immediate aftermath of a car accident, so my brain has put a "block" on that memory (I think of it more as a colorful "patch"), and I have ABSOLUTELY no desire to remove that block. I know it is there and I am very happy with that fact; it allows me to remember a great many positive memories of Grandma without the panic or trauma which can accompany memories of the accident in which she died. Memory suppression is a survival technique, like putting together a "to do" list: it is only a temporary solution to getting the job done; it is ineffective if it becomes a permanent fixture on the refrigerator door. My initial suspicion was that the "normal" component of this paranormal experience is simply you; I've not read anything to contradict that, yet.

As for the dog, did you ever stop to wonder what the rest of the dog was doing while you could see its tail?

It was marking its territory as a defensive boundary/perimeter. It showed you respect by not backing down and by circling you, the way you'd "size up" a *potential* threat from a larger individual, even if you're not in any danger. I think that Tweed's instincts are spot-on.

Knowing you're protected may help reassure you when you start to think back to the initial encounter with your traumatic haunting. For this reason, I do recommend meeting two or three times with a therapist to see how it goes. If you don't want anyone at work to know, pay the bill without going through your insurance company (if anyone finds out, tell them it was a stressful time at home and you needed a little clarity to deal with it).

Take care,

Larkin (guest)
7 years ago (2015-06-29)
As far as your "emotional states" go, that could be like, bipolar or something. Just because you feel funky some times doesn't necessarily mean it's paranormal.

As for the dog, it could have been a dog. You said it was dark out and a black dog at night, with just the glow of the moon is hardly a optimal viewing environment. There are some HUGE breeds of dog.

I am aware of the black dog omen, but I advise against putting any real thought into it. This whole thing could have really just have been a series of bad coincidence.

Don't worry about it too much or you'll start seeing black dogs everywhere. 😉
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-29)
You say that you are in the healthcare business. I am wondering if your yearly exam iincludes an EEG. I ask only because because you fainted/passed out during your first experience and have felt light headed during other instances. You also get panick attacks which are caused by stress. I would suggest the EEG to see if there any cause for concern and a sonogram of the arteries in the neck to see if you have any blockages. It doesn't matter what age you are for problems like that. A I am in no way saying anything is wrong with you. Just a thought because I worked in a Heart Hospital and there were infants that were patients with these problems.
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-27)
Well Rook, Tweed isn't the only one hogging the good answers. I have learned a lot today.

Answerz, have you tried meditation or yoga? Meditation could help you center and open to your specific gifts. It seems that you are opening more. Ask for help in understanding what the anxiety and dread are about. Entities do sometimes need you to feel certain things to fuel them. But sometimes that anxiety is just what emanates from them. If you are in health care, you may have been drawn to it because you could easily sense the feelings of others, an empath. If so, you may be empathically picking up the feelings of a ghost that needs help.

Rook has a cleansing method on his profile page. Remember, the effectiveness of this ritual is directly related to your deep intent. Saying the words is not enough. Be strong as you take command of your space.

Best to you.
ms_st0308 (6 stories) (66 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-26)
Hey Answerz! I'm glad you are under regular care from a doctor. With those checkups and psych evals, that can more than likely rule out some type of anxiety disorder or a medical issue. While anything could take place at any time to cause either of these problems, it sounds like you have a pretty good handle on taking care of yourself physically.

I would definitely take Tweed and Rook's information. It was very interesting even for me to read and may help you get a little bit closer to figuring out what is going on.

One opinion I would like to offer is along the lines of what Rook said: "...the entity has caused you to react the way it wanted..." As in life, there are some people who are very manipulative and will do anything possible to push the limits without actually doing something wrong in order to manipulate a situation or another person. That could possibly be what this entity is doing with you.

I also was raised in a very conservative Christian household and was taught about angels and demons and spiritual warfare. While I still consider myself a Christian, I do believe there are things beyond our knowledge and beyond what we can see with our own eyes. Without getting too spiritual or sounding "preachy," I do believe in good and evil and think that sometimes good and evil forces do fight it out, so to speak. I have had a hard time accepting the fact that maybe some of the supernatural things such as hauntings and entities are real. But there are definitely some unexplainable things that I have experienced that have made me question that as well.

I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to reading more of your experiences!
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-26)

Thank goodness you have regular check ups... Those feelings of being watched and 'terror' sound a lot like Anxiety or Panic Attacks... Not saying they are... But they sound as if they could be... However you mention the 'spirit or entity' makes you feel...

"The feeling I receive in return from the entity is usually an amusement at my fear."

This is becasue the entity has casued you to react the way it wanted (insert the word needed...) you to.

If spirits or entities are 'inteligent energy' then they 'thrive' in an enviroment with an abundance of an energy that can sustain and even strengthen them.

In your case this entity is able to elict an emotional response that causes you to 'generate' the type of energy it 'craves' (Just a theory of mine).

As for the dof you saw... Here is soe information from research I have done, Starting with UK folklore...

The folklorist Theo Brown divided the black dog phenomena into three separate types A, B and C. (A) Being a shape-shifting demon dog; (B) being a dark black dog calf sized with shaggy fur; and (C) a dog that appears in time with certain ancient festivals in specific areas of the country. Now of course these phenomena have local traditions and the black dogs sightings are seen as death portents, especially those seen in ancient churchyards in the form of the Church or Kirk Grim (Kirk being the Scottish word for Church).

There are other phantom dogs more benevolent and stories exist of people being helped from tight spots. For example Augustus Hare in his book 'In My Solitary Life' recounts a common tale he heard about a man called Johnnie Greenwood, of Swancliffe. Johnnie had to ride through a wood in darkness for a mile to get to where he was going. At the entrance of the wood he was joined by a black dog, it pattered beside him until he emerged from the trees, whereupon it disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.

On his return journey through the wood, the dog joined him again on the dark woodland path, and disappeared mysteriously when he emerged. Apparently, some years later, two prisoners condemned to death confessed that they had decided to rob and murder Johnny that night in the wood, but the presence of the large black dog had stopped them.

Some research suggests that Black dogs often seem to haunt ancient lanes, trackways, crossroads, old churchyards and prehistoric sites. Many of these places are associated with local superstitions and the uncanny, they are places, where the veil between worlds is thought to be thin. The haunts of black dogs are also features said to denote ley lines, it has been suggested that they represent some form of energy or natural phenomena moulded by the mind into an archetype of the black dog. A great deal of work has been done by earth mystery researchers to suggest that certain geophysical conditions may affect the human mind. These places were recognised by ancient man, and that is why black dogs (as some form of archetype) appear at places of ancient sanctity.

So there is some information concerning 'Black Dogs' at least from the UK's stand point. In the US there is some folklore, one popular one states...

"And if a man shall meet the Black Dog once, it shall be for joy; and if twice, it shall be for sorrow; and the third time, he shall die."

However not much desrciption is given about the way the dog itself looks. While I haven't offered any 'advice' I hope I have shed some light onto some things.


rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-26)
Tweed...Could you please stop hogging all the good answers... 😲 😲


Anyway, Tweed has made some great points... Please keep us posted. I am going to go back and re-read your experience, see if anything 'clicks'.


Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-26)
Hi again Answerz,

Firstly I'm glad to hear your have regular health checkups. Giving paranormal advice comes with a constant fear that the person needing help may be suffering from something physical and not paranormal.

Commenting all in one is fine, it's what I do too. There's no direct comment thing. Most people write separate comments to every person in a thread, I tried that once it drove me insane.

Like you I don't consider myself religious. I wasn't raised religious. I simply believe in ghosts and otherworldly beings. With that said, this is the only paranormal website I've ever joined. It was out of desperation I went searching online for answers regarding a horrible presence I couldn't get rid of with my usual means. The thought of joining a paranormal website made my skin crawl. Because all I could think of were conspiracy theorists and tales of woe about Big Foot. But I was desperate and went looking anyway. Couldn't believe it when I found this place. All the regular members were so nice and practical, it really surprised me. I've stayed here ever since.

As this has been happening to you for so long, I'm guessing it's safe to assume you no longer live in the same house when you were 15? Just trying to rule out a ghost with an attachment to a location.
Our teen years are the worst when it comes to unwanted paranormal attention. There's simply too many changes going on in a teenager's life, body and thoughts all at once. This makes teenagers a prime target for idiotic poltergeists and the like. For this reason it's likely you went through something separate during that time in your life. Idiotic ghosts have short attention spans and move on however. So even if this happened to you, it doesn't really explain what's continued on. Which makes wonder if what you've been experiencing since your teens is something far more calculating. That you have long periods of peace, free from anything negative, has me thinking that this entity either doesn't have enough energy to sustain what it does to you or it is methodical and carefully plans its 'next move'.
The best way to figure this out is to keep a journal of every time something happens. Make a note of the date and times things occur, and what you were doing when something happened. You may find a pattern emerges. It may be a date, a time, or an activity, or even your mood, it really could be anything.
Whatever you do DON'T use a ouija board. Mama Mia, worst thing you can do. The logical part of me really doesn't understand how a board with a bunch of numbers and letters on it and a thing that moves about can possibly bring forth anything from beyond. I mean it's just such a stupid notion. But with that said the freakin things work.

Hours after I commented I realised that you saw that dog full frontal. Which is unlike gaming hallucinations, in my experience anyway. I've only ever had corner of eye hallucinations, never full frontal ones. Seeing as you haven't seen this dog since it could have been connected to what was happening in your area at that time, a messenger of death, who knows. Heh, wiki articles I always take with a grain of salt too. I think there's a big black dog associated with Britain, as in a land spirit from British folklore, or something along those lines. I'm not entirely sure. But that probably doesn't apply to Illinois in the States. It could be that you saw the dog because you're sensitive to ghosts too and perhaps the dog wanted to confirm to you that it was a ghost by doing a neat trick with the pole.

Another thing which crossed my mind about the fatigue that comes over you was that someone wants you to know how they feel. That, maybe, scaring you isn't really their intention, but making you feel how they feel is the only way they know to communicate with you. This might explain why it doesn't happen for long periods of time.

I like to flick all possibilities I can think of around to see if any of them click with the person who's experiencing. Bottom line, always trust your gut instincts. As you always feel terror and panic which comes on suddenly, leaves suddenly, happens when you're alone and changes every fiber in your being, I hesitantly say it doesn't sound like the doings of Casper. It sounds eerily similar to what I have been going through. But mine lasted a bit over a year and progressed. After reading other similar accounts of what I went through it seems fatigue, utter dread, despair and isolation are common traits of bad haunts.

Rook is a member here who has a cleansing/shielding method on his profile. I've used this method and found it very successful, as have others. It's to be done periodically. I was doing it once a week while I had crap going on. This is Rook's page, scroll down for the cleansing:

Also if you're interested in reading similar accounts.

This one's from a lady who experienced a haunted location. Her experience has extreme fatigue, passing out, etc:

This one is my bad time with a disgusting entity that followed me. I must warn if you're not in a right frame of mind I don't recommend reading mine, especially the comments, I updated as it got worse after I submitted the story. I will update again with how I got rid of the disgusting thing:

Omg! Looking at the preview of my response right now, jeesh I really had a lot to say today, lol. Well hope my babbling has made some sense!
AnswerzInTheDark (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-25)
ms_st0308, Wish-Not, and Tweed, Thank you for responding! I appreciate any and all opinions anyone has and is willing to share. I'm not sure how to reply to comments directly so allow me to respond in turn.

Hi ms_st0308, in response to possible medical explanations for this phenomenon I would say that I am a quite healthy person now as well as back when this happened. I was definitely not under any stress or anxiety at the time I would say, although certain experiences I've had have come when I'm going through a stressful period. I will also say that I am in healthcare, and I am required to get yearly physicals and psych evals as part of my line of work, and I have no underlying health issues that anyone has found, nor do I have any history of it in my family. In regards to the black dog omen, I did a quick google search after reading your comment and found a wiki on the black dog ghost that coincides with the experience I had fairly well. (I know wiki's are not the most credible sources though lol)

Hi Wish-Not, thank you for the positive encouragement! =)

Hi Tweed, I am glad to hear that in your experience the dog has been a positive influence, that's fascinating that you and others have had similar experiences as me! Whenever I have told any close friends in person I have never had anyone relate really to what I went through. That's a valid point you made about the hallucinating or hearing sounds after a video game marathon. I have experienced that before and I can confidently say that when I saw the dog it was so much different than that; it was just so clear and real, I was 110 percent positive that there was an animal there, I just really wanted it to not be a ghost!

In response to a bit more on background and what I have done to get rid of spirits: I was raised in a very Christian household, always of course told that demons and angels are real and of the spiritual battles that take place that we cannot see. I have not considered myself a christian since I was 12 and I am now 25, and hold no beliefs to anything specific in a religious sense except that there are things out there that are beyond our understanding, and there is no way to say for certain if one belief is more correct than the other. In light of this christian upbringing though, I find that in my moments of fear and panic I somehow find myself praying until I fall asleep or pass out. I have never seen any direct effect from this though. My paranormal episodes happen so infrequently that I have never felt the need to cleanse the home as after a couple of weeks without an occurrence I tend to stop thinking about it.

Anyways, I really appreciate the feedback and very much enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on the matter and would be very interested in anyone's similar experiences. I will be writing about more of my stories as soon as possible. Thanks!
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-25)
Hi Answerz,

I have this horrible feeling that you have or are experiencing something similar to what I went through. Like you, I often, OFTEN, thought 'nah, this can't be real, like dude get a grip this is hogwash' etc.
You might not like this but as SOON as the dog appeared in your story I felt relieved. I know you were terrified by it, but in my experience dog entities are always either good or neutral. In fact (you probably won't like this either) a dog of this very, exact, description HELPED me rid a horrible presence from my life very recently. Dogs naturally guard humans, that's my opinion. I'll hazard a guess that this dog you saw was perhaps drawn to the area, by you perhaps and the other people in your area who took their own life. If this was the first time the dog saw you, it was probably sizing you up, sensing the bad presence that lingers with you. I don't think the dog was waiting for you to finish World of Warcraft so it could taunt you. A dog retreating behind things is not engaging in a threatening display.
But as Wish-Not says, there's no absolutes with the paranormal, so my dog theory is just that: A theory.

Anyhoo, I'm guessing you've tried a cleansing/shielding ritual? If not definitely do this, once a week is recommended if you're facing something persistent, as it sounds like you are. Definitely take passing out seriously, same with unexplained fatigue, I've done this! So have a few others I've come across on this site. If you are actually passing out, best to see a doctor to rule out any physical causes too. As Ms St has stated. It's always best to rule out medical causes.

Back to the dog night for a second. Could it be possible you saw the dog because of a WoW marathon? People see game characters and landscapes outside of gaming when they're addicted, as I used to be to a few first person shooter games. I used to see vintage cars from the first Mafia game because I played it so often I expected to see them, my mind therefore gave me those images. I would also hear the houndeyes from HL1, whoopie! It was around this time I got panic disorder. Fun times.
Well anyway too much WoW might have had the same affect on you. They do feel very real, all those gaming hallucinations, so I wouldn't rule it out.

But that's just the dog night, everything else you described sounds mighty like paranormal not niceness.

I'd love to know if you've done anything, tried any method to get rid of this presence and if so what? I look forward to your response. Don't worry about long stories, the longer the better! We thrive on detail around here, and the more you provide the better everyone is at being able to help you.

Take care.
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-24)
AnswerzInTheDark- Welcome to YGS, I do hope you will find some answers to your experience. I have read several occasions that did include a large black dog (entity). It is curious of what you had heard they meant and had the two deaths.

I have learned with my experiences and reading of others here on YGS is that nothing is normal with the paranormal. There is such a wide range of possibilities. Like you said, how can we question others experiences after what we have seen and experienced?

I am confident you will get some answers. I myself came here looking for answers and was pleased with the results. Looking forward to reading more of your experiences. Thanks for sharing.
ms_st0308 (6 stories) (66 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-24)
Hi Answerzinthedark! Ok, this is just an idea I had while reading your account. You mentioned having this sudden and unexplained feeling of fear and terror. And although you don't experience anything physical such as touches or seeing something when you have these feelings, it sounds as if you just have this overwhelming sense that something or someone is there with you.

Just to rule out anything medical that might be causing this, have you ever been checked out for any type of anxiety or even any medical issues such as your heart, thyroid...? I ask this because both my uncle and I have mitral valve prolapse which can cause these terrible feelings of dread and fear. Both of us have experienced these awful thoughts where we truly believe someone is in the house with us. I have even "seen" (in my mind's eye, if that makes sense) a tall man in my living room. And even though I knew that physically, he wasn't there, I still just knew he was. So just throwing that out there to either rule out something physical and/or medical or to prove that this specific experience is paranormal.

As for the dog, I'm not familiar with the black dog omen so I can't really give any advice or an opinion on that. But, I can say that you know what you saw and were obviously unnerved by this. And the fact that you tried to follow the dog in your car makes that even more real for you. That one, to me, is unexplainable, but maybe some others can give some insight into that incident.

I enjoyed reading your story and I look forward to hearing more from you!

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