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Shadowy Figures


This is a story about another encounter I have had with some form of spirit. This happened when I was 12 years old, about five years ago, around 2010. I was still living in Traverse City, Michigan at this time.

I had just gone to bed. I was still uneasy about my room, so I would constantly look around. The house was quiet, since my parents had gone to their room. I had started to get this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, like something wasn't right. For some reason, I decided to get up and open my bedroom door. I did so and then laid back down. I soon dozed off, feeling a little better about sleeping.

A while later, I woke up. It was still dark in my room. I looked around, wondering why I woke up, and that's when I saw it. A shadowy figure walk right into my room. I watched it, head half hidden in my blankets, eyes wide. Too afraid to move. This shadow was like a silhouette of a person. I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman.

The figure seemed to be flickering, its movements slow as it walked into my room and across the carpet towards my closet. It almost looked like a bunch of little pictures, kind of like stop motion. I was scared and I wanted one of my parents. So, I called out for my mother. The shadow figure stopped and turned to me. I whimpered and called out for my mother again. This time, the shadow tilted his/her head, looking at me.

It began to walk towards me and I hid underneath my blanket, shaking. I felt something brush across the top of my blanket and I held tightly onto them. I think it was trying to get to me, but I am not sure. Then, the hallway light turned on as my mother came upstairs to my room. I poked my head out from under the blankets, but the shadow figure was gone.

I never saw it again.

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