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Huge fan of this site! It's my first time submitting a story, I have many to share but this is definitely ranked as the strangest and most baffling to me. Let me give you some background information so that the story will make sense.

Firstly I have the gift of sight. I've had it since I was 12 when my dad passed tragically and suddenly. My ability is more attuned to smelling and sensing presences, it helps me to identify family members in particular. I have seen fully manifested ghosts before but not often.

At work my one manager and I just did not get along (she reminded me of these fake snooty girls I knew in high school who did nothing and wanted everything on a silver platter). I was professional but she wasn't, which at times proved highly problematic. I had to do a lot of her duties many times and she got away with all the credit.

After a major event the company held, I thought I was alright. I had often complained to our HR about this woman and found that I wasn't alone in my complaints, but was told to shut up and just let it go and do my job. Which I duly did under great mental duress which naturally had consequences.

The one day I had my first panic attack and couldn't gain control back... This manager was there and truly did not care that I was hyperventilating rapidly, crying and on the verge of a huge asthma attack. (I later found out she is on strong doses of anti-anxiety pills herself and is well aware of what a panic attack can do.)

What freaked me out the most was that 5 family members fully manifested in the office at the time (I was on my cellphone to my mom trying to calm down) and I was in shock... I recall telling my mom I wasn't alone and explained to her who was there. The manager, who always claimed to be open minded, was slightly ashen and had a panicked expression in her eyes. It didn't help matters that when she asked what they were doing, I told her they were just staring. In truth they were staring at her... Their expression was cold and angry and in that moment I saw her through their eyes... Let's just say her aura is damaged.

Since that day I was told to shut up again by HR and told to never discuss my gift with anyone at work because no one wants to get uncomfortable. That day my other manager had told me how the one I have issues with showed such concern for me later when I was in the garden. She did find me in the garden and this time did not react to the idea that the spirits were still with me, believing they would not harm her being my family. What she didn't understand was that they were in protective mode and were very angry at her... Through me holding them back they controlled their energy but it took it out of me. In the office earlier she had panicked and run out the office, in a way I'm glad she had, because I don't know in that moment if my mental state would have been strong enough to contain them.

The incident occurred about a month and a half later. Where I work is one of these old ornate huge houses converted into a two storey NGO. Where our office is is on the second floor. Bear in mind the whole house has wooden floors and echoes like an intercom system (if someone is at reception, we can hear who has arrived below us).

On this particular day I walked across the landing (short distance) passed the staircase to the kitchen to make coffee, and went back to my office with nothing happening. It was about 8:05 at the time so I expected it to be quiet downstairs until everyone came to work (we start at 8). I had work to be printed so I sent it to the colour printer which is downstairs. As I approached the staircase I heard the CEO's voice (her office is situated next to the base of the steps next to the reception desk) and this manger's voice as clear as a bell talking. I remember pausing on the stairs thinking to myself that it must have been an early meeting since this manager was notorious for being late. What was more weird was that it was about 8:15 now. I found it odd that earlier I hadn't heard anyone coming into work nor heard any cars driving through the gate.

I went downstairs, passed the office and the door was slightly ajar, looking in from the stairs I saw two shadows, but the voices were now muted. Thinking I'd better hurry or I'd risk running into the manager, I quickly hurried to the printer, grabbed the stuff and hurried back upstairs where by now it had gone quiet.

I go to the office windows which faces majority of the parking lot, looked out and didn't see the manager's car... I found it a bit odd at the time as the parking lot is mostly empty at that time and she was the type to want the best spot. I figured she had hurried in and didn't care. At around 9:15 my other manager arrives, then this manager comes in all breathless complaining about traffic. By now I'm freaked out. I let it go, walk downstairs and see the CEO drive in, I remark to the receptionist that "shame she's really running round to meetings today" and the receptionist tells me that the CEO has just arrived... Low and behold the CEO walks in, greets me and goes to UNLOCK HER DOOR. My heart is racing by now and I'm telling myself to stay calm that there has to be an explanation.

I go back upstairs and see the manager rushing around preparing for her meeting with the CEO... I remark that it's weird she has two early meetings back to back. She looks at me and tells me its her first meeting of the day at work its why she was panicking she would be late... It's now 9:30.

What I want to know and still can't understand is what voices did I hear that was exactly their voices? I could hear them discussing an upcoming event crystal clear, but decided not to listen in upstairs. How was the door ajar? No one else has keys to the CEO's office but herself and she didn't leave the key behind for anyone that morning.

I have never had an experience like this nor can I fathom the meaning of it to this day (the manager has since resigned and nothing has happened since this incident, even my family no longer visit me occasionally at work like they used to with her after their manifestation) as to why I would hear their voices discussing work? I just have never understood the point. Does anyone perhaps have insight into this? Greatly appreciated and thanks for reading:)

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holdyourbreath (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-04)
Oooohhh I liked your story! I believe by what you say that there is activity at your place of work and you being sensitive to it definitely noticed. This may have all happened close together because of something simple like your mood, or may be because of what is going on in your life may change your energy and make you more receptive. I believe you actually saw the door open and shadow figures (not seeing as in your minds eye). I am offering my opinion from personal experience, I believe entities can imitate peoples voices to a tee. Not sure if this was the case, or if somehow the event had not yet occurred and an entity gave you a window into that conversation that was to occur with the actual people...? I wonder if the conversation was made by your family members?
Thanks for sharing!
razorback95 (2 stories) (48 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-04)
I'm with tweed on this. It definetly sounds like you had a premonition of sorts.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-04)
Ahh, and maybe therein lies the reason you had the 'vision'. You were to take their place. 😊
Jaxxxanator (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-04)
Thank you for being so welcoming! To answer Tweed, no I haven't, Its why I naturally assumed it was actual people in the office and was baffled to discover it wasn't. To razorback95, yes said events did occur, what was interesting was by then the manager had resigned out of the blue. There was a rumour in the office that they had not met the required targets and were "let go". The events I heard occured in chronological order as it so happened, but without the manager... I was assigned to take over the events when they left, having been their assistant.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-04)
Hi there Jaxxx and welcome! 😊

Given your ability to see ghosts and tune into 'the other side'. I'm going on a whim here and going to suggest you had a very vivid 'psychic moment', seeing the door ajar and hearing the voices downstairs.
Have you ever experienced something like this before or since?

Thank you for sharing!
Take care.
razorback95 (2 stories) (48 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-03)
If I may ask just to maybe help solidify an idea I have you said the voices discussed upcoming events. Did said events occur like you heard?

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