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The Person At The Other End Of The Room 2


My parents bought this house when I was about 10 years old. It was built in 1920 and had been completely boarded up for at least a year before my family moved in. There was one bedroom that neither me nor my two older sisters wanted. It was the last bedroom on the left as you walked down the hall and all by itself. It was in worse condition then the others but that wasn't why none of us wanted it. It was because of the feeling you got when you entered. Like somebody didn't want you there. After arguing for a while, I reluctantly agreed to take it.

For the first couple months I would wake up at around 4 AM in absolute terror for no obvious reason. I would feel like someone was glaring at me from the other side of the room. And I always imagined that it was a tall, black-haired man for some reason. Possibly in a suit. Anyway, this may sound familiar to some readers because I posted a story about this back in 2010 called "The Person At the Other End of the Room" or something like that. But I never continued writing about the events that occurred afterward.

After I witnessed my bedroom door slam shut in my face and clothes hangers in my closet sway violently, and hear footsteps pace above my head. After my parents saw a pile of clothes turn upside down and feel a force push up from under their mattress. And after my dad and I, on separate occasions, heard an old lady's voice say "Hello". And after we all found a space behind the wall of the hall closet with various old items hidden inside and I found a coffin-sized patch of dirt in the otherwise concrete floor of the basement. After all the unexplained banging noises and windows that opened and closed by themselves, I saw something that made me an absolute believer in ghosts.

I was talking to my mom as she did laundry in the basement. As I talked I noticed smoke appear directly behind her. Despite this, I kept on talking. It got thicker and more defined and I noticed it didn't move like smoke. It moved in a straight line across the basement. It was then that I stopped talking and stared at it as it made its way from one wall to the other. My mind was trying to come up with a rational explanation. I started wondering where this smoke could be coming from and why it was moving the way it was. But then I suddenly realized what I had been staring at; it was a tall, black-haired man in a suit. What I was seeing was one side of his face and shoulder as he walked past me and my mom. He didn't look at me, apparently oblivious to our presence. My mom looked concerned and asked what I saw but by the time she finally turned around it had disappeared.

And now I know for certain that this house is haunted.

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Tweed (33 stories) (2463 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-27)
Hi Haunteee,

Really loved your story, I've just read both parts. Very much enjoyed imagining you chatting while trying to rationalise the smoke! I imagined your inner dialogue went something like:
"Right, that's weird, where's it coming from? Don't know, should I be worried? Don't think so, nothing's burning I don't think, nope. It'll probably make sense in a minute AHH IT'S THE THAT MAN!"

I'm guessing he didn't know he was visible to you since he didn't appear to interact. Don't think he was residual somehow given what you describe about the presence in your room.

Just 'cause I'm curious, when the older woman said "Hello" was her mood/tone friendly, confused etc? Did her tone change on different occasions?

The push under the mattress is pretty weird. That would have freaked me out!

You ever done a cleansing or anything before? Sounds like the place could use one. The ghosts might not all be bad, but some are definitely restless to say the least.

Thanks for sharing.
Take care.

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