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Haunted From The Day I Moved In


I, my wife, and stepdaughter moved into a small Colonial style home 7 years ago. I love the house. It was built in 1900 and it has a lot of character. The town we live in is rich in history. My wife was very pregnant with our son at the time and my step daughter, I will call her Kayla, was 5 years old.

The day we moved in, my wife and I were unpacking dishes when Kayla came in and said "Mommy, a shadow man walked out of my closet and disappeared into the wall". This is when it started. I was a complete skeptic regarding ghosts and demons and stuff like this. I admit it gave me goosebumps when she said that, but was dismissed all the same. We were both too busy to give it much thought.

I work every day during the week and my wife stayed home. A few weeks after moving in, my wife began complaining about noises coming from upstairs. Kayla's room in particular. She described the noises as a bouncing ball. The floors in my house are all bare wood. She said something is bouncing a rubber ball through the hall and at the top of the stairs. I really didn't think much of it. I figured she was bored and her mind was playing tricks on her. However, she continued to tell me of these "episodes" and of toys moving across the floor in the living room by themselves. This continued for months.

One Saturday afternoon, my wife and the kids went shopping. I was home alone and watching TV. I heard a noise at the top of the stairs. It sounded like someone taking their bare feet and smacking them on the wooden floor. It was so loud and clear that I didn't need to turn the TV down to hear it. It had occurred to me that the sound I was hearing could easily be interpreted as a rubber ball bouncing upstairs as my wife had been complaining of for over a year. These things continued over a few years. Hearing noises and things moving around.

My wife and I began having marital problems a few years into our marriage and I began sleeping on the couch. This is where I have witnessed many unexplained things and it is during this time that I was convinced "something" is going on here. It is noteworthy to point out that neither of my children would sleep upstairs anymore because they would see and hear things and were too frightened. They took over my bedroom along with my wife and I slept either on the couch downstairs or upstairs in my son's room. One evening while on the couch, I was awoke to that foot smacking, ball bouncing sound. This time the sound was directly behind my head that was on the armrest of the couch! I was terrified and couldn't bring myself to turn to look as it was so close! Then the entire couch "bumped" like an inch towards the wall. This really freaked me out!

Another evening while sleeping on the couch, I woke from a deep sleep and saw in front of my eyes what appeared to be a bunch of hairy spider legs about 15 inches long and jointed in the middle of each leg. The came together in a spiral/diamond shape and began to rotate counter clockwise. I sat wide eyed and fully awake not believing what I was seeing a foot in front of my face! And then just as it appeared, it dissipated into a smoke like mist.

I began sleeping upstairs more frequently after the spider leg episode. It is there that I began hearing knocking on my wall from what seemed to be the other side of the closet in my stepdaughter's room. This continued constantly and frequently. The knocking would become so loud and persistent that I would purposely turn up the TV to keep from hearing it. One night the knocking got louder and louder as I raised the TV's volume until I got so frustrated that I yelled at whatever it was to just STOP! LEAVE ME ALONE! Ironically, It listened and I hadn't heard anything of that sort since.

I will never forget the first time a actually saw what appeared to be a human but was not. I was up late. The kids were asleep as was my wife. All were in the same room. I was watching the late news when in the doorway of my kitchen I saw what I thought was Kayla peaking around the corner. The kitchen light was on so her face was unclear as her body was lighted from behind and appeared dark to me. I told her to go back to bed. A few minutes later, she was back. I told her again to go back to bed but was a little more stern in my voice. Then, yet again she appeared. Frustrated this time at her disobedience, I got up to put her in bed. When I opened the door, Kayla was fast asleep in her bed. Drool was on her face so I know for fact, who or what I saw was NOT her.

Years had passed at this point, we had all joked about having a ghost in the house and even my friends and family have all had their own experiences within my house. I always tell people that if you are a skeptic, you should come spend a night at my house.

When the spirits became MEAN!

Just this past year my wife and I had split up. My son David lives with me. I recall waking up from a nap on my couch with an obvious bite mark in my arm. I thought this to be odd but figured I must have had my head on my arm and left the indentations of my own teeth. That is when I became curious and tried to mimic the bite. It is physically impossible to get my head in such a way to leave a mark as this.

Recently I met a wonderful woman and she has 4 young children. After several months dating, they moved in. It is at this time that my son David began to be confronted by some spirit that lives in his closet. The very same closet that on the first day moving in, the shadow man came out of and disappeared into the wall as my stepdaughter Kayla put it.

A month ago my son, just turned six at this time, was taking a bath upstairs along with my girlfriend's 3 year old son Evan. I heard my son crying and yelling for me. I ran upstairs and saw he was very upset and crying and just kept saying to me "Daddy, I want you! Daddy I want you!" he never explained why he was so upset.

The next evening while my girlfriend Ashley and I were sitting on the front porch, my son David came out. Ashley asked David why he was so upset the previous night. He went on to say that he sees a boy that he can only see and the boy smacked him in the face while in the bath tub. Come to find out, this is no boy at all but a man that is larger than me and I am 6' 300 lbs.! This "thing" as I call it has been talking to my son for weeks and has convinced him he is a boy. When I asked him to describe Allen his friend, he said he wears a white shirt with black stripes and jeans and has roses in his back pocket. I asked what the roses are for and he explained Allen has a girlfriend Amy that he does not make love to anymore and he gives the roses to another girl.

This is when I freaked out! My 6 year old son has no idea what "making love" is and still does not! I asked again what had happened in the bathtub. He went on to explain Allen came in and used the bathroom and when he turned around, he smacked David in the face. He then went to smack Evan in the face too but his hand kept going through Evan's head and Evan can't see Allen. I was upset at this point and told David that he needs to tell Allen if he wants to talk to someone YOU TELL ALLEN TO COME TALK TO ME! He said to me and pointed to an empty chair, "Dad, he is sitting right there. You can tell him yourself." Shivers down my spine!

That night. That night I told Allen to talk to me? That is the night things began to really spiral out of control. That "thing", Allen, spoke to me through my Siri on my Iphone! Ashley and I were going to bed when my Siri responded to someone speaking to it! If you have an Iphone, you know that you have to depress the button and speak to your phone in order to get a response. I never touched my phone! This happened just 2 nights later as well! Ashley and I were making love and when done my Siri went off again! This time I screen shot it's response. It was saying nasty things like I have f@king fifteen inches for you! We were shocked.

Ever since we became aware of Allen and we intervened through him and my son, loud banging noises, doors opening and shutting on their own, objects moving out of place, voices, footsteps, shadows moving throughout, electronic devises failing. All sorts of crazy things began to happen. We felt as if we were under attack. I was finally to the point to reach out for help.

A close family member recommended I contact an acquaintance of theirs and I did that very same day. I spoke to him and a female colleague that evening. They scheduled a "walk through" the next day. They came and immediately saw, heard and felt "things" in my house. Needless to say, they were quite excited to get in and investigate my house as they said it was extremely active with multiple spirits.

So here it is Monday, after the Saturday night they did their "investigation". Let's just say that any skeptic they had brought with them during the investigation is no longer a skeptic! The flashlights were turning on and off constantly on command. They all saw shadows, orbs and such. They heard sounds and voices. Dolls they had placed moved on their own. Those red K2 meters? They were pegged red in every room of my house. It was so eventful; they had no time to make any judgments as to how to get rid of whatever has taken over my home.

I expect to hear back soon with all the evidence and as to how they are going to go about cleansing my home. I will keep you posted as this is an ongoing process. Just last night I had something rubbing and patting my shoulder as I tried to sleep. Got up this morning for work and my TV was on by itself. Every day something happens.

There are so many things that have happened over the years here. I don't have the space or patients to write all of them.

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Jaycie058 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-05)
Hi there,
Im Cj and about your story. If its hurting your son or one of the members of your family it must be poltergeist. Since its a spirit that harms and do nasty things. I experience a lot of it, my aunt died because of it, and some ofmy family member experience a lot of bad things. So I can only say that. You need to cleanse the house. Beside the stairs or in the hallway you may put cross or image of Jesus Christ to keep them in one place. Make sure your not just placing those cross and images for no reason keep it in mind that faithfulness to God is the most important protection above all.
Creepa99 (7 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-02)
Good story can't wait for part 2 maybe? Also I agree with dreamer01.
Bonifaz (2 stories) (51 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-02)
I have a very strong feeling that somewhere in your house, probably in your son's closet, there is a vortex. A vortex is a gateway to other dimensions where all kinds of spirits come to and leave our world. This might be the reason why there are so many spirits are in your house. Most of them I would consider harmless, the orbs, for example, and even the spider-legged thing. But what really bothers me is Allen.
I don't think he is a demon, but one very angry spirit. He probably doesn't want you to be in a happy relationship, since he isn't dating Amy, anymore. That probably got him really frustrated, so he is focussing his anger on you and your family. Maybe he is the reason for you and your wife splitting up. And now, with a new girlfriend and four more children in the house, this really drove him nuts.
dreamer01 (1 stories) (117 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-01)
THAT is really heavy shiat! It sounds like something straight out of ghi or ghost adventures. I am no expert but this "allen" sounds like he could be a demon if it is trying to pass itself off as a child but is really bigger. Professional help i.e. Cleansing and blessing would be the go. Really hope you and your family can find some peace soon.

Please keep us all updated and thanks for sharing.

P.s. I have a REALLY strong feeling about this. I think eventually you will have to leave. Hope I am wrong.
Whodat (42 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-01)
This "Allen" sounds like a real S.O.B. I think it's time you verbally confront him and tell him to get out of your house and leave you and your family alone. If your son tells you that "Allen" is sitting in the chair again, I say take a few swings upside Allen's head, since he slapped your son. It may not have any effect, but your intentions will be clear. That's just my opinion.

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