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In The Woods


Dear readers, I am back again, after a long time and today I'm going to share another experience that I had with the world of the unseen. The unseen world of the Jinns/shaytaan (devil) has always been an important subject which has brought up a lot of debates in the Islamic world. One thing that should be clear is that we Muslims believe that God created angels from light, jinns from a smokeless fire and finally, human beings from clay. Jinns, from an Islamic point of view, are creatures that live among us, in our world but we cannot see them. They dwell in places such as rivers, waterfalls, abandoned houses, forests and any place where humans don't normally stay.

Now we come to the most important part. I will now narrate to you readers, my experience with the unseen.

So, it was a Sunday afternoon during winter, at around 2 PM. In Mauritius, Sunday is a day when people normally stay at home to rest, there is less movement and the streets are normally empty. I was sitting at home, bored and trying to figure out what to do. Then, after some time, an idea came into my head. There is a hill near my place, called the Candos Hill, which is very big and with height 480 meters approx. So I decided to call my friends Vishay, Anish and Purvesh and our plan was to go to the top of the hill and have a picnic (we brought some cakes, fruits etc).

At around 3 PM, the four of us met on the foot of the hill and decided which way to take. There were two ways leading to the top. The first was the public path which every people used to take to go to the top and the second one (a shortcut), was a small path through the woods which I found after years of exploring the site. So, it was decided, we would take the shortcut to the top.

On our way, we talked and laughed like we used to do everytime we meet. We walked through the woods and looked around, it was very beautiful. All these plants, trees, and birds chirping made our stroll through the woods more amazing and interesting. Little did we know what was awaiting us.

After one hour and fifteen minutes approx, we reached the top. Whoa! We could feel the soft breeze in our face and we were tired. We drank some water and after this, we marched forward and searched for a nice spot for our picnic. We walked into the deep woods, and all that we could hear was the sound of dried leaves/branches under our feet and the sound of insects and that of birds chirping. And this is the turning point of my story.

As we were walking in the woods and trying to find a good spot, one of my friends, Anish, wanted to pee. We were in the middle of nowhere and despite having warned him not to do this in such a place, he did not take heed of my warning and carried on. The reason why I asked him not to pee is simple. Let us return to the first paragraph. According to my beliefs and the teachings of our Prophet may peace and blessings be upon him, the dwelling places of the jinns include places where humans don't live, for example, forests. These creatures have a life just like us, they have a family, they marry, they reproduce, and they even have their home. So, peeing in the middle of a forest can disturb these creatures and they are vengeful in nature. It's better to not mess with them and that's why I asked my friend not to pee.

So we waited for Anish until he had finished and we continued. A little bit further, we found a spot which was very appropriate for our picnic. So we just sat down, removed our fruits, cakes and started eating and chatting. After one long hour, it was time to pack up. It was around 5:40 PM and there was very little time left before the sun sets, there was only about 10 minutes left. Quickly, we got up and started walking in the deep woods, the sun was going down little by little, it was becoming dark.

This is when our encounter with the paranormal began. At first, we heard the voice of a woman. It was as if she was crying for help and in pain. We stopped and listened. The voice was getting closer, closer and closer. As the intensity of the voice was becoming even louder, we felt a strong breeze which made us shiver. In this moment of panic, we just ran and tried to find our way out of the forest. This voice would not let us go, it was as if something was after us and trying to scare us.

After 10 minutes, we found our way out of the forest but we were still on top of the hill. It was dark, and it was now already 6 PM. When we got out of the forest, we now came on a muddy track which led towards the small path to go down the hill. We were shocked but not scared as we knew that no harm would befall us by the grace of God. Without losing time, we found the small path and we started to walk quickly. All we wanted was to get down. I knew that it would take approx. 30 minutes to go down the hill.

Fifteen minutes were gone and we were about halfway. That's when the second event occurred. At first, we heard that woman's voice once more, but this time it was different. She was not in pain but we could hear her singing and the voice came louder and louder. It was not any sort of hallucination as we all heard it at the same time. This time we were scared and among the trees and branches, we saw something that I would never forget. We saw a very tall "dog". It had nothing to do with the usual dog and it was black in colour. It had red glowing eyes and it was staring at us. We were terrified. In my heart, I started to recite my prayers and my friends did the same. We could not hear that woman's voice anymore but that creature stood there, just looking at us.

That when we started running and running as fast as we could, because we did not know what kind of creature it was. We did not look back even once. We took a lot of courage and ran down that hill, reciting our prayers in our hearts. Finally, we reached the end of the small path and we were down the hill. We realised that this creature did not follow us. In some way, we were relieved but nevertheless, we did not lose time and hurried back home. This incident is already 2 years old now, but it's still fresh in our memories.

When I got home, I realised step by step what had happened and the conclusion was that when my friend had peed in the woods, he had in fact disturbed a jinn who lived in that forest and as a result, the jinn wanted to do the same to us. The black dog that we saw was in fact the Jinn in another form, because we cannot see the Jinn in its true form. Most of the time, these creatures change their forms to that of animals when they want to appear before humans.

Thank you for reading, I have some other incidents which I will tell you another time.

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khushireina (3 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-26)
what you said was real... But it can also be that instead of being a jinn it was a good protector of the forest... Or it could also be god itself in another form cause in other religion i've read that there is god in the form of dog... It can also be that it was scaring you guys by pushing you guys away from the woman rather... 🤔which I can assure that would have harm you guys... Peeing under a tree is bad omen cause i've heard bad souls live on trees... Be careful at night after 6 pm
Amna2 (guest)
6 years ago (2017-04-25)
Hi Irshad,
Hi!I am a Muslim too, and I believe that these creatures exist because my teacher had a scary experience with a Jinn too. And I am delighted to find Muslims here at YGS! Your story was haunting the most. It was even scary than The experience of my teacher! What a great story! ❤
With love my dear,
Seraphina (7 stories) (147 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-02)
Hello, Irshaad96. What a frightening experience! Thank you for taking the time to explain Muslim beliefs about the Jinns. Although the world is filled with a variety of cultures and religions, I think our experiences of the paranormal are similar in many ways.
Blessings, Seraphina

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