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This story takes place in south Texas, in the outskirt of a small farm town population 512. I was 5 years old at the time. We lived in a small 3 bedroom home, behind the house was an old storage barn. Nothing but farm land surrounded our home, it was a pretty eerie at night.

While I would be playing in my room or in other parts of the house, I would hear a lady's voice calling out to me. I would go to my mother and she would look at me puzzled, and say I never called you. This happened more than once.

I suffered from severe night terrors. I can still remember begging and pleading to my father to check the attic, because for some reason I thought there was a man inside. Finally my dad looked inside, but found nothing. The way he described it was that it was hard to see well inside, that it was really musty and dusty, that when he would try to move around old dirt would get into his nose, so he exited it quickly.

The next event, as I am not sure on the date since I was only 5, happened at night. My mother and I were alone at the house, it was around bedtime when we could clearly hear someone standing outside on the front porch. I do not remember if there was a knock at the door or window but I will never forget my mothers terrified look as she looked outside and nothing was there.

On my 6th birthday we had all my aunts and uncles over, it was getting close to sundown. My 2 uncles and I were out by the old barn. One of them decided we should go into the barn and look around. As we were looking around I noticed that there was an old tractor. As I looked up, I saw a man sitting on it. He looked like he was wearing an old work uniform, he was of Mexican descent. I was not scared because to me it looked like a real person. As soon as I pointed to the tractor and said who is that man, my uncles looked up and froze for a second. One quickly grabbed me and ran out of the barn fast. Well, that was it no one talked about it.

We eventually moved out and my night terrors stopped. About 12 years later, while drinking a few with my aunt who had also been there that day, somehow I brought up the story of what I saw. Before I could say anything of what he looked like, my aunt told me that when she was using the restroom through the window she saw a man's face looking in. What chilled my spine was that she described the way he looked in exact detail of who I saw. I had never shared this story with her. I tried to think of a logical explanation, but if it really was a real man in the barn, my uncles would not have ran out they would have confronted him.

Now that I am older and I play back the image of the man in my mind, I am strangely comforted by his appearance. It kind of reminds me of my grandfather. I began to get the feeling if I could find a picture of my great grandfather, who I never met or have never seen, that it would be him. But I think my aunt would have recognized him. I do not know if this matters but all these events took place about a mile away from the devil's lagoon, an old south Texas Mexican folklore.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-23)
Walkingdad86. This is a scary story... Specially someone looking from window... OMG 😨 😨 Thanks for sharing

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