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She Came Back For One Last Look.


I am Kathakali Mandal and I am from the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Before I begin the story, I should like to inform that I was born and raised in Hindu faith and I have an open mind towards supernatural happenings.

My grandmother passed away three years ago from renal failure. She was 77 and was lucky to have suffered from her ailment for just 15 days. After cremation there was a period of 15 days after which her last rites were performed. On the third day after her cremation, my aunt who lives with her husband and three children in the outskirts of the town, woke up at the wee hours of the morning from the front door banging hard. Now, they are slightly reclusive people and, according to my aunt, was especially not seeing anybody because they were in mourning. Also, a call at 2 in the morning was unnatural enough for her. She woke up her eldest son and took a torch and cautiously opened the door hatch a chink to see who it was. There was no one standing outside. She raised her voice and asked loudly who it was and if they are trying to play a prank. When no one answered, she opened the door and took my cousin outside to inspect the gate and the vegetable patch. It was deserted, everything was quiet and it was a cool breezy night. They came back inside, incredulous because everybody in the house had heard the banging. As soon as she had shut the door behind her, my aunt was momentarily shocked by the immediate resuming of the banging and thudding, this time more loudly. It was like someone wanted to come inside really bad. My aunt stood stunned for a moment and then decided to open the door again, this time with the Holy coin on lakshmi - ganesh in her hand. The thudding would not cease for a moment. She locked her family in one bedroom, clenched the coin tight and quickly opened the door.

What she later explained to us was that it was a figure that appeared to her very briefly like a flash of lightning. It was grandmother, standing on her doorstep, for one fleeting second. Before my aunt could scream, she was gone. They remained awake for the rest of the night praying fervently. Grandmother never came back again and until date my aunt believes that she did not mean any harm to either my aunt or the family, she was only there to see my aunt one last time.

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YLissaBearrY (1 stories) (16 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-13)
Firstly, I have to agree with Sheetal. Your name is a nice one. 😁

But I'm sorry about losing your grandmother. 😢

I agree with Lady-Glow though. Maybe your grandmother didn't really know she was actually dead, and that may be why she was knocking instead of entering on her own. This is kind of common when it comes to deceased family/friend spirits. It never happened to me when my dad died, but now I wish I did. 😐

I also agree with what RedWolf said. It seems that your grandmother wanted to say farewell to your aunt/family before she went and found peace in resting. But seeing as your aunt was the only one who saw her, I have a feeling she might've wanted your aunt's attention; specifically. Not saying your grandmother didn't want anyone else's attention, but maybe she felt that saying farewell to the aunt and the kids around her would make your grandmother feel better about "leaving." Also like what RedWolf said, it is sort of common for the deceased family/friend spirits to manifest in dreams; which is probably easier to contact the living. I didn't have one after my dad died, but I wish I did though. I hope you have/had a good dream with your grandmother in it.

Besides that, I hope your grandmother finds peace in her rest.

Thanks for sharing, as I like hearing about "farewell" stories like this.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-13)
Welcome to Y.G.S... My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your Grandmother. I agree with lady-glow and sheetal.
Your grandmother wanted to see your aunt one last time and to say goodbye. Sometimes people have dreams in which the deceased comes to say goodbye. Maybe she will do that to you or your mother. It is easier for spirits to manifest in dreams
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-10)
Kathakali, First your name is very nice... Coming to story I am very sorry for your loss. Lady glow has good point... I think she just want to see your aunt for the last time. May her soul rest in peace.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2930 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-09)
Kathakali: welcome to YGS.

I'm sorry for your loss.
I wonder if your grandmother wasn't aware of her own death and that's the reason why she kept in knocking on the door instead of entering quietly to your aunt's house.

Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

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