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The Day I Will Never Forget


This experience happened in 2011 and I still haven't forgotten it and don't think I will ever forget it.

I was 6 years old and I had school that Wednesday morning. For some reason I woke up at 5am. At first I didn't think much of it but at least a minute after I heard something that still scares me until this day. I heard a girls voice, she sounded quite young. It sounded like it was coming from the bottom of the stairs and my room was the closest bedroom to the stairs to make things worse. The girl was calling my dogs name for some reason.

This is where it gets terrifying! You know in horror films where the murderer calls out the persons name 3 times in that very creepy voice? Well it sounded exactly like that. She called out "Tyler... (slight pause) Tyler... (slight pause) Tyler...". She was saying my dogs name like "Tyyyleeeerr". So as she was saying my dogs name it sounded like she was saying it louder and louder so the conclusion that I came to was that she was coming up the stairs. Well that's what I immediately thought and because I thought she was coming up the stairs I was too scared to get up and run into my parents room, just in case I saw her.

Instead of running into my parents room I just hid under my covers and began to cry. I then cried myself to sleep and got woken up by my mother a few hours later for school. I went to school that day and told everyone what happened and they all looked at me like I was crazy.

As my mum collected me from school I then told her about what happened that morning and she was even scared herself. Unfortunately more scary things happened after that, things were thrown and then an unexplainable thing happened to my mother. So I have more stories to upload! Thankfully I moved out of the house soon after that experience with the girl happened and now I'm living in Ireland.

But now things are happening here... Not extreme things like things being thrown but around a month ago I heard that girl again, this time she was calling MY name. I was just lying down in bed nearly falling off to sleep from a hard day at school and you are probably thinking oh you were just tired, well that's not the case. So as I said I was laying down nearly asleep and all of a sudden I hear this whisper saying my name and at first I thought it was my mother seeing if I was awake but as I sat up in the bed, I looked around and there was no one to be seen. It sounded so realistic and now I have been seeing dark black shadows down at the bottom of the stairs which look like a girl. A young girl to be in fact and I told my parents about it and they have said that they have seen the same thing too... So at least I am not going crazy!

There is one more thing I have got to mention before I end this story and it is at the start of this story where I said I got woken up at 5am, well for the last week I have been waking up at 5am. I only realized that as I was writing this that it could be something to do with the incident in London. And as I realized that I keep waking up at 5am and I got woken up at 5am in London as well, I literally said "Oh My God" out loud and started to cry. Like it all makes sense now.

I also just went into my mother's room and was talking to her about the experience in London and how all the things that have been happening here are adding up. She also said that the experience I had with the girl in London happened at around the same time of year that this is happening. Maybe she's just coming back to check up on us?

But since I have been waking up at 5am that's when I started seeing the girl at the bottom of the stairs walking into the hallway down to the kitchen door. I have only seen it twice and the first time I saw it, it was just a black shadow moving very fast down in the hallway and the second time she was a bit more clear. The downstairs light was off so it was kind of dark but the bathroom light was on so I could see enough. When I saw her the second time going around the banister I saw that she had black hair and she was dressed up in black and then she just disappeared into the hallway.

My mother thinks it has something got to do with the miscarriage she had 1 year after I was born. I have more stories to tell and hopefully will be publishing them soon.

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LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-04)
This is pretty scary and gives me the shivers. I don't know what it is, but I'm more inclined to think it's not good. A miscarried baby is innocent and would produce feelings of peace I would think. Whatever this is, tends to produce anxiety in you and your mum. I'd think more along the lines of an intelligent spirit that knows times and months to produce more fear.

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