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The Shadowy Hand


This began to happen when I was home for about two or three months. My exams had just finished and now I had to wait for my results.

Me and my family live on the first floor of our house and our ground floor is kept for renters. There was this weird family as our renters for a while. They were quite over religious and maybe had faith in black magic too. The man used to chant his prayers loudly in a freaking voice that gave shivers to my whole family. That's why we got rid of them. Also, I had really bad experiences after they left which my mother often said to be due to their ill wishings.

Since I was home I suddenly revived my experiences and got tensed for a while. I began to remain angry and irritated. In my room the switch board is next to a window. As soon as I would enter my room and go to open lights near the board I would see a shadowy hand near the window. Earlier I thought it was my own hands reflection. But soon I realised it was not. Also I saw if anything else formed such a shadow but it was also impossible. I was worried.

One day my mother went to have a bath. My brother was in my room with me and no one else was home. I could see the kitchen door from my position. Suddenly I noticed a black shadow enter the kitchen. Then I heard sounds in kitchen. I thought it was my mother but soon I realised she was bathing. I jumped up and checked kitchen bit no one was there.

After the school started I soon became too busy to notice much. But since a few days all these things have begun again. The shadow hand in my room too is more persistent now. I often hear loud footsteps approaching but surely no one is visible. I have often silenced conversations to concentrate on the footsteps and the sound has increased but no one is visible.

I do not know what this shadow stuff is. What those footsteps signify.

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sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-15)
Hi vaani123, I feel that whatever you have described did not have any harmful effect. But difficult to say. Still if you feel that the entire thing is negative, why don't you just cleanse the house. There is an excellent cleansing method described vividly in one of the experienced posters' profile page, Rookdygin. You can try it out. If there is anything negative that has been left behind by the previous tenants, definitely it would ward-off.

I want to ask you one more thing. When did they vacate or you made them vacate? Was it after an argument or you forced them to vacate? Also, is that portion locked or somebody else is living there? If someone else is living, what about their experiences living in that portion of your house?

Are you, by any chance, from Southern India? If you are, generally when someone vacates the house, we do re-paint the portion and do some cleaning work. Have you undertaken it? A pooja would also help apart from the cleansing that I referred you to. Please do the cleansing process continuously and it will definitely have its effect. Once you are clear of it, please do thank Rook.

Kindly respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Vague_Raaj (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-15)
hi vaani123
I new to this forum. I liked your experiance very much & surely this is scary one. Hope to see more stories from you. And may you get rid of this evil entity as soon as possible and GOD bless you
Bonifaz (2 stories) (51 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-13)
Hello Vaani123,

How long ago was it, that your family kicked those people out?
It could be that they left a curse on the house and on your family as a little parting gift, and, since these things occur more frecuently now, this could be the beginning of an infestation.
What really worries me is the black hand. Seems to be something like a "Devil's Claw" to me. Some remote acuaintances of mine had one of those claws appear on a wall in their house after they started messing about with entities they shouldn't have had. They got rid of it in the end, though, with holy water, a crucifix and some very strong prayers.

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