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First I would like to say I do have several stories in connection with my mom.

It was April 11, 1996 when my mother passed away. I was a senior in high school and 18 years old. My mom was a spiritual person and so am I. About 6 months had passed and by now I have already heard stories about others seeing or hearing her presence. By this time I've also started to have dreams of her but I could never hear her talking.

This one night I see my mother in a white flowing dress and a glowing light behind her. We are at a hill in a cemetery and with her left hand she shows me two tombs. Both cousins from her side. First cousin, daughter of her second oldest brother. Second cousin, youngest son of her youngest sister. Waking up I didn't know what to say or think. I just started getting these dreams and at that age I didn't think of it much.

Not even a year passed and I get a call my first cousin had passed away in a car accident. She was not even 21. The years have passed and the dream is still so clear in mind but yet I can't bring myself to tell my aunt about this. How can you tell your aunt about a dream telling her youngest son... I can't even say it. I am extremely close to them. My daughter used to take care of his little girl. What if they blame me? Is there anything that can be done to avoid it? The world may never know. For privacy reasons and the fear that both families may one day find out about my dream I am unable to give major details.

It is now 2015 and two decades have passed. I regret to say my second cousin has passed away. Due to its media coverage, I will not give more details. But up to this day and forever wonder if there was anything I could have done to prevent anything from happening?

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-05)
I used to have dreams of relatives dieing and my having to bring their spirit to whatever mode of transportation they wanted to use to get to Heaven. The relative I had the dream about would die within a few days and I would have the same dream, saying my last goodbye. This started in my mid teens and ended in my mid twenties. The only other time I have dreamt of a relatives death was an uncle. I told my mother and she was skeptical but he had a stroke and died that week.
Zander (7 stories) (138 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-03)
The creator knows the number of our days at the outset... This is a belief common to many religions. So nothing we mortals could have done could have changed this one iota. My instinct about your dream is that your mother wanted to let you know that she would not be alone and that they would not be alone either on that other side. This may be why she showed you their places alongside her. I have heard that it is most common for the departed NOT to speak when they appear in dreams. If they do, this can be an urgent warning ~ of something which perhaps CAN be prevented... The Tibetans believe that one is 7 times more psychic after death than they were in life. She was able to see further than we. She showed you for reasons best interpreted by you.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1082 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-03)
Greetings, Panda.

I once shared one of my precognitive dreams (via mail) with the primary person featured in it. We'd been friendly more than real friends through high school, but in our very tiny school we all knew each other quite well.

Despite the fact that I'd moved to Colorado, and she was a student at a prestigious Maine college, I'd very clearly seen the events which I laid out for her in a precautionary letter. Six months later, the events I'd predicted happened exactly as I'd foreseen; I know because I happened to be there (much to my surprise). Once you see the future in such a way as to convince you of its truth (my precogs are nothing like my regular dreams!), there's very little that can be done to prevent it from transpiring. However, you *can* try to be on hand to help mitigate the pain/trauma for your loved ones.

Take solace in the idea that your warning was an opportunity for you to show love and compassion to those whose deaths were foretold, and that your mother was telling you that she'd be there to give comfort to each of the deceased when it was time.

Take care,
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-03)
Ooops - Panda - thought it was TNANGEL's story - Please accept my apology.
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-03)
Which, I suppose, suggests that the only way these spirits could know of this would be... It has already happened. Same with "psychics". I like to look at it as time being like songs on the old vinyl albums - our perception is just where the needle is at in the groove - the whole song is already out there, though. Would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Thanks for sharing these experiences TNANGEL
Caz (342 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-03)
I agree with lady-glow! Unless you were shown when, where and how these deaths were to take place, there would never have been a chance of preventing them and telling the family would only have caused untold misery and worry! In keeping it to yourself, you did the right thing! I too am sorry for your losses and the worry it must've caused you, especially after the first warning came to pass!
lady-glow (13 stories) (2923 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-03)
I'm sorry for your losses.
It is common for our departed loved ones to communicate with us through our dreams. Personally, I think your mom was warning you about the upcoming deat of your cousins not so much as for you to prevent them, but just to be prepared. There are so many things beyond our control.

I understand if you don't want to talk to your relatives about your mother's warning, but wouldn't be surprised if she warned some one else of those upcoming tragic events.

Welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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